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> Stay in the air Gu Qing time to think, immediately towards that projections lasing away, pythons have been aware of their danger, apart from anything else waving tail trying to intercept a top-down lasing over human , Gu Qing tightly locked piece of spiritual power giant long tail, at the precise moment at a critical judgment under often flashed tail whip, seeing Gu Qing really fall into their own weaknesses above, this python finally urgency. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm ground suddenly issued a shiver spread even to the scope of the team a place to stay, road split gap makes many are caught in the wheels of the vehicle which can not be turbulent, so a number of unknown people who have screamed, that these screams let Gu Qing slightly divided about God, the speed is also not just so fast, Python eyes flashed a dangerous light, with the eye of the heart microseismic Gu Qing, followed by one pressure blowing. In this pressure, the Gu Qing actually feel a little breathing becomes smooth, the action becomes dull up the flight trajectory of the body also have erred,Coach Bags Store, not only did not fall exactly on top of that office weakness, but makes himself fall into disadvantage. At this pressure oppression, Gu Qing rate plummeted, while Python is stretched out on this stone that the intention of the bifurcation Qing Gu entangled. Being this time of crisis, from all over the branches Chung makes Monty Python's action also experienced a meal, while Gu Qing also fully seize this opportunity that escaped the tongue from that moment Gu Qing python head nor far, Gu Qing bite the bullet, literally forced under pressure in a few flapping wing bone, like a glider-like insurance but insurance python head barely fell behind, and feel just that humans landed himself behind a large python anxious, Gu Qing control The twigs blink of an eye he broke free, python straining shaking his huge head, trying to fall behind his head to get rid of human beings. "No way." Gu Qing heart bad thought that this body does not like snakes like pythons have scales, the only way to stabilize the stature of the place is that their projections, but because he was not a particularly good placement, now That projection distance of 34 meters from there, there are no objects can hold their own stature, in such a violent shaking under the Qing Gu is difficult. Gu Qing instantly greeted the killer, this guy's going to insert catch herself inside the skin, but the deadly attack in the above issued a cry of "hang" sound, feeling came from his own place Shougu numbness, Gu Qing said he was very helpless. "Fight." Gu Qing knew that if he could not let this guy action again, then pause then your own will definitely be left out, shouted again after controlling plant wrapped python, python seems to know but because these plants can give bring their own problems, so see those twigs action when there is a flash from here immediately, Gu Qing power plant control is not great now, branches also in two fingers width size of the Monty Python play role with little success. Yes, the water dragon, a thought here, Gu Qing immediately absorbing moisture from the air, turned out of the water dragon attacks, this hose length five meters, width of 1.0 meters, is Gu Qing in controlling water above the peak energy attack, the water dragon under the control of the Gu Qing, constantly all around in Monty Python and Qing Gu is the idea of ​​control of the water dragon to attack Monty Python eye for goal, Python has Xiadiao an eye, it may not want to go blind one, blue colored water dragon constantly shaking in front of it he felt upset, more violent shaking of the head. "Rip" is heard, Gu Qing fingers still could not hold back the python's neck was thrown out he was high toss Gu Qing chest pain, that guy really is a violent, he was thrown out of the ramp, Gu Qing know if you missed this resolved there will be no chance to kill this guy, immediately under the control of the heart turning toward the water dragon to attack the right of Monty Python, Gu Qing believes that the force of impact in the water under the dragon's this guy's head will be able to to the left, while he went down when it will once again be able to reach that projection above. Water Dragon with indomitable vigor heavy bombardment in the right side of Monty Python, which hit really received very good results, Monty Python's head immediately over toward the left side, but it is just re-Gu Qing fell below its neck. The impact on water dragon when Monty Python has been completely burst open to become a spray, spray falling down inside invaded earth. Monty Python definitely did not expect or come under his painstaking this result, though a bit unwilling,Nike Air Jordan 11, but it is the violent shaking from head to come, but before long, he suddenly found himself being a huge resistance movement felt this guy put slow, Gu Qing heart rejoicing, but also for whatever reason, she finally slipped into the projections above. Gu Qing shouted, gather up the body all the forces, the forces of terror with his fists fiercely hit the top of that projection. This is boxing, but the Ministry of Gu Qing forces resorted entirely consumed vapid attack, how can power small punch under the projections that suddenly burst into "Charlie Bala" sound of the explosion, followed by turbid liquid stench emitted continuously from the inside come. For Python, this is truly a fatal blow, where not only fragile, but the location of his soul, combined with Gu Qing internal forces can penetrate inside the body's organs destroyed, it seems Python has not fallen, but his life has been broken. As the saying goes centipede die hard, which is subject to the fatal injuries Python, but sometimes there is no security through the death, a thought I finally evolved to such a strength really ruined in a human hand, which I found myself full of unwilling and anger, even if he is dead and will not let go of this man. Monty Python exhausted their last effort suddenly thrown out of the human race, Gu Qing in vivo situation is not very good, depletion of internal forces makes him no extra effort flapping wing bone, could only watch as their own as sandbags was heavily thrown out, Gu Qing know if they fall from this height should die, then go off into the skin, but now he respond where there is nothing now attack, he only fate waiting for their moment of landing. "Boom" sound, Python heavily down on the ground, but still did not shut his eyes, he saw the name of humanity killed instantly. Ear, feeling the wind whistling, Gu Qing face appeared relieved. "Boom" is heard, did not imagine the pain and confusion, Gu Qing's back just felt some pain Bale, he saw in his own formation beneath that big network, Gu Qing is surprised. See Gu Qing can stand up, Monty Python uttered before dying in a dull voice finally unwilling to die through. "This!" Watching this entirely formed by the branches of a large network, Gu Qing mind confused, he does not remember what you just control over plant ah, but he is now the ability to control them is not enough to form this large network, which in the end how it is. Suddenly, Gu Qing accidentally stepped on the foot of a pool of water stains, felt his feet cold, Gu Qing head a flash, do not ...... well known that plants need water, just as humans would not have survived without water-like, with water, plants will be able to keep growing, Gu Qing remember previously controlled only two fingers width thickness branches, and these branches have to rough right now, quite a lot, but a lot of branches high density, combined with water dragon attack before breaking moment burst open to the spray right on the bottom of these plants on land, Gu Qing finally understand the truth of them, no wonder the other end of Monty Python will suddenly meal, and then make their own success reaches its fatal weakness. This unexpected discovery has been great looking back young heart, when he chose this time also depends on two elements preferences action, did not think it really is blind cat encountered dead rat picked up a great deal, if after their own plants to control When the enemy attacks, water control will play a role in enhancing plant attack. On the battlefield so little to enhance the role of attack are huge, not to mention at the moment this is not as simple as one plus one play. Monty Python moment go down to see the team broke a huge cheers,Coach Store, farm Gu Qing undoubtedly become their hero, King spent far more complex is a look at him, did not expect that waste The guy turned out to be a timber hidden play pig eat tiger guy, one is cheating on his own resentment, on the one hand it is just to stand and deliver on his heroic defeat Monty Python figure. Gu Qing do not know there is such a man behind tightly concerned about himself, he went straight to the Monty Python corpse around, broken off from the projection of his need to find something, because the body is too large, Gu Qing regained some With the tail into his strength only after looking inside, feel a mellow warmth of objects, Gu Qing face finally smiled. When he took out her beads, it is somewhat startled, which is too small for it, yes, Gu Qing looking for something that is the soul of beads, and now he's got the Fengyun hand is the soul of beads python , according to previous experience, Gu Qing know that as the increase in the strength of each other, but also increases the volume of beads soul is not small, if you say this python strength is not strong, Gu Qing was killed not believe clean bloodstained above After Gu Qing help a bright eye. Fengyun soul bead volume is small, but all around it exudes a bright light, which is the energy of the substance as the compressed version, the light from the surface Gu Qing Pang Pai felt the energy, I thought if they swallow Next Fengyun soul beads, do not know what will become, but he did not dare to take risks, the greater the strength of the soul of the beast variation greater bead contains energy, but he knows the soul of beads are swallowed the suffering, the tyrant, who has been coming here off toward, Gu Qing idea in mind, right down into his soul bead storage ring. <

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