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23.05.2013 03:32
see this group of pirates but no ostentation antworten

All trembling with fear came to earth, to see the village gate though closed, trench without suspension bridge, but left the pavement without Waduan, feel surprised. (read novels to vertex novel nets) is not so much because of suspension bridge bearing capacity, heavy machinery camp to come and go, but the trouble made suspension bridge. In addition to an arrow,Coach Bags Online, people stop, sent to the door. Zhai men seem to know what they want to, call someone to talk to. Zhang Youfu because often associated with each pirate dealing, Mandarin, Guangzhou dialect, dialect will say some. Village Gate on the pirates said was a strange Mandarin neither an ass nor a horse. I can communicate with each other. Zhang Youfu explained what he wanted, not much, village gate on a position disturbance, the door opened. Out of 10 people. Zhang Youfu know whether mountains of Shanghai king, often like to put some posture, to frighten said tickets, a lot of blackmail some property. This stuff is he much, see this group of pirates but no ostentation and extravagance, just out of 10 people, are common in green jacket character, carrying the dagger fowling piece. See the middle headed, was surprised: this man like other small-time guys wearing dark green short pants,Air Jordan Store, feet a pair of gray short boots, waist beam with a leather thong,Air Jordan 5 UK Sale, from the outside in and around the minions have no respectively. From his appearance, manner and speech, manners, also very courtly and gentle, not with a little bit of outlaws of the marshes. Think this a rogue leader was so simple! Zhang Youfu could not help but cried in the stomach. To people of their very polite, his name called seats for Asian, but don't invite them into the stockade. Commanded the people took many chairs and benches, put in the village door flood, ask them to sit. And people from the stockade with out many bowls and barrel to please porters who drink. To Zhang Youfu they end to things, let the rich soil all stare big eyes: all glass! Although they are in Hainan Island, the value or understand: shining white silver two three two also can buy a colored glass bowl, not to mention such a crystal clear glass. Cup, is not good: it is a small white paper, now sinking, now rising again in the water, slowly will water dyed green, smell smell, appears to be a slight taste of tea, is the very poor. For really big! Zhang Youfu, joy and sorrow, joy is a thief who take these things out to entertain, should be very sincere, I have is that they show so much when the price talks, I'm afraid not small figure can be negotiated. The XI Asian would say some words in Guangzhou, they had an exchange of greetings. Then, only heard the gate there is a roar, a four wheel car jolted over the beach, caused the people to stir - Kun thieves have no cattle on the car, the miracle had spread throughout the city, some people say that inside hex, driven by ghosts the force, some people say is a thief are the creation of various claims emerge in an endless stream. Zhang Youfu from the probe, Xiang Yong there know sitting with the car shed like that, is a thief in the big boss, people who know the car is not small, busy trembling rose >

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