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fall on the heap when the antworten

> "Young child, in order to return to defend the base, then we will have to look for fuel, and the car has been less than the fuel reserves. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm" Ma worried road. Gu Qing looked at the fuel gauge, frowned, because the increase in the number out of the bus, had plenty of fuel already reduced if we do not look for it, then the vehicle will become scrap metal. The preparation of the fuel is sufficient, but did not expect to go so many costly mistakes, now have to look for fuel to get back to defend the base. Do not know in this city can find fuel, after all, before the big disaster has entered the solar age. But a word Xie Ming Gu Qing is a reminder that some of the energy used in large factories there are a majority of the fuel, so the rest of the destination everyone on the top of the large factories. Temperature increases so that we feel very good, despite the dark sky, but we know that as long as the temperature rises to a certain level, then this layer of dark clouds of heaven will be dispersed, then the sun will come again earth. Large plants can only be built in the suburbs, we put all the focus on the outskirts of the above. Highway on the way to the suburbs shortly after the first plant to appear in front of everyone, but this plant is too small, but also light, open the door, the inside filled with uniforms and some wandering zombies, it should be this factory worker, this plant just before the onset of the disaster is still in production between, so these workers will be trapped inside. To get rid of a dozen zombies, the crowd ransacked the place where all the possible use of fuel, but hope that the greater the greater the disappointment, the last one where everyone was repeated valiant or not after looking into fuel. Under discouraged we can only go to the next destination. Along the highway occasionally some plants, but mostly some small industries, leaving the city until about twenty kilometers later, the first thing we found was only large factories. But this large factories inside the zombie too much, at least inside the locked door dangling thousands of zombies, their uniform white uniform top and black handprints everywhere traces of blood. Searchlight into the inside toward the fleet after the zombie issued strident sounds strange, bullets in small quantities,oakley sunglasses, can not put all these zombies destroyed, Gu Qing desperation can only act alone, they are mostly ordinary zombie zombie, zombie evolution because conditions is predation and fighting, and stuck face of these conditions are not, in the lowest level of zombies is not surprising. Bone Yifei Gu Qing opened into it, all of them raised his head below the zombie claws toward Gu Qing roar, but they can only be looked at highly Guia hearts sigh. Gu Qing directly on the factory gate, the door was a special combination lock, but it is a piece of cake for Gu Qing. Tail heavy hitting the lock top, and then draw down the door deadly fall down, "crunch" sound door opened. Is an oncoming fishy odor, Gu Qing know that there must also have zombies, and sure enough, a number of large production facilities in more than a dozen head zombie brink Gu Qing discovered after humans have swoop over this, since it seems they become a zombie After the extraordinary eat no meat, suddenly saw this man immediately broke Gu Qing great potential, although levels are not high, but the speed is not slow down. Guqing Fei Yue sky tail pediment over directly to get rid of a few zombies, rushing back to life is still the zombie Qing Gu is also easy to get rid of. From the plant's equipment manufacturing point of view should belong to large lathes, let Gu Qingxin joy is when he went inside the post can smell the oil odor in the air, after rummaging really caught a moment where the fuel reserve. See that there are more than ten cubic feet of fuel, Gu Qing mouth surprised the boss, so much fuel vehicles long enough. Gu Qing found from the ring in the arsenal of the original oil loading drums, and then straining entered scoop fuel, until they discover that there are a few drums Zhuangwan cubic fuel. These fuels are all treasures ah, Gu Qing, how will not abandon it, Ever since he rummaged through the factory, hard work pays off really let him find a simple oil storage containers. In order to help more than one person, Gu Qing went out again brought back as a cub, the two work together under spent more than two hours before this fuel entirety. All personnel into the storage ring after two exciting back outside. When we needed a vehicle's fuel worries, go back and defend the base is not a problem, what happens if the road is not a big problem, then we should be able to return to after a day defend the base. At noon, the convoy stopped in the gold market, as they heard the sound of distress, in which the sound of the open city is extremely loud sound for help. We came down the sound in front of a building, and we finally saw the man issued a distress sound, I saw this man at the moment to climb on a pole above the call after seeing the crowd even more vigorously, and mouth also shouted the "God opening the eyes God opening the eyes." Here are poles thirty zombies, some of the zombies slowly folded wall piled up, which we grow fat head and big ears, but climbing skill is bad, those zombies a little closer he crawled up a little. Gu Qing open bone wing hovering on poles facing the TV drama shouted, "Hold me, I'll take you down." But the man who saw Gu Qing winged eyes closed when it lost consciousness in the past, looking the whereabouts of the body Gu Qing helplessly shook his head, about to fall on the heap when the zombie grabbed him by the collar to put him back to the base vehicle above to see the hand of these zombie food so no, of course not be reconciled, strange shouted rushing toward the two cars. Fleet does not do more to stop the throttle on the left here, Gu Qing pig thrown in the other end of the base car's bed, listening to the bed squeak sound sent to help while distressed Gu Qing, this guy does not know to be false lost consciousness or really lost consciousness, was thrown on the bed after Qing Gu woke up and saw a very sensitive after Gu Qing reduction in the corner of the bed. "You you you what stuff?" Pig afraid the other end road. Gu Qing good laugh, "I am human, I saved your people." Gu Qing,Oakley Sunglasses Radar, and he can not be bothered to explain too much, throw this guy some grain after leaving a seating area, this guy is eating fast food, listening to the car Flooring makes a "pop" sound, Gu Qing was another funny, this guy is really long too fat. "Hey, I told you after the boss, my name is Zhang fat, everyone calls me fat." This fat Xipixiaolian toward Gu Qing said. "Gu Qing, you are not afraid of me?" Gu Qing strange channels. This fat man scratched his head and not also mean road, "No wonder, then wonder, then, my people are naturally more timid, but I know it is famous,Air Jordan 11 Sale, you saved me I'll call you soon after the boss, boss, you Do not look at my fat head and big ears long seemingly useless, in fact, I have been called a repair specialist, your vehicle will inevitably be some small problems, then I certainly could help. "Gu Qing quickly interrupted this man, God knows let him go on to be said when, anyway, we do not lack food and more pigs, in this chant, as he said what repair specialists, Gu Qing maintained a skeptical. <

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