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team members all face is a antworten

> "Captain, I heard that there is a strength of the team is not tough new human?" Zhang Yu squint at Gu Qing et al towards Goofy inquired. Www! QuanBEn! COM hearing this, immediately surrounding the eyes of the soldiers gathered in the care of a group of youth who, Goofy Miaole Miao Gu Qing loudly, "You who is the captain ah! Turned out to be a new man, so to let everyone know what ah. "" You TM ... "Wow, way to stand up and bang, we heart are bright enough, like a group of children as soldiers is deflated in trouble for nothing. Way around the soldiers saw the response is both stood up, suddenly at least a dozen gun refers to the way the head. "You are doing, doing, all to me to sit down." Goofy look around, pointing an angry soldier ordered, that mouth revealing faint smile let Ma wait any longer. "You are a child or a deflated soldier, do not tarnish your wearing uniforms this body, this body is to give national guard uniforms to wear, not to wear deflated child." Ma vocal curse to the crowd. Goofy sneer, "I do not need you to lecture soldiers, do you know the truth?" "You," Ma was immediately this sentence gas speechless. "You all sit down, and these people do not general knowledge." Remained silent for Gu Qing suddenly out of channels, hear Gu Qing spoken, Ling-day team a few people can only hold back the hearts of anger and sat down. Goofy look of haughty toward Gu Qing Tao, "It seems that you're the captain of this team, then you are the new breed name slightly." Gu Qing smiled and nodded and said, "It is, I do not know the captain fly there What advice. "felt Gu Qing smile, goofy always feel that they have the feeling of being despised, not perceived voice also improved a lot, I saw him exclaimed," I do not care what your shit captain, Now you joined my team is under my management command, if your team and then make some aggressive behavior, then I certainly military deal, you know? "Gu Qing Tao," as long as you are able to command have to move my players I do not mind, high-captain. "This sentence is full of provocative taste, goofy one stepped forward and grabbed the collar Gu Qing, single word," What do you mean, believe it or not I shot bang you. "Gu Qing Ling days schematically everyone sat down after a convoy pushed goofy, sneered," I do not mean only hope captain Gongsifenming high, do not abuse their power, not those of us in times of crisis the civilian population. "Goofy anomalous Gu Qing a stare and then the seat will be seated, the group of soldiers, incited all eyes are full of doubts, how such a scene full of gunpowder on this end. Perhaps only understand very heart soar. Just now, Gu Qing pushed goofy instant, palms joined forces help, seemingly just gently press on Goofy's chest, in fact, at that moment the force erupted am afraid I let fly uncomfortable endless, that taste on and suddenly a heavy hammer on the chest like, it would be Gu Qing to the high-flying a warning, I hope this guy can converge to its own arrogance. Goofy sat back in the seat of the moment began to adjust interest rates in vivo confusion breath, chest pain, and now he's incomparable, the heart attack that guy is really too strange, does his evolutionary direction that so? Goofy frowning cranky, and soldiers around to see their captain muffled do not speak their mind although confused, can be inverted is not made too aggressive behavior. Time flies so fast, a dazzling time of day passed, but still very far from the destination distance north on highway damage was too severe, the way this team almost all detour, but fortunately this only forces a satellite positioning system, or the road to go more difficult. Perhaps because they have been insulted, but all of a sudden Youmo unclear Gu Qing strength, so fly only by fighting for everyone to show their strength, beating the stuffiness out of your own mind, have to say, this goofy yet True two down, he is mainly the direction and path of evolution, surprisingly, are majoring sharp knife, close to the zombie face some time, goofy pole crossover hit, Gu Qing reaction nerves already strengthened several times, so You can clearly see this guy's shot, but looking at his side when all that wrinkled brow, Gu Qing know they look a bit difficult. Surrounding soldiers because they arise, Scatter captain, who has been inspired by that kind of arrogance, especially to see the young people here care frowning when it is incredibly arrogant. The eyes of these revenues in the heart of Gu Qing libel only endless, what kind of head on what kind of training soldiers, if the interim government are mastered this XIONG Bing, then overthrow the regime by others it is a matter of . Finally a zombie's head erased after these soldiers immediately sent a huge cheers, goofy face is showing a smile, look Gu Qing's eyes filled with a deep sense of provocative atmosphere. The Qing Gu is the direct attention of filtering out this road. At this point, Beau sudden return channel, "zombies are surrounded by a ring of encirclement to us, if this team continues to follow this direction, we will suffer the zombie attack force is the most powerful." Gu Qing tension Road, "I know about the strength of these zombies do?" Beau road, "is the strongest zombie zombie captain, not a threat to us, but for those arrogant enough to give a guy to a lifetime experience." Gu Qing Yi Leng, Then smile, "Do you not see, but they are." Beau angry, "that is, of course, my brother, will you be the first not shot, let these guys what to eat bitterness, though I can not control the bird zombie Captain , but he will not easily hurt our side, when I now controls all those low-level zombie attack these soldiers, I will definitely help everyone out of breath. "Heard, Gu Qing these guys can not help but be will encounter praying together, which angry up the play Yin Xiao Nizi means, but the endless stream of people, it seems that these guys would definitely be out of luck. A close observation satellite map of soldiers suddenly and loudly, "Captain, there is a large group of zombies is to the northwest, southwest and northeast direction towards our team gathered around, please indicate." Upon hearing this, immediately fly up to the car, see Those dense red dots when moving up and wrinkled brow help. Gu Qing intentioned or road, "Northeast zombie attack force is strongest, we can not go back, so we only detour to the northwest is the best choice, and there will break some of the." Goofy dissatisfaction Now road, "I'm the commander, do not you outsiders butting in, and say you know what?" Beau tugged Gu Qing clothes, grumbled softly, "Brother, I want to see them being beaten like it, do not ignore them, or I'm angry. "" Ok, I got it shut. "Gu Qing Xiao Nizi really took no way,Air Jordan Outlet, plus it is not fly into the coffins were moved to tears, he did not bother to persuade the. "Brawn simple-minded guy, I really do not know at what we sent you to drag?" Goofy quips. Vice-captain also quipped, "obviously the northwest area of ​​the most massive zombie, quantity is the most intensive, this guy actually suggested we detour to the northwest, the northeast is the least number of zombies, and this household is require us to give this Breakout road captain, you say this is not what idiot? "peripheral soldiers have also echoed," He is a junk. "" He is thought to kill us, we really should put a group of people shot bang . "increasingly harsh words in his ear, twittering barking, Gu Qing is completely dead heart,Air Jordan Shoes, the heart of these people gave me all the best die out, so look unsightly. Ling-day team members all face is a sneer, because MT has told you all things, and so is now they watched these people beaten look, a bird thought the road suffered gas, and everyone's mind is looking forward to. Ahead is a fork in the road, and Goofy, who stubbornly choose the way to the northeast of the junction, to see this, Gu Qing one person's mind is relieved, it is high experience Timmia issued bell-like smile, Ling day team members are also showing a smile. Halo, Kuangyun, Gu Qing at the moment this is the idea that these people have gradually become imperceptible keen on Yin Yue people, the thought of their future may also be overcast, Gu Qing's spine can not help but feel a cold wind. "TM really well done, if you say they are not a burden I do not believe in killing, even also with a child, but also laugh at this time." Zhang Yu look of disdain road. Goofy loudly, "people a good attitude on the outside busted their ass for us, is our fight on the battlefield, they can live without us so well, you see, not all of them are covered with a smile face do? No way, ah,Nike Air Jordan, this is the soldier's duty ah. "Goofy invisible in his own words rendered image with extremely heroic, perhaps even people who do not know the truth to be touched by his words, but in the care of a group of young mind is how much hypocrisy there is more hypocrisy, Zhang fat gas teeth. If it is not pulling Wu Dong, estimated that he will definitely stand up pointing these cowards Road, "When will you have a nice, dangerous when not to seek our captain, you all go to hell." Beau whispered, " Less than half a minute it will encounter, and it waiting to be spectacular. "" boom "is heard in front of a military truck hit a row after the zombie stopped, and the sound of machine gun fire also sounded. Goofy cold swept Gu Qing et al one in under the cover of several soldiers jumped out of the car, waist two knives started immediately, a show staged. <

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