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23.05.2013 03:50
and now I give you look antworten

> Combine those pregnant women before and now he saw everything, Gu Qing thoughtfully, it found a breeding method called orcs is this it? The thought here, Gu Qing certainly getting the idea, coincidentally, Gu Qing's eyes saw the bloody scene, in a small room inside the dwarf, a woman cries of terror issue around the woman is pale, Some people behaved very numb but it is obvious that this situation they have seen a lot. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm Gu Qing quietly lying on top of watching everything inside this woman's tragic cries soon attracted several orcs, when you see the woman's stomach split open when a few people excited expression eyes exposed, Soon, a woman's miserable increasing demands, and her belly is there a long red line, then the red line along this split belly began to slow, continuous flow of blood, the woman to see a look of horror with all this pain so she wanted to call, but the passage of life make her the desire to become a luxury. Belly torn open to hear the voice of horror burst Gu Qing, that flesh and blood into the wire even more pull bigger, the last Qing Gu can even clearly see the internal organs of the belly of a woman, but this is not Gu Qing was most afraid of, to whom he fear is creeping black objects that group. Woman has lost the breath of life, the head has been twisted to the side, inside the creepy black object that group raised his head slowly,oakley eyeglasses sale, then in the end what is, Gu Qing could not believe his eyes, which the guy though infancy, but it was Gu Qing pairs of eyes to bring is brutal and chill. The baby did not die because of this woman feeding themselves and mercy, orcs have never had human emotions, some of them are natural for human killings and cruel, infant orc need to replenish energy, this guy is projecting that two Article pulled slightly emaciated woman's hands to his mouth constantly inside the viscera, let Gu Qing surprising thing happened again, this guy eating these organs, the body actually rapid growth,Cheap Oakley Radar, or just crouched in a group of guys at the moment is already able to stand up tall and adult orcs still some gaps, only one meter over five or so, but this is enough to make people stunned, and they was born long ah. Now, Gu Qing finally understand the orcs mouth generation and second generation Orc Orc meaning, it is estimated that the second generation orcs would later be produced through human woman, so they are only claiming to be the second generation, for those generations, by those who should be the Cannibal change from the bar. Standing inside the room in a few orcs took the newborn little guy left the place, leaving the orcs that the body is clean, watching their bodies were dragged phrase, Gu Qing anger burning, to be calm to be calm, Gu Qing constantly saying to myself, Gu Qing is absolutely vulnerable, by virtue of his power of one person simply can not put him down all these people, even if the flight he can only take two, Once the orcs found, then it really killed those humans it. Gu Qing originally intended to prepare to leave, just as he was leaving the forefoot, the eyes are written to a figure above, his whole person surprised a moment, then wiped his eyes again, and finally the pace never moved half a step, because the stay in that he knew a woman inside the house, it had to solve their own city within a city and then out of the small ice, she should stay in the defense of bases, there is now no doubt that she is here is that these orcs defend the base from one of the abducted woman . Ding Bingbing face is not very good, it may be frightened, it may be subjected to the hostility of orcs, but compared to other women, she used to be good for him, Gu Qing is uncertain just the right time, an orc move into this room house, Gu Qing firmly fixed on the roof above the man, he wanted to see things finally happened, the orc in looking at these women, after a while, went to the ice in front of the small, Gu Qing know if they do not shot, then no doubt it will become a small ice-generation education tool, and this generation of sterile pay is life, Gu Qing abortion techniques can be no assurance can destroy the unborn offspring of orcs, see Ding Ice despair faces, Gu Qing chose shot. Orc "Wow" bang had been ripped up Ding Ice coat, revealing shoulders and even chest faint white meat, have to say that the small stature is very hot ice, two groups that had been a white rabbit are tied, looked desperately squeezed together by white rabbit, Gu Qing unconsciously feel so hot,jordan online sale, Orc itself is concerned is to have some of the characteristics of the human, and is one of this bright orcs saw this woman's body is so good In addition, action on faster. Surrounding a woman without a hint of mercy, but to Gu Qing a sense of relief, because they know that you can live a little longer, if God blessing, then perhaps he still has a chance to escape, but unfortunately they are also really recognize what this black who is not under clothing, but a hideous monster yet. Gu Qing know that he is the time to be shot, he must get a quick fix, if you can, it is best not to issue a little noise in the case of solving the opponent, so that the benefits are enormous natural, less of a person believe these orcs may or may not know. Gu Qing sideways into the inside of this house, this orc has gracefully Laohantuiche posture, did not think the neck is an icy cold, an instant sense of danger swept through his brain, but this is only a second-generation orcs orcs, strength or at the bottom, and Gu Qing's strength has been comparable to generation orcs, so when it did not issue an alert when Gu Qing has been broken open this guy's skull, red liquid continuously outward from the guy's skull inside outflow was about to open his mouth around the woman exclaimed, Qing Gu is being restrained by a cold eyes. Ding Ice determination already been dead, but she suddenly found his hands clutching his waist like a lost force, under her natural instinct ran forward, when she looked back and saw a look of ferocity of the phase just yet people have slowly fell to the ground, when up to two meters Orc go down instant he saw a man with his very familiar, having said that, they is not really familiar with, but in such small Bingbing think circumstances, Gu Qing even more than his own family but also pro, without any hesitation move, Ding Ice bashing as a whole person embrace Gu Qing, Gu Qing Leng Leng looked at this with open arms woman, not any action. Silence is probably continue for a minute or so, sensible Gu Qingli that pushed the arms of a woman, anxious, "I take you out of here safe here." Ding Bingbing no reason to refuse, immediately nodded, but Just want to take care of the small blue ice left, a woman stood up and pointed Gu Qing crevasse on cursed, "You can not take him down, if you take her away, these black people found us will be executed. "With this man, then down, all around the enemy of women is looked Gu Qing, Gu Qing and if they have a big hatred like, Gu Qing is this the most hated person, immediately stretched out deadly withstood this woman's neck opening, this woman can react only looked frightened Gu Qing, tough voice inside Flaring the word, "Do not kill me." Gu Qing Leng Heng, "if You want to die, then obediently shut up and wait for our rescue, otherwise you die miserable than being killed me. "" We do not believe it, how do you know that we will die miserable, we could catch these people They just want us to serve just yet. "in which a woman idiot road. Gu Qing rolled his eyes, he wanted to wake up a slap shot this woman, estimated that this woman is the kind of disaster before selling the goods, such a thing out of her mouth said Gu Qing think it is natural, Gu Qing is not nonsense, direct came beside the corpse, but also cover the black turban in the orc face ripped off, clothes were cut Gu Qing, these ignorant woman dilating the mouth, constant back heel legs, some women are directly squat whining cry, while others are muzzled look of disbelief. "You see clearly, these are not people, but another appeared in the last days of new varieties, orcs, these guys are not human, human life in their eyes not as a precious animal variation, and now I give you look at the facts The truth is that for you to obey my commands, honestly stay here, waiting for our rescue. "Gu Qing surveying these people single word. Is a bold woman stand out, "you have to take me away, or I'll purring." "Yes, you have to take us away, or you can escape to." "You can not just go the. "" They will kill us. "Leighton time, a variety of noisy sound up, Gu Qing big boos made immediately under urgent gesture, did not think these women have completely lost his mind, Gu Qing know These orcs will definitely come here soon, several women move forward to stand in the footsteps of the door, thinking that it would stop Gu Qing leave here. Footsteps getting closer, Gu Qing cold voice said, 'Is that your own court death, no wonder I am. "Open Gu Qing wing bone, all the women looked Daileng have it behind the wing bone of a white man pulling the wind, Gu Qing Ding Bingbing to want to pick up the left corner of his eyes drifted to stay inside has not been involved in this farce of a woman, looking up slightly arched belly, Gu Qing can not help Woon Daigo, anyway Gu Qing can also bring one more person, nor It sought the opinions of people directly seize this man's waist on the rose to the sky. In the twinkling of an eye from here Guqing Fei, orcs had already entered into this inside the house and saw the dead companions issued immediately after the loud roar of a sudden this humble gathering orcs mess up a long time, but already Gu Qing flew up into the high-altitude, irascible orc explain what these women back time, peremptorily put all of these women killed, in their view, the lives of these women do not own a valuable companion's life. The arms of a woman feeling the air cold wind, a long time until after weak weak toward Gu Qing said a thank you, Gu Qing face a dejected, she saved this woman is actually a selfish, it is hoped to see the doctor can defend the base not successfully destroyed the inside of the fetus, and if not, then the fate of this woman is still dying. <

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