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23.05.2013 03:34
clutching his head Gu Qing antworten

> This heterogeneous army of zombies and zombie below has a link, in heterogeneous zombie killed shortly after the team appeared in turmoil, first start in front of those of ordinary zombie zombie carried on the back of dissimilar fight, but because ordinary zombie general strength as dissimilar zombie, so soon fall under the wind. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm Gu Qing carrying this head shot kill zombies dissimilar rush toward the battlefield below, falls on the last square of dissimilar zombie team instantly found Gu Qing, but are they want to attack North Korea when Gu Qing, Qing Gu a Foot put the bodies of dissimilar zombie head kicked in front of them, when those bodies of dissimilar zombie watching underground, they finally anxious, thought things would calm down, I did not expect an accident happening again. "Servant" is heard screams makes zombie army there was a brief pause, a shadow not far from the battlefield quickly rushed over towards this side, Gu Qing heart of a sudden, that shadow of a very rapid pace, blink effort has landed in front of the bird dissimilar zombie corpse. See this guy, Gu Qing can not help but suck down a cold lump, but this guy is secretly despised mind, yes, this is a normal evolution of the zombie Ensign, those of ordinary zombie after seeing this guy up enough momentum immediately, have also defeated party situation instantly reversed. While the remaining two did not talk much that dissimilar zombies began to move in all directions to escape. That zombie lieutenant and then kill a few dissimilar zombie escape, immediately to look at the Gu Qing's body. "Bargain guy" Gu Qing can not help but resentful toward this zombie lieutenant said fiercely, it should be is this zombie lieutenant general zombie head, but because of their lack of strength was a result of the bird heterogeneous zombie controlled his men , that is dissimilar enough stupid zombie, cut grass nor the roots. This zombie lieutenant found himself immediately after losing dissimilar zombie rush over, this booing, so he picked up a cheap. Qing Gu is now a very bad state, and that the strength of dissimilar zombie zombie will certainly be far more than the captain level, Gu Qing otherwise would not have been playing so badly, bone wing injured again, the big kill useless, while the tail and the deadly attack range by a loud noise, faced zombie lieutenant Gu Qing did not mind a little grasp. This guy has returned babe Qing Gu's body inside, Beirut is estimated will not let him out, just sonic attack consumes too much energy Babe, while Beirut less than Gu Qing not move when it is resolved to not come out to help , so now if opening Gu Qing, then certainly eat a cold shoulder. After much thought, balanced, under or rely on yourself, life how I do it so hard, Gu Qing heart could not help exclaimed. Beau Xiao Nizi estimate now the situation is not good, it can only be controlled Xiao Nizi about strength in the strength of the zombie zombie Lieutenant, this zombie captain estimated that he was of no use, and in adding to the earlier battle, the United States Pose state believe better there. This zombie lieutenant now clearly in the assessment Gu Qing strength, it does not know the ground dead dissimilar zombie and he has no relationship, if really Gu Qing kill, then he would stay away from Gu Qing, but if not Gu Qing kill, then he would Gu Qing exposed for brutal side. Gu Qing hearts are roughly guessed what this guy was thinking, faced zombie captain, who think they have no intelligence definitely a fool, this guy's eyes look to Gu Qing revealed a hint of wisdom. He did not hurry,Oakley Active Sunglasses, Gu Qing it is certainly seize the time to restore some of the body's injury, now this injury is not immediately able to better goods, can only accumulate points strength, so would be a fool, though he only zombie around, nobody. "Servant" is heard, the Gu Qing know to come after all, come, this zombie eventually chose and Gu Qing a war, two are not the outset head-on,oakley sunglasses store, not a zombie want to, but Gu Qing is not stupid, and now his strength a close combat with this guy only a dead hop, strength is looking into Mo and the speed is also slowed down because a lot of bone breakage wing, Gu Qing is a smart man, he knows not to own short work people long . Lose the speed advantage, then Gu Qing only with a flexible pace to dodge zombie attacks Captain, this guy is probably in heterogeneous zombie that suffered big wronged, and now all are scattered in the air Gu Qing's body, footsteps on a flexible, but it is inevitable that the wrong time, and now Gu Qing's body is more than a few wounds, especially the back is flesh valgus, dodging between Gu Qing touched the wound so that was another grimace. "Is there any way to help young children ah!" Wounded back to the base car at the road looking at the screen look of anxious road. Outside of the situation has been stabilized, dissimilar zombie after losing nothing, leaving only some of the heat of the ordinary zombies, plus they also die in 7788, with the support of everyone in the fire temporarily safe, his face pale Timmia watching the screen, just battle, nine dissimilar zombie caused her great trouble, and the old A two tyrant After a long battle, after power is insufficient, the key moment have to rely on her, and nine in zombies Almost six dissimilar zombie arranged by her, a huge loss of energy makes her mind now appeared exhausted sense of the meaning of sleep continue to impact her brain, but because of the fighting on the screen, she can only fight back with drowsiness. "Ah a forced." Gu Qing by the guy's a paw thickness yells Road, this guy is crafty as hell, Gu Qing successively under several sets he did not on the line, but is himself fell a wound, it is strange Gu Qing's eyes since the fighting began after the itching, itching blurred vision after that, often Gu Qing discovered that after the zombie attack trajectory confused eyes will then all of a sudden, this situation has occurred several times. Fortunately, he also ordered a large, intact or else he can not stand here. "Boom" is heard, Gu Qing was that guy heavy hit on the shoulder, but that there was a Si Jin Gu Qing, body knocked down to the back when it is kicked it stunned zombie head kick, which was Gu Qing zombie It also played a little Fameng foot, but it was soon resumed over, Oh,air jordan outlet, great, this guy is really angry. That red eyes suddenly flashing a bright red, Gu Qing heart Anjiao bad, and before his body landed, he just shot in the ground with one hand on the side of the body tumbling toward leveraging the past, is he left that place moment, a red light on the inside fired into the soil, the soil looked to burst open, Gu Qing too late to roll several times after another fear, loess stained Gu Qing did not have any dried blood. Watching the fight on the screen, Huiying and Ruirui two women are crying splinters, not, few of the deadlift hard pull estimated two women ran out. Gu Qing certainly do not know the situation inside, in front of which he is the captain zombie object of concern. Zombie lieutenant can launch this as much as laser power red light, which reached a zombie Captain guy might still weak do? That come from the ground up to fifty meters of the cracks in the care of young to understand a lot. His eyes were getting bad situation occurs, first itching, then is vague, it is sore, and now tensions Gu Qing bother to inquisitive digging to figure out the top, which he shot towards the zombie captain constantly red light, large section of the problem is that this little red light dwell time, in the eyes of Gu Qing is almost never heard, and the crowd of spectators on the screen, it can only see that Captain zombie eyes projection out of a red, red piece constantly swept surrounding a grass one thing. "Ah" sound scream ringing the hearts of everyone jump, two women is stopped crying, his eyes wide open look like top of the screen image. It is also a zombie Captain screams startled by this, immediately red light on a halt, his eyes revealing a trace of confusion, although he has been playing that humans were naked, but he knows his attack just does not hurt this man, ah, how this man screams it will be issued, but also where the pain miserable. "Ah ah ah" screams sounded one after another, I saw on the ground clutching his head Gu Qing Luangun with, Gu Qing's eyes is horrible out of the blood, the pain better than his five fruit to swallow a small, Gu Qing now One bear head pain, wanted to have countless needles constantly wearing his head-like, which is the source of pain in his eyes. "I how so miserable, God you is not have to take my child to death before they agree to live you let me ah." Gu Qing heart constantly shouting, zombie captain Luangun interesting to see on the ground of man, his face turned a strange smile appeared, also many have this zombie captain curiosity, simply spectacular ignoring human kill yourself now is the best time. Eyes constantly flowing blood and soon covered with Gu Qing's face, if Gu Qing wear white clothes, and unjustly so the ghost will be very similar to it. Pain, which is the most Gu Qing feeling a surge of power from the mind constantly Gu Qing impact on the eyelids, it seems like they want to completely release, Gu Qing could not understand how it is that in the end, an tingling the impact of runaway energy again and again his eyelids, but he now has pain even the eyelids are rolling up. Gu Qing wearer teeth teeth, gums have been bitten out of the blood, eyes, mouth are all outward out of the blood, that kind of force as the Tigers like constantly hitting his eyelids, as if the eyelids is tied to its cage-like. Can not stand the pain is so, Gu Qing pain in his hands clutching his head is not in, but the strong heart broke his eyelids. "Rip" is heard, Gu Qing see what, stay in the base inside the car to see what the crowd. Gu Qing opened my eyes that instant, two red light moment with the breath of destruction tearing the space in front of Gu Qing, searing temperatures that set off a heat wave in the air. Gu Qing looked blankly, but also lost the head zombie captain Leng Leng standing there, he wanted to laugh, because he knew he struck lucky only under zombie, but he found himself laughing, because as After the piece of red light flashed, his head instantly crashed. Gu Qing upright fell to the ground. <

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