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23.05.2013 03:50
through the crowd had dodged antworten

In the rain under the leadership, Wu De with soon found the secret behind the pavilion, embedded in the panelling, alloy wire caulking, even if cautiously see also don't see any flaws, rain do not know where the authorities opened, jumper too lazy to find, Wang Ruixiang found the fire axe, splitting. With a slash of disorderly chop, quickly put the siding cut open a gap. (read novels to vertex novel nets) unexpectedly,Oakley M FRAME Outlet, cabinet opening, accidentally discovered Xunyi master - Jia Gou, gou. He is hiding in the study of the secret house. The wall behind is a staircase, it is an underground chamber,Oakley Hijinx Outlet, there are five mahogany cabinets, all locked. Indoor and several cylinder water and plenty of food, appears to support the ten days and a half months is not a problem. If Xunyi caught look much prettier than Sadam, although the trembling, but not gray. This Xunyi managed to calm Gou, but shaking are standing instability, he had the local tyrants and evil gentry, usually in their turf in tyrannically abuse one's power, in addition to the county officials and gentlemen a little polite, it is soil emperor, murder and burn really didn't blink an eye, at this moment is the life to live take, know the right door, immediately release strength. Want to say a few words to her words, hold in his mouth could not say. Some people thought the summon wind and call for rain in the county, with the local pirates is such a hero, to see him this shape, with contempt. Wu De told drag people to rally up, with several fine person, one by one the lock open mahogany cabinets, he is all sorts of books,Oakley Flak Jacket Online, contracts, notes, there are many bundles tied with twine good letters. We are not interested in these things, but also know that he take the matter seriously hidden in here, must be important object. This is not the sort of place, just pull back to find experts. The chamber and several big box, three boxes is Spanish dollars. White Deliang eye, together with Wanduoliang. Another two small boxes, some gold jewelry and valuables. One thing aroused Wu De attention: it is a plastic cartridge small mirror -- this is not Wen Zong's large number of sales to anything - the time - as if this large where are is can make nothing of it. If the fate already was decided, in the meeting decided to gou Jia Zhuang, Jia Gou's fate is "death", originally on whether to kill the whole family problems, also caused a controversy, although finally reluctantly by killing all the resolutions, many people still have some whisper and anti sense. Now, if the family die die Ran Ran, leaving a polished rod commander, lest someone conscience not to. As for the kill Gou big who can't be sad. If Xunyi was put onto the stage, the audience, angry voice, "kill him! Kill him!" Apparently the traversers in front of the atmosphere to pave the way played a role. One time a frenzy. Seats for Asian blunt Gou cloth in a wink, she understood right away, picked up the clods refuse to gou Xunyi body hit. The power of example is infinite, followed by countless brick stone rain hit the past, through the crowd had dodged. Tied up like dumplings.

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