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> Green trees and flowers in spring, after a few years immersed in the dark desperately plant mustering the strength to grow in this scene of a spring which, presumably in such a scene, everyone's mood will get some relaxation, but it is not the case, at least the immediate situation does not happen to make people feel that bathing in the spring. wWw, quanbeN, cOM Phuket base scenario occurs among simply hell on earth, mankind unilaterally by a group of black people slaughtered, the bodies of a man barely intact, not to be broken, the head was torn in two is a direct half full of a visceral bowels, the women shout of horror, but the other group of black people coming toward them just a violent blow to the stomach, and then they like to be cast as the tattered black people on these truck top. In an hour ago, the base of life although there is no good, but everyone will not have died in danger, they come in black, the base of several new man also vowed to ensure that these outsiders will eventually hit by them retreat, but the harsh reality makes them everyone's hearts are like the hammer-like severely beat a bit,Oakley Active Sunglasses, and strength of these black people, and that several new human face to face down almost gave in to get rid of them, Anyway, was to seize power in the last days is not what a strange thing, is now on the Na Puji base leader nor is it an original,air jordan store, this being in the end for a number, they are also not remember , but this is really different, because the purpose of these black people have occupied the base, but they different from the past is that they kill labor, leaving all are women. Escape became their only idea in mind, but since the strength of black people too much, even new human beings are able to escape their hands, let alone those ordinary people, so after an hour, two thousand more than the mouth of a thousand males were all these black people massacre is completed, the rest of the woman playing dead than alive to these people after throwing the car. Base of more than two hundred kilometers from Phuket's east peak base also engaged in open battle, but the battle did not take place in Phuket base so tragic, the number of casualties even less than a fraction of the base in Phuket, the warring sides are is to defend the base and expeditionary force sent to the base of the peak open combat troops, in came before this, Gu Qing has thoroughly investigated the ins and outs of this base, the base is an important grain previously, the State percent of winter food twenty are stored in it, and this opened the peak base to rely on food-based development has become a population of about five thousand bases, but has so much food people's life has not changed much, starving people in the here almost every day, the reason is simply nothing more than a ruler and personal enjoyment, by virtue of their power and gathered a group of new human beings, the bloody crushing of these people's labor. Defend the base has issued a notice, but this peak base open domineering leaders accustomed to, with complacency extremely backward in communications, how can I know that they are also a strong presence defend the base, and the parties do not immediately open play , defend the base course will not be lenient. "Liu boss, brothers quickly restrain, and other weapons too advanced, and others a contrast, our hands like a gun just as scrap metal." One man toward man standing behind intrinsic coverage. Men face appeared while wroth, his eyes flashing a Yinhen more eyes, mouth swore loudly waste immediately after moving in with his elite team went above the battlefield, Gu Qing are not involved in this from start to finish fighting, according to the data on hand, the strength of these bases so he shot himself enough, in fact, the main force on the battlefield is not a new man is coming to vigorously defend the base Zero Special Forces training. The weapons are deployed helicopter gunships and a look of a modified light tank, the main weapons are laser weapons in deterrence considerations, Gu Qing is the use of a Mech Warrior, but said that just this mine is enough to make many of these bases chilly heart, look around, to have the military strength to defend the base, in addition to the mysterious beyond the Great Wall on the 10th and no one can defend the base and the forces of the hook. On peak base team was beaten into retreat, fighters holed up in a bunker now only behind the heavy artillery to defend the base is still shelling the battlefield, these people's hands holding guns began to tremble involuntarily up more who is the head of hair sweat pale, at this moment, the door opened Kaifeng base, and sits behind the eyes could not help Gu Qing squint up, being Lord appeared to lead the fight to defend the base precisely cub, cub now already has the ability to work independently, in large and small battle, his physical values ​​and speed values ​​are rapidly increasing, with the help of beads soul, his strength should not be underestimated. See it played in front of a weapon, Liu did not too surprised, but also with a bit of disdain in the eyes of the contrary, in his view, war is necessary to spelling their own strength, relying on what skill weapons, plus the addition of players In return, Liu always thought that the other party is not new human beings, even if there is maybe not his rival Liu, it is in so thinking, in Liu before they become emboldened, led by five separate new man standing behind him, Differential rolled on the ground while blowing the dust confrontation between the two sides was rather like the ancient swordsman scene. First to go out with this man, of course, led negotiations cub, cub followed behind the new man is coming Wu Dong, Xie Jie, Huang Li, Fu Ming four, four are among the first to follow this Ling-day team member of the team, after more than two years the accumulation of strength, coupled with targeted training Gu Qing, they finally became a couple of months ago they coveted new humans, along with the arrival of the war They also enhance the combat strength. Liu looked across the five people in the eyes of disdain meaning thicker, self-proclaimed master of Liu curl one's lip toward several people sneered, "Where to wild monkeys, dare to come to our open-peak base naughty, sensible Clean to I get out, or else you will regret it so I eat the point of physical pain. "cub is not easy to convince the people of the Lord, let him admire Gu Qing course, is ranked first, while the second Ma nature is his big brother, although the strength of others stronger than themselves, but relying on a reluctant fighter's heart that he never served a cub third person, in front of this bearded man certainly no exception . "Opposite the guy I turn to answer these words to you, if you sensible point, then we will let you on a horse, took over after you open the base peak still have a resting-place, but to still work against us, then, Only then you can walk this road of death. "Liu standing behind a man laughed and said," Do you think you are, do not rely on a little bit of strength barking in front of us, to know that people outside mountains there was this truth. "Seeing these guys when you decided not to hand over the open peak base easily make out, do not bother with these people gained nonsense from other people look to these people's eyes, cub These guys know that this is probably the oldest open-peak base-level figures, and we must remember that, mind made up his mind toward the back of the dead cub immediately issued a combat command. Liu Jun, five people is already prepared to do battle, one can see these people get involved, immediately at the foot stare, stature against haste toward five people from, you know there is no master grips, Liu went cub has grips ten times since, for the opposite about his early twenties young man with such strength, said Liu Jun was extremely surprised and cub has the same idea is the same, although the arrogant attitude of this man, but the strength is not weak, If the cub not mistaken, this man's strength can be very big brother should have its own seven or eight or so. Opponents stronger the more excited fighting his heart, Liu mouths fatal Shazhao gained not only did not let the slightest retreat, but is making cub Yuezhanyueyong unconsciously gained strength also improved rapidly with , relative to the cub's easy, Wu Dong, four point on the strength necessary to worse, and they are coming to New Humanity, plus they did not meet to take the soul of beads physical condition, so he relied on only their own evolutionary forces only. Months of fighting two people so that they can really raise a lot of strength, but their opponents to become the new humans are even the least two years, and over time, they soon fall under the wind. Surprised at the cub's tough, but it is comfortable Liu mind a lot, because he believed that the balance of victory in the battle has been pouring towards them -, and to see these people should be the leader of this team, and that Four strength has appeared incompetent, and Liu believe their own experience, the young man in front of defeat is not totally possible, such a big deal to solve their own hands after the fighting there to help kill this man nor his not available, the fair will play against those who do and do self-proclaimed gentleman, he's not a gentleman Liu, if it is a gentleman, he would come to the stage today. Gu Qing, accompanied by the old A Tyrant around Wick, who are waiting for the ordered Gu Qing, Gu Qing There also did not know that these people fighting, in fact, the past few months, these people already hold bad, finally there is rack can be played, but it is the Men Gu Qing grace the bench, the United States is called training new people. Gu Qing slightly upturned mouth, right hand rhythmic percussion with wooden back, he saw the cub and other four have been caught under the wind, but he was reluctant to get behind these masters played, is to stimulate the tiger the potential of the child and other people who, only in the most critical moment, the human body in order to stimulate the unimaginable potential, cub is most young people, followed by those who are mostly in the age of twenty-five or so, they also have a lot of potential, in the battle of life and death through the test, Gu Qing believe they will soon achieve a breakthrough. Pay out due to exhaustion, the foot of a slow guy kicked in the stomach is, a sharp pain like he did not utter a cry, he only frowned sideways to get up and continue to fight, everyone knows they are behind in still has a strong presence in watching them, that person is not only their benefactor, but they are on the road in the new human teacher. Liu Jun, a few people have a smile on his face, following the pay out, after another two were these people knocked to the ground, although a time has not lost fighting ability, but in their hearts that several people had already become a they fall by the wayside. Cub's eyes always concerned about the situation in the battlefield above the eye to see their team encountered difficulties, he knows he must get going all out, and gained screaming, heavy body collided with that of Liu together and then lightning separate, Liu shocked, and he fought for this young man has always been the rules were moments, how suddenly it hit his body, did not he knew that war can not be reversed, resorted to desperate tactics, and But yet he was pleased by the too long, the young man is still every now and then landed not far away, and then his body immediately changed hands nails suddenly become, the calf also grow green hair, To his surprise is that this young man's cheek area is sparse grow green hair, which in the end is how the same thing. In front of such a change so that these people under great psychological pressure, and if they are, and they are fighting the same opponent, then they heart still no trace of Ju Yi, but when they found themselves opponents and essentially different from humans after a They are at the heart of human nature but also in shock derived from a trace of fear, cub felt that the explosive power of the body, immediately roared up the sky and excitement, that have a very strong penetrating voice directly over one hundred meters of altitude, at around one hundred meters within the scope of his voice as the sound waves swept through everything. It is sinking,oakley sunglasses sale, swallowed variation wolf cub soul beads completed incarnations, after the transfiguration gained speed has been greatly strengthened, so that he was pleased that his weakness is his strength has been greatly advances In this advantage, the cub to reverse the situation have a very strong self-confidence, Wu Dong, a few people did not, and that a few people, like Liu eyes reveal terrified expression, their eyes are full of envy and longing , a thought I will one day have this ability, their confidence in the eyes of even the foot. Gained first washed out, the variation of the beast leg ejection force that is very striking, and gained only lightly on the ground Yi Deng, overstating its stature suddenly more than 10 meters, and its spin-off of the body also as Jianban fired Liu Jun, Liu did not expect the other side will be how fast the speed of a sudden, to meet up and help a bit confused, but in the distance spectators Gu Qing, who is also a smile on his face, Gu Qing remember, gained energy after it is turned enormous, but his shot has been helpful because there are so gained the full use of the energy in this regard after the transfiguration not very good, and now gained performance, already let Gu Qing ideas for their own training to become more full of confidence. Cub can not help to regain the initiative in the battle, but also help their partner to share a lot of pressure, that is strike a few people have confidence, Liu never thought the situation would be so quickly reversed, but Liu can not be so easily defeat opponents tough, he can go attack someone else, while the other at an alarming rate, but he does not depend on the speed, the most important thing is that their strength and this is even higher compared to people on a lot. Both of you come to me to a house on fire, cub has been suppressed with Liu, but the problem arises again, and his companions had disappeared serious physical, seeing no longer hold out no longer, at this moment, the rear Gu Qing finally nodded toward the back of people, writings to be finished a few people have now joined the battle, Zhang fat to go out when the first, he was now the strength has been ranked in the top five, which have born the day thanks to his powerful spiritual force, the starting point is a huge advantage than others. Liu had washed out for a few people that have not too concerned about, but when you see these people take over the battlefield, they are out of the shock that rises from the heart of powerlessness, and had five people in front of me they think is already the strength of the strongest party, but did not expect people to come out real master now, look at a few people's strength, Liu know that even their peak nor their opponents. Tyrant few people to join the battlefield, the situation presents one-sided, Liu is now satisfied to die, Gu Qing already gave orders that can not be less than under the dead hand dead hand, now is the occasion of the employer, to leave some talent for the future Combat is still a great help, Liu several people captured, open base peak inability to defend under the threat of strong base quickly surrendered. The victory makes the power once again defend the base quality improvement, and more critical, this open position is to ensure peak base to defend the base will not be orcs dumplings, and even Gu Qing also firmly believe that the most open peak base Pioneer begins to defend the sea swim could restore the situation in a short time. Took things fail to open peak base Gu Qing worry, curtain rhyme of his own ideas, since Gu Qing sole to defend the base of all to take care of this woman as long as he do its job just fine, playing kill He could kill a dedicated force of the other is not in his possession of it. After a short trimmed necessary marching toward the next base, but at this moment, Gu Qing is receiving a bad news, in defending the eastern Jiaodong plains at the base, a number of biological variation in five thousand or so marching army is moving to defend the base, immediately get this message speaks for Green led the team back to the defense, the defense of the base has been the main threats or zombies and orcs, the variation in addition to the single attack beast outside groups have not attacked ah, how At this critical juncture it appears this code thing, this is not to give them trouble you, but now is not the time to complain about, the idea of ​​trying to resolve the matter is urgent. Good bad do not come one after another, this is not Guqing Gang back to defend the base, but also a bad news came, that is, the 10th to defend the fortress has issued a gauntlet, reached after two days will defend the base jurisdiction If not surrender, then defend the base, then fight each other, and one has a trouble thing to hide behind in the end what, Gu Qing seems to smell a hint of intrigue taste. <

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