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heart can only envy others Bale antworten

> Pediment of Dire stature suddenly meal, muffled roar constantly emitted from their mouths, Gu Qing Leng Leng looked at what happened before, two Dire already off, and now the two bodies have is set solid in the air, in addition to the eyes and mouth can move, the rest of the body completely still. Www! QUaNBEN! COM "This ..." Gu Qing exudes Glowing eyes before looking at these two stationary light in the sky Dire. Beirut road, "this is the real space of imprisonment, you just feel what?" Gu Qing mused, "just when you attack, I can clearly feel the space fluctuations, but such fluctuations different from the past, is an ever squeezed toward the middle of an extremely frequent fluctuation frequency, which in the end is how the same thing. "Beirut appreciation road," I can sense that you have been up to this point in this regard is very talented, and your mouth is actually squeeze Space molecules compression, nature is not inherent in most water molecules are not plants, but everywhere in the air, before you see the wall is only one air attack, its principle is to control the air molecules constantly compression extrusion, forming a wall completely and molecules formed after reaching a certain density obstacle. "" That space imprison it, do not use the same principle also. "Gu Qing curious road. Beirut, "you only half the story, of course, confined space there among the principles, but most of it is their own field." "Territory? What is the field?" Qing Gu asked, puzzled. Beirut road, "space is nothing more than the power of all the changes in the use of space to show their strength, but the field is one of the most important methods of use, you see." He finished, Gu Qing waved his hands forward, two Dire awkward fall down. Bound two Dire lost roared again rushed over towards Guqing Fei, Gu Qing again outstretched hands, palms but it is the combination of a small whirlpool, Dire eyes stare, two paws accumulate forces of terror body shot towards the Qing Gu come. Gu Qing cheek and at a distance of a few centimeters, when two Dire, motionless, while Beirut's voice was sounded in the minds Gu Qing, "You felt something?" Gu Qing smile, "Please also advise beirut adults." " This is my field, in my area, I was to dominate, which is the reason you do not feel anything. "Beirut laughed," you look around a bit and found that they are any different. "Wen Yan, Gu Qingli that attention from things around, withered trees, two stopped the Dire, and dust of the ground, etc., seem to find anything, Gu Qing immediately closed his eyes, feeling the quiet all around . After a long time, Gu Qing suddenly opened his eyes and said, "Not only is the two Dire still, everything around also stand still." Beirut sure road, "Yes, in my area, everything is still , unless I am willing to, otherwise they will remain in this state for this release to my field. "" That's not to say that, in this area, Dire either you butchered. "Gu Qing obsessed road. Beirut confident road, "Yes, in my area, even the wind stops flowing, the air is basically in the solidified state,Coach Satchels Sale, now you can effortlessly get rid of two Dire." "It has no equivalent field invincible. "Guqing Xing Fen Road. "If the current situation is, but if you want to maintain the fields then be huge spiritual power as a prerequisite, only huge spiritual power as a prerequisite hundred percent you can stimulate areas of power, there is little, If the opponent is stronger than you on too much, then the field of detention capacity will be reduced, for example, you now have the ability to field, while your opponent is me, then your field strength essentially no role for me, but said the field of power and their strength is proportional to. "Beirut continued," Now the field is still a far away for you, unattainable goal, space power two basic attack is speed and power, this is what you need to know now The. "" speed and power. "Gu Qing mouth whisper, suddenly, he seems to find in Beirut, then the wrong, ecstasy," I now need to know, do you mean I can also use the space of power? " Beirut laughter Road, "Yes, do not forget I ever told you that you had a body inside invincible cheat." "You mean my energy Xinghai." Gu Qing incredible road. Beirut Road, "is indeed the case, of course, a copy of your own skills, skills that a Guards played a big role, just me and you have to explain when you left my body blood, and I put the rest in addition to spatial abilities outside skills are removed, so you can absorb the purest space in my body energy, and now you have is a space in control of. "Upon hearing this, Gu Qing heart that is, ecstasy is deep gratitude in Beirut, before Gu Qing utter words of gratitude, Beirut is the first began, "I know you've got something, but you do not say it, because I also have ulterior motives . "" selfish. "Gu Qing puzzled road. Beirut road, "Babe I'm afraid there was a time not come out to help you." Hearing this, Gu Qing look nervous, anxious Road, "Do you babe, what happened?" Beirut blame road, "Do me babe There may be trouble around you? Beirut as the second generation of the family heirs, babe who's task is very large, and I separated Moreover, because the pre-practice lead to progress down a lot,Nike Jordan 4 Shoes, which is not good for the development to Hou Beibei, So I've let babe in my area a year-long penance, so you do not always want this year to help out a babe. "Gu Qing smile," So this is, you do not early to say. "beirut Leng Heng Road," Boy, in order to get their strength leap in progress, then you have to focus on learning twelve kinds of skills, to learn more is not necessarily a good thing, but will drag their progress pace, knowing no! "" Break "Gu Qing surprised a moment, then said,Oakley Sunglasses Squared Cheap," But I have not found anything wrong with multi-skilled have appeared ah. "Beirut Nu Sheng said," Now you will only give those little skills some of the weak opponents cause some destruction fills the face of strong opponents if you know are wrong, the whole world is in progress, you are making progress, but you have to spend more energy because of the variety of skills above, to When your progress will be slowed down, look who finally lose, well, babe that still need me to supervise it, this two Dire soul bead is a good thing, cheap your kid, and their weaknesses are the ear, you can now go kill them anymore. "feeling unhappy in Beirut, Gu Qing is also very helpless, but he is also aware of Beirut is not really angry, immediately in accordance with the requirements of Beirut climbed the giant Pidianpidian Bear's body, then waved his tail ears directly from the two guys penetrate and over, feeling the two Dire eyes the color of ashes gradually, Gu Qing know that two Dire lives come to an end, but also spent some effort From these two guy's head inside out the soul beads. "Well, I am ready to lift the field, and there, to keep my identity exposed, so you stupid fellow that was Spider-Man was I get a coma, as so interpreted is your thing, I flash people." Beirut leaving this sentence after the loss of audio. When the field of lifting the moment, Gu Qing felt overhead has two huge shadow toward their pressure down, cursed loudly mouth sideways left the place immediately after the "boom" of loud noise, two have died through the Dire to the ground and broke down the two pit, Wick came around, it really do not know when this guy into a coma. Several times against the strong need of foreign aid to help Gu Qing face is embarrassing, but rely on the strength of effort and full of accumulation, Gu Qing secretly inside the heart can only envy others Bale. Wick regained consciousness after an hour, while Gu Qing also found a suitable explanation is that the variation in the life and death their partner Babe beast appeared, then Dazhanshenwei beat these two guys, Wick know with Gu Qing Variation beast is scared to do after a partner, but after all such a boast, but he did believe this, clamoring to Gu Qing release babe take a look. Gu Qing desperation can only casually looking for a reason to rest injured babe perfunctory Wick. Winding road is the only access route to a destination, although the road was very seriously damaged, but there is no threat of dangerous road Dire has hardly anything, everyone rushes to discussing just dangerous, while Gu Qing but it is closed his eyes feeling the body new energy - space power. There is indeed more energy Xinghai white, it seems that this is a space power, space power does not belong to the five elements, therefore, and water, wood and no conflict, the good news also let Guqing Song of breath, after all, he may not want to undergo energy the pain mutually exclusive. Control space forces and plant control and water control are not very different, are relying on energy Xinghai Gu Qing as a carrier to pass the spirit of the attacking force, just needed space power is indeed a spiritual power plant control and water control several times over, just try a few times it felt Gu Qing rapid consumption of spiritual power, at present, only be able to use the space forces Taking a move some items, but even so let Gu Qing happy for a long time. Gu Qing is not anxious, Beirut said that the current practice Gu Qing main direction of speed and power, as the field strength although attractive, but they also know that it is Gu Qing happened afterwards, the speed is not just pure speed, but also has the power Only the combination of speed and power is the true esoteric space power, Gu Qing need is constantly exploring esoteric, so as to enhance their own space power. <

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