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Butler suddenly look to the screen antworten

> Chapter XV excitation potential into the inside, the Gu Qing heart is straight drums, and God knows there is no housekeeper said the success rate so high. Www! QuanBEn! COM rather see Gu Qing into a sealed chamber, the butler's face appeared in a subtle hint of a smile. "Finally put him into a lie, do not blame me, I just finished the master's wishes nothing more, but you worry, the success rate is very high, five years ago, reached 10%, and now maybe it reached 5% 30 years old. "idea if you know the housekeeper, estimated Gu Qing directly hematemesis born dead. Lying inside a sealed chamber Gu Qing, is a look through the glass looked tense Huiying, Gu Qing gently with a smile, indicating he must be fine. A fragrance instantaneous gas occupies a sealed chamber, while Gu Qing is also slowly into a coma. "On Code 10 liquid, ready for injection." Toward the front of the machine housekeeper issued a series of instructions, and the machine began to work together. Sealed chamber has been filled with smoke from the outside can not see inside the case, let alone how to stay out Huiying anxious. In a sealed chamber openings, a thin needle slowly toward Gu Qing head tie to go, and housekeeper looked needles Flanagan displayed on the screen after the expression has changed significantly. This scene is just so Huiying see it. "What do you telling us, is not it." Huiying suddenly toward the housekeeper asked. "No, no, I can have anything without telling you." Butler suddenly appeared human side, busy rush to clarify his innocence, and this allows Huiying more suspicion. "Immediately stop all this." Listen Huiying emphatic words, housekeeper also immediately responded, "can not stop, stop all this if you know the consequences, indeed, I admit to lie to you, but somebody had to save the human race , save the world, my time is running out, this desire I have to finish. "" Come tell me, you in the end for what we hide. "from the butler mouth really come to this, Huiying Gu Qing can not help but start worry about it. "Less than 30% success rate, but I will try to make Guqing Ping An out, if it fails only downside for me is not good is not it?!" "What, you take his life this is a joke." Get this news, Huiying Leighton time lost cool, fast stepped forward, to want to open the sealed position, wake Gu Qing. "Useless, an operation of the machine will not be able to stop it, and if forced to stop, then go Gu Qing will sleep forever." To hear this, Huiying popular is undoubtedly the biggest blow, watching that road illusory image , Huiying eyes red, their housekeeper also know Huiying full of hatred. "Like I said, I will make every effort to promote the success of this test, even if you hate me, I also have to test to do so." Finish the sentence, the housekeeper turned our backs, simply do not and Huiying eyes on the TV, watching began in earnest top of the screen data. Medicine has been completely injected into the brains inside Gu Qing, now you can see the effect of the liquid. Sure enough, two minutes after the injection is completed, the data on the screen slowly began to climb on, a red figure of Gu Qing brain development level. "One percent, two percent ......" With the number of beats every housekeeper will reveal human nervous expression, while Huiying know that they can do can only pray for the safe return of Gu Qing, watching The above figures do not move the beating, Huiying heart is at sixes and sevens. "Nine percent." When looking at all the figures, housekeeper to know the most critical time,UK Nike Air Jordan, and ten percent is equivalent to a watershed, but also the most dangerous moment of trial. Passed tests can then continue, go through, there is only one consequence, Gu Qing directly declared dead. Sure enough, the number climbed to ten percent in the process, coma Gu Qing as if by a great deal of pain, the whole body became twitch up, the pace began to tamper with the hand, the smoke had already dispersed, when looking at Gu Qing to that because the pain and wrinkled brow, the Huiying feel his heart in the blood. Gu Qing inside a sealed chamber is constantly twitching, and the number is constantly rising significantly. "9.6%, 9.7% ..." With the sound bite, and looking at the bright red ten percent figure Huiying finally a heavy sigh of relief, and as stewards of the image is in a relaxed performance expression. "After a ten percent, the figure rising speed will accelerate, reaching 50 percent, he has no life in danger." Housekeeper seems to Huiying also has a guilty heart, so silent reminder Huiying,Coach Handbags Sale, so she will not be too nervous. Lying inside a sealed chamber into a coma although Gu Qing, but the brain is not stopped, Gu Qing seems like entering a dream, in a dream Gu Qingqing clarity can feel everything, including pain and joy. Just Nazhen pain becomes almost let Gu Qing fool, in that figure to rise when Gu Qing exploded inside his head just felt like pain, but the pain gradually increasing that. With the sound bite after an unprecedented level of comfort suddenly throughout the body, so that Gu Qing help send happy whisper. Butler really did not go back, numbers steadily rising, one hour after the figure had climbed to 49 percent, while Gu Qing is again facing a major test of the. Our housekeeper seems to have seemed a little surprised, "how could it, time should not be so fast ah, the planned time should be about 5 hours, ah." But now is not the time to think butler, housekeeper Gu Qing thoughts with voice issued again forced to stop the pain. 49.4%, 49.7%, numbers climbed to then suddenly stopped beating, which makes housekeeper suddenly felt a bad feeling. "Warning Warning" constantly looking to reduce heart rate, housekeeper finally know something is broken. "Immediately to patients scored booster, quick." With the command issued, a booster was immediately injected into the body of Gu Qing, Gu Qing's heart rate but also continued to reduce significantly. Huiying face to see these tears, the people lying on the outside looking inside a sealed chamber lover, "You must be all right, ah, you can not leave me a man ah, you said that to protect my life, you can not go back ah. "Huiying constantly beating the sealed silo wall, hoping to wake Gu Qing. "Warning Warning, heart rate was still lower, breath in diminishing." Housekeeper makes a series of voice surprise. "You have to stay in the past ah, the future also depends on you ah." Housekeeper now has been unable to do anything, Gu Qing rely on their own will to live it. Number is still down significantly, Gu Qing's heartbeat reached 20 per minute, this is an extremely dangerous figure, if still reduced, then it can only declare Gu Qing died. Gu Qing in a dream just feel now that they are completely lost control of the body, the mind with intense pain, every part of the body can not move, there is a person on the sky with waving to his. Two different voices inside the minds of the Gu Qing echoed. One is to abandon it, will be able to give up the edge off the pain, went to heaven after you will live a happy life. One is not to give up, give up you can not care for your lover, and you have not done a lot of things, you can not do an untrustworthy person. Two voices intertwined in the minds of Gu Qing, Qing Gu is also felt a rush of pain. "Why, why should I have to endure all this," Gu Qing suddenly found myself living in this world is so painful, every night worried about their safety, like the constant death, while they can survive. "Give it up, give it up." This Road timely voice sounded in the care of young minds. And Gu Qing's eyes are slowly closed. "No, I can not die, Huiying, I can not just leave Huiying, I promised to protect her life." Slowly closed his eyes suddenly shoved open. "You idiot, I do not want to die, I have to do a lot of great things." By virtue of the Huiying thoughts and desire for health, at the brink of death Gu Qing obstinately tenacious walked out. Butler almost closed his eyes, and Huiying is innocently sitting on the ground. "Patients with heart rate began to rise, the situation is gradually improving," hear voices Road, Butler suddenly look to the screen, when you see the gradual increase in heart rate, almost jumped up happy, though he can not jump. And Huiying lose luster eyes can hear voices, too, began to recover slowly past the look, immediately stood up, and butler stood side by side. 50%, looking at the above data, the steward could not help rejoicing, a myth was born in my hands is necessary. Gu Qing spend 50% of this mark, the figure rose more accelerated rate, 80 percent, 90 percent, "immediately stop people to restore sanity test." When you see the figure climbed to 90% When Butler issued a stop command. Unexpectedly, ah, how tough this kid vitality, has successfully spent two death mark. In fact, Butler can not stop command issued, and if so will the rising level of brain development, but the back of the ten percent did not get any study, it can be said is blank, the housekeeper can not take such a big risk, reaches 90% is enough. Sealed chamber slowly opened,Coach Poppy Collection Bags, and Gu Qing is slowly opened his eyes, when you see his face when tears Huiying, Gu Qing mind could not help while moving. But when you see the smiling face in the next steward, the Gu Qingli that rushed up to the housekeeper, wielded fist would severely beaten up to this guy. But when his body directly from the housekeeper to go through after the Qing Gu is just a butler remembered images only. "Oh, congratulations, you are now the brain has been developed to ten percent, and my task is done, Buduoyihui I will completely disappear in this world, and the future can only rely on your own. "Look at that angry expression Gu Qing, Butler also know their own wrong, so I quickly want to flash people. "Well, so you want to leave." Listen Gu Qing unceremoniously words, housekeeper can only helplessly. "What more do you want ah?" Steward looked funny face, Gu Qing knew that I played, although he suffered inhuman suffering, but after all he survived, but the brain has developed to 90% , and all this just this housekeeper to help themselves do. <

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