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23.05.2013 03:47
would be to a plane crash antworten

> Gu Qing pain in the chest, to the beat of that variation centipede or two to give yourself causing serious internal injuries, and from the mouth spit a mouthful of blood, Gu Qing just feel chest to get a little relief, it seems today even think back, big disaster communication already paralyzed, and now it is impossible to Huiying call, had prayed not to venture out to find their own Huiying go. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm rubbed his head, leaning against the wall to sit down, high-intensity combat beyond the physical load Gu Qing, and now also affected by a serious injury, if placed before the disaster, Gu Qing maybe it hung up, but fortunately, through the development of the brain after all aspects of their bodies has been greatly improved, the body's ability to recover though not instantly be able to let Gu Qing intact, but also ordinary people incomparable, reckoned take more than an hour , chest pain is no longer so, the wound on his left leg also automatically stop the blood, watching time, should now have a darkness outside the bar. Feeling the body dilapidated clothes, Gu Qing altogether a ripped T-shirt, not to replace it with a new, first exploration well here is where it. In front of the light is very dim, if the shadow if the current through the light, Gu Qing stroll around in the inside, there is not great, relative to the outside, it can even be said to be pitifully small, and stroll down lap, Gu Qing did not find anything. "Strange, who had nothing better to do the original building built this place as decoration." The walls are very smooth, so that Gu Qing feel strange places more than that, in the middle of the ground, can be seen clearly to the partition, the above clearly marked with the B-1, B-2, B-3 ... "Could it be ..." Gu Qing seemed suddenly thought of something, went marked area, leaned carefully check the ground, and sure enough, there on the ground obviously small gap, to see this, Gu Qing suddenly overjoyed, if not mistaken, there should be a weapons warehouse. "No wonder so familiar with it, B series not see themselves on TV new helicopters do!" Came just after that at the console, looked at the number keys, start out password cracker to crack the password. "Sure enough secrecy did a good job ah." Watching time has passed for half an hour, but the password cracker only break out three passwords, Gu Qing help exclaimed. A full hour, the password was cracked successful, "the correct password, the door is now open arms room, please go back to their specific job related personnel, 10 seconds countdown." With the computer after the voice prompts on the screen to start the countdown. 10 seconds later, the ground issued a "roaring" sound, and then slowly to the inside surface subsidence, then one has a mouth watering let Gu Qing arms slowly brought to light. Watching these hair with a metal light weapons, Gu Qing eyes straight hair, in addition to the original B-series helicopters, there are two Gu Qing see have not seen tanks, open space inside the wall is decorated with all kinds of guns . Large pre-disaster Qing Gu is a weapon fan, but his fans is not light weapons, he fans have is the front of these heavy weapons, previously available only on TV to see the heavy weapons now appear in Gu Qing's eyes, you say he can not excited about it! B-series helicopters, Captain 3 m, height 3 m, rotor diameter of 11.9 m, empty weight of 3605 kg, maximum takeoff weight 499O kg, maximum speed 800 km / h, cruising speed of 795 km / h, no ground effect ceiling 3500 m, maximum climb rate of 20 m / sec, hover head turned to the maximum angular velocity of 120 degrees / sec, turn 180 degrees about 1.8 seconds. Seeing presentation, Gu Qing heart, and if there is such a trip after their helicopter units, then the following zombie will not threaten human life, and it's even more aspects of performance car helicopters are Gu Qing memory The best, especially its agility thickened body speed, the general variation that it does not give birds cause much damage, of course, there is some very exception of metamorphosis. Came to the two light metal body exudes a ferocious front of the tank, gently stroking the metal tank shell, M1A2 series tanks, their newly developed tanks, cost a 200 million yuan, because it is the latest development of weapons, but also not been promoted, and the cost is too high, and now the world has no armed forces of any country to understand this series of tanks. 1A1 equipped with a 10-generation thermal imaging systems, vehicle length independent thermal imager, TFT flat panel display device, digital topographic maps, thermal control system and the latest digital command, control,Oakley Polarized clearance, communications equipment. After our experts in the international arms assessment, recently released its latest national ranking active main battle tanks, the tanks through mobility, fire control systems and the level of protection and other aspects of comprehensive assessment of the design of this tank deservedly known as the title of world's strongest tank. See this, Gu Qing saliva must flow out, and if he can have such a tank, it can not go sideways on the ground, and it looked tall 8000 horsepower, Gu Qing convince even surrounded by a large group of zombies , this tank can blaze a new trail. "It's a zombie killer ah!" Watching this monster, Gu Qing help exclaimed. Slowly stroking tanks metal body, Gu Qing's face suddenly became extremely disappointing. Gu Qing had suddenly thought of his own ability now does not take away the front of these heavy weapons, but he is not open ah. Reluctantly leave these weapons make their endless love, Gu Qing began to look on those light weapons above, when you see which boxes of bullets, the re-release of surprises Gu Qing eyes glow. You know, in a world before the disaster hit bullets such weapons are used in heavy weapons like tanks, above, and the general laser light weapons can only be used as an energy source, and although laser has some advantages, but it would only exist in the era of peace, now face the outside world, which more destructive metal bullets Gu Qing is undoubtedly the first choice, and according to a bullet in front of reserves, Gu Qing bullets did not worry about the future use, the less there are here Next in 100 boxes of bullets, a box of bullets estimate can use for a long time, not to mention more than one hundred boxes of. Originally it was food inside the ring took up most of the space, Gu Qing only reluctantly took out some food, and then pick up more than 10 guns and only a few boxes of ammunition into the inside, now the ring is completely full. "It seems that we have to find a few more after this type of ring it was, so every time is not enough space." Ringing off the hook almost always looked at the ring, Gu Qing help complained. Ring full, but Gu Qing did not lose enthusiasm, here was not much, but it is the most advanced weapons concentration camp, and now can not get the big deal to get back after chanting, admire their property total no mistake about it. So, whenever I see inside the ring than he might better weapons, Gu Qing always hesitate to come up with that piece of the original, and then put that into them more powerful, Gu Qing see this expression, like the innocence of children in the selection of their favorite toys like. Had passed a full three hours, watching the time, Gu Qing finally find a place to sweet sleep. The next morning, Gu Qing to climb up, the injury has been almost too good to supplement the point of food last night, the loss of physical strength has also been restored, it is time to go out. Gu Qing last night after careful observation, there's a channel, and the same is direct and the previous down the ground, looking at the ceiling that long transmit channels, do not want to know it is a helicopter out of the road. Gu Qing is not without thought of adventures open out to a helicopter, but not looking at wide channel, Gu Qing gave up the idea that he may not have the technology to fly are quite good for him, let alone their own In the small channel inside the aircraft safe to open out, would be to a plane crash that may be more worth ah. "Do not know can not find on this talent ah." Looked on the front of the baby, then he did not have that ability to go out with them all, not to mention how uncomfortable. Road stared firmly closed door, Gu Qing help with confidence: "The next time come here, I really want you to kill this beast, so you know the consequences of offending me." Centipede variation outside Shouzaimenkou Suddenly a cold body, branching off suddenly opened his eyes,Air Jordan Spizike UK Sale, when you see the front is not that the human figure, closed his eyes again, if Gu Qing here, it will definitely be surprised to find that two severed tentacles has grown back out. Radio channel and there is no elevator, in order to go out on both sides of the channel can only repair the ladder, and if ordinary people simply do not have the strength to climb out, but it is not difficult for Gu Qing. Openings from the ground a full 20 meters, Gu Qing jump even been able to jump a full ten meters, so Gu Qing tanks can only play as a springboard, feet suddenly force, and as direct as the shells Gu Qing repair ladder. Gu Qing collapse of a large force of repeat itself, a significant 20 tons of tanks were quivering, smooth grab a ladder son, then Guqing Li Ma climb away from the ground, they have a night without back, came out and said Huiying Over night on the back, has now reneged, do not know into what Xiao Nizi sad. The thought of this, Gu Qing quickened her pace. More than 900 m distance, but also vertically upward climb, even better than the ordinary Gu Qing strength, but when climbed to the ground, Gu Qing, or shortness of breath, breathing, inhaled air, pounding heart was stabilized. Looked gradually closed ground, Gu Qingshun it took some garbage on it, so that no one should find here special about it, And after that, Gu Qing jumped in the car, one foot depresses the switches,Jordan Big Ups Sale, the car it quickly speeding away toward the direction of home. <

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