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23.05.2013 04:03
You would do well to do ah antworten

The army has been training for half month, Ma Qian has not see Wei Aiwen start political training means, some anxious: "I say small Wei ah, when you give us political training? You are two weeks, the other with early action, but you teach camp benchmark, to take a good start!" Wei Aiwen smiled, appears to have a well-thought-out plan: "the horse is, you put the heart on the stomach! Tonight's meeting, your satisfaction is guaranteed!" "Really? You would do well to do ah!" Ma Qian has no half believe and half doubt, ask. These days. In fact, Wei Aiwen is not idle. In order to have a good work, but he racked his brain. Not only the company, understand the soldiers, also made a "reconnaissance" work, even the political training observe other. He found a new political training is nothing more than this in several ways: lecture, leadership speech, do the political report; lectures, the literacy movement...... Wei Aiwen: why don't I get some Turing flash retro innovation? Gradually dark days down, the night is starry. Here, not the city in twenty-first Century, even at night, lights are lit, tall buildings, each and every family with the lights, TV, reflects the sky white, also can see the brightest stars and the few; air pollution is very serious, the total days of foggy, let a person feel a dejected, sometimes at night to the industrial area to look,Coach Purses Online, every day a little red. No one willing to resident lighting, expensive electricity, mainly in addition to AV have nothing to do, the farmers to sleep. Around the dark, half moon had just emerged from the East, released the silver light, head of East-West Galaxy bright a big stars, dense, concentrated in the Milky way, could see a sense of hierarchy. Wei Aiwen looked up at the stars, very surprised, the city children may have never seen such a landscape! The recruits are assembled in the open,Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, trembling with fear of sitting together. Lingao subtropical climate zone, the winter temperature is twenty degrees Celsius, a bonfire slightly hot, in the middle put an oil lamp. Red flames beating in the cotton core, black smoke rises, make the copper handle more shiny black. The fire reflected in the soldiers face, everybody is very curious, today to inform new "heads" of the general will give political training, what content? Wei Aiwen stood up, looked around, openings way: "the everybody here today, is to make a political training, a theme even will, is the theme of yesterday, today, tomorrow, please tell the truth, speak one's mind freely, to talk about their own past experience, talk about the present situation, to imagine the future. Everyone being at a loss what to do, what is this stuff? We do not know how to do, no one open, the scene looked up,Nike Air Jordan 9 UK, very quiet. Wei ever expect this situation, new things to be accepted is to undergo a process! Then he said: "it would begin from me." Wei Aiwen had thought, he would like to take this opportunity to make a past experience, spread out, to eliminate the gap between him and the soldiers. "I give you sing a song!" Said, Wei >

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