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> "Just now?" Old A wants to ask something, but shook his head straight Gu Qing, Beirut repeatedly told him not to reveal his presence to outsiders, so that he did not intend to let everyone know that the presence of Beirut. Www. quANBEn. Com old A did not ask, Gu Qing struggling to stand up, the old A is helping the one behind him, just if not desperate rescue Gu Qing, the old A is now estimated to already become a pile of ashes from the wing bone Gu Qing on the injuries will be able to know how much the power of the flame. Brother Hou interesting watching the two, and now he is the absolute advantage, the two men were in front of him as a doll-like existence, he had found the weak playful kind of pleasure. "You two are not very cattle do? Just told you I was not very fierce?" Hou crazy brother roared toward the two men, he spoke while also controlling the flame toward the two men swept away, surrounded by dry trees Once this flame stained, would not burn directly to ashes, Gu Qing wing bone has not fully expanded, high temperatures there have been a number of frameworks burst phenomenon, from time to time came the pain let Gu Qing cold sweat. Now they can only dodge by virtue of the speed of the flame, if it is to avoid the peak period of the Qing Gu these flames is not difficult, the problem is that he is affected by the flash, in order to protect the bone he also received a wing back, plus take into account the old A, so the two successive flames several times came close to being stained. Brother Hou tease constantly watching two people jumping in the forest Benben, his face revealing a strange smile, Gu Qing and old A wave of flame over dodge attacks, not stand on the ground would appear to stab in advance, Those stab penetration Gu Qing but deeply understands the hideous wound above his right hand which is the gift of prayer, even with powerful recovery capabilities, but just hurt the bone, so the speed of recovery is still slow for the. While "fondle fondle" sound coming from the ground, and before they could react, dry trees surrounding those actually come alive, but they did not because these trees alive while a little bit of good mood, because they are now become They hinder the existence of branches of these trees alive as they wound up towards the water Sheban, fire attack, ground attack plants thorns, and now, all three under attack both situation became precarious. "Shua" sound, a full thickness of the branches of a fist wrapped around the waist of the old A, in stock and vigorously under the old A immediately lost focus towards the ground hit, Gu Qing anhu bad, but he is now lost wing bone, can only rely on the dodge constantly dodging branches to stab and simply can not tell the energy to help the old A. When you see the old A fall in place to stab when Gu Qing finally anxious, he wanted to shout Beirut to help, but no matter how their cries, Beirut is no response, and it gets lost under Babe movement. How this is so, we should be seeing the old A to stab through the body, and Gu Qing already desperate closed his eyes. "Boom" is heard after a few sharp sound of a cough that is, the heart of Gu Qing wrong quickly opened his eyes,Coach Bags Sale, his own imagination bloody scenes did not occur, the old A body just got some of the loess, old A is a look looked puzzled underground, to stab disappeared, his body wrapped in branches have lost sight of Gu Qing also found around different. "How this is so, how could this." Brother Hou constantly screaming, his hands straining repeatedly launched, but did not have any movement in front of the flame to stab and branches did not appear. "Ah" brother Hou sky and shouts, one blood-red color came to his head, white smoke is coming out from the top of his head, the clouds covered with bloodshot eyes, Gu Qing and old A curious to see what was happening scene. "This guy is confusing body of energy, ready to burst the body." Just lost messages from Gu Qing Beirut sound coming out of my mind. Heard these words, Gu Qingming white what, it seems that the old Beirut had expected to happen this scene, so he does not appear,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, this brother Hou eyes red, his eyes terror is constantly toward the outflow of blood, a little while His ears, nose, mouth are out of blood, he seems to suffer inhuman suffering, but because the hearts of hatred and unwilling another step toward the two men forced him to close with. "To burst." Beirut said, and sure enough, in his words just fallen, Hou brother's body broke out Baoxiang, then splash a stump, the instant the man has become fragmented. "He is how is it?" Gu Qing soul return channel. Beirut, "This guy is the body's energy clash with each other, mutually exclusive, so just to get this off the end." "Is he eating those fruits sake." Gu Qing return channel. "Well, it should be so, because I felt his body five different energy body." Beirut road. Gu Qing exclaimed, "five different energy body?" "Five Elements five kinds of energy, which is above the tree represents five different colors of objects." Beirut analyzed. Listening, Gu Qing sinking immediately to look at the strange tree above, in combination with their own eyes saw before everything, that brother Hou violent energy of the body are inseparable from these fruits should be ten. Leaves divided into five color, that is, gold, blue, blue, red, brown, color distribution within each corresponding color of the fruit will appear, these colors really correspond Beirut said Elements, which is five . "No wonder that Hou brother in the dose of five fruits can be obtained after controlling fire, wood and earth's ability, combined with his King Kong is not bad, it is not difficult to imagine that he must have taken this too represents the fruit of gold, as the water that guy not been able to try out on headshot killed and now Gu Qing also know that guy storm body causes five elements allelopathy, Aioi - wood fire, fire immature soil, native gold, gold water, aquatic wood, with g - wood overcomes earth, earth grams of water, water, fire, fire, metal, metal, wood, that guy down after taking these fruits also received five world energy, but because the five kinds of energy between the phase g so that led to his blasting to death, really worth the candle. know these post, then in front of this tree is really as Beirut said treasures, as long as we choose one of the colors of the fruit after taking down Is not got their representatives and energy and, if not There Hou brother's warning, Gu Qing maybe really will eat them all at once, after all these five energy is too attractive. "You do not belong to this category. "Beirut suddenly out of channels. Gu Qing immediately said," What do you mean? "" In other words, these five kinds of energy in your body will not be the same as the ordinary people of grams, your body has let them live in peace with each other forces exist. "Beirut road." What? You mean I really can eat five kinds of fruit. "Guqing Xing Fen Road. Beirut snappily said," If you want to hurry up dead, then to do it, so you can concentrate with babe in my side. "Gu Qing embarrassed and said," Beirut predecessors, please enlighten. "Beirut is not nonsense, continued," your body has an energy vortex that is the energy Xinghai, it can make all kinds of energy in your body to live in peace and complement you this kid is simply blessed, even I had to admire your good luck. "" Energy Xinghai, what would they be. "Gu Qing curious Road." Xinghai energy equivalent to the energy transfer station, you will not get some kind of energy through energy Xinghai after the baptism, so that the energy between you and get warm feeling, so you can not only increase the energy degree of affinity, and let you use them more efficiently. "" Now that I have this energy Xinghai, why can not absorb the five kinds of energy fruit yet. "Gu Qing reconciled road. Beirut is not guessing," you energy Xinghai as a water container with you to enhance strength and it will become increasingly broad, but if you knew the water shortage but also to the inside of the container irrigation , then they will overflow, now imagine that the water is five kinds of energy, they lose energy Xinghai harmonic control, when it overflows your body, they will back exclusion, then congratulations, you will die from far away. "Gu Qing ashamed Road," I blame too impatient, taught the younger generation. "" Come to absorb two kinds of energy bars, and remember not to let too many people know the existence of The tree,UK Nike Air Jordan, otherwise there are busy and you have it. "Having these words, the sound of Beirut immediately disappear from Gu Qing mind." Good thing ah! "Watching Qing Gu Fengyun five trees help exclaimed the old A puzzled look Gu Qing, obviously does not understand why he said that the current Gu Qing know things immediately put their old A holistic and said again, as the old A ask yourself Why is that so long time, Gu Qing is to give those who pushed to the babe. know after old A is around the corner, but the eyes of the youth he dares not speak. Gu Qing laughter, "you choose one you feel yourself up Interested energy bar, but remember to only choose one of them. "Old A immediately nodded excitedly, no nonsense from directly above the blue fruit picked, it seems the old A soft spot for water. Shortly after old A dose systemic immediately turned blue, because we know that nothing happens, so Gu Qing did not nothing to worry about. Moments later, the old A nine returned to normal, with the idea when he controlled the body more energy after the body out of the blue, his hands immediately on the combination of a spray. because it is just the familiar reason that can not play too much old A range of attacks, but Gu Qing believe this is only a matter of time. "Great, now I have one more energy. "Old A excitement Road." We go back, this thing is best not to outwardly unassuming, such as a collection after we share together. "Gu Qing Chen Sheng said, the old A matter of course, know the importance nodded without hesitation. <

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