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eyes suddenly become a dead antworten

> Gently tuck for Ruirui later, Gu Qing unmatched out of the room. wWw, quanbeN, cOM Huiying goes when looking at a familiar face,Oakley Polarized, his mind turned to panic. Gu Qing cough loudly, embarrassed and said, "Huiying, how do you here, ah, how did not go to rest!" Ask finished these words, he can not help but regret, this is not obvious own guilty conscience do? Sure enough, Huiying quietly rose on the two faces flush, mouth toot up, reversing overdone, said, "You two sound so much ......" Before Huiying finished, big embarrassing under the Qing Gu quickly put Huiying hug in the arms, around her waist walked toward his room, watching the crowd outside the two movements are full of ambiguity, Gu Qing them a harsh glare. Old A et al quickly turned round, but in the eyes of smile is betrayed them. Huiying shy directly under the right hand grasp the Gu Qing waist two meat tenderizer, miserable voice heard immediately from his mouth, the following people finally could not stand smile, have laughed. They quickly into the bedroom, closed the door, Huiying break his arms, chest constantly fluctuate face with a shy looking Gu Qing. Gu Qing scratched his head and said, "That one that you hear." Hold for a long time, he was to say that, do not say okay, one more to say after the two awkward atmosphere, Huiying eyes more become red up, crystal tears Qianman eyes. "You do not love me!" Huiying sudden so many words, let Gu Qing almost into dementia. At this point he has been a little chaotic sense of propriety, and hurried forward channel, "No, no, why would you think so! I said, this life will love you, and protect you." "Why do not you promise me that claims, but that the first and Ruirui. "Huiying with cries of tweaking road. Gu Qing and how can I know what she meant, I thought originally this girl jealous, he does not hide, immediately put their body changes and Huiying just explain and underline the time that they have no control over themselves. After hearing his explanation, Huiying look before resuming a lot, but still full of tears in the eyes, are Gu Qing helpless when she suddenly said, "Green, you want me now, I have the same genuine and Ruirui be your woman. "" Break "Gu Qing speechless mouth hanging open, my heart is bitter to think a woman is not a good multi-ah, do not let me be their God really drained it? Is not to deny that he did not know her, base siren rang out, once shunned siren at the moment is the world's most beautiful music bar, Gu Qing sent directly into the loud warning sound thanks. After hastily leave a word, Gu Qing care prance out directly from the window, leaving a look of Resentment Huiying. Bone wing instantly open, with a white fence and flew toward the base. Saw a few people standing at the wall above, Gu Qing heart somewhat surprised, it seems this thing is also full of serious, or how action tyrant, who would be so fast. Several people also found the air with shadow, until after the wall fell Gu Qing, a look of anxiety Road tyrant immediately, "This time I'm afraid we in trouble!" Heard, Gu Qing slowly furrowed brow, he has passed Jizhan searchlight found outside of the case, the corpse tide, yes, at least tens of thousands of zombies slowly moving toward the base from, which lack many grade levels of zombie, it evolved into the arm scimitar-shaped crescent is endless, the team Instead, the number of zombies have become less common, the ordinary zombie is standing at the forefront of the team is clearly the role of cannon fodder. Arm into a machete-like zombie zombie sergeant level has been reached, but there are many first time I saw Gu Qing level, such as that with a pair of ugly but as fans of zombie-like Bigfoot, there was back as zombie-like shells, etc., he can probably be judged to zombie zombie Sergeant Corporal between levels. As lieutenant he also saw the zombie no less than ten, and suddenly, Gu Qing eyes suddenly a shrink, the ranks of the bird body exudes a red light, the body is one kind of red bone armor throughout the zombie Leighton time attracted his attention , by virtue of the danger of smell, Gu Qing is probably the only team that only the leader, has reached a level of fear zombie lieutenant. "In the past we have encountered several attacks, but are not the face of so much, they are how the!" Tyrant look anxious himself. Several people around looking at the front is also worried about so many zombies to them caused great psychological pressure. Beau does not know when it has appeared in the crowd behind him, she did not care about the color of everybody's eyes surprised, directly to Gu Qing side, said, "This time they are ill intent, seems to have been some sort of power control." Gu Qing agree nodded, he did not believe that these zombies nothing to find fault, let alone a powerful defense just like military bunkers defend the base, apparently they are subject to the forces behind a command. "Do you not." Said Gu Qing, this vague, then let everyone mind rises trace of doubt. Beau immediately nodded and said, "the forces behind too strong, but he did not appear in the team, so long as the elimination bird zombie lieutenant, then the victory would get back to our side." "Really is zombie Lieutenant. "Gu Qing nodded, and he had to present this right is the most powerful zombie zombie lieutenant level, it would only happen to evolve to the traffickers base level zombie lieutenant he did not know, so this can be right on zombie lieutenant, his heart is extremely excited. "Not the effect, this zombie lieutenant should have reached its peak strength, he will be more careful." Beau beside reminds us. Tyrant, who at this time was even more confused, their conversation did not understand how to make people do! Gu Qing for their performance laughed language, will be the strength of Timmia they know. Base wall about 40 meters high, it is more than enough to face ordinary zombies, but the face of such widespread evolutionary group of zombies on jeopardy, especially up zombie lieutenant level, this simply can not be considered high for them what. These zombies finally came to the edge of the wall, but at this moment, the guards attack also follow. Gunfire loud explosions, as cannon fodder zombies who died shortly no longer dead, powerful gunfire, and even reach the level above zombie zombie Corporal also been several serious injuries, amputation sky chaos fly, the higher the level of zombie stronger immunity for fire saying is not false, although the body was greatly hurt, but do not allow them to lose to move forward, and thus, everyone saw the amazing scene. Those acts as a zombie limb stepping stone role for other partners willing to fall on the following composition of meat ladder, guard strafed some under another group of zombies killed in the wall below, the bodies piling up, but for the home on the back of zombie facilitated. Realized that something was wrong, the Gu Qing decisive issued a command to stop firing. At this point, ten voice heavy with the following bodies hop, just like geckos like to climb toward the top of the fence after a quick climb from. Gu Qing and Beau phase, as one,Coach Handbags, and then jumped toward the bottom wall, old A corrosion of the power in the hands of cohesion has been completed, his hands suddenly toward the bottom of a pressure, rapid corrosion attack on the power of which is to climb two zombie ensign. Lina rubbed his eyes, when the little girl found after a staggering jump really looked at his brother, Tyrant helplessly shook his head, said he did not clarify situation. Meanwhile a group of people looked toward the bottom, and then they realized that seemingly fighting horror of the girl. She did not Gu Qing bone wing, but he was able to fly out of thin air, and the method and ancient dodge exactly the same, it is more appropriate to describe Feiyanzoubi. Timmia feet tightly close to the wall, it is climbing rapidly toward the bottom of the zombie lasing away, when you notice that the white figure, the bird zombie face with fear of color, but it was the fear of the color Li will soon be an emotional storm covered with sharp shrieking cry after coming straight towards Beau. Looking at the road in front of that shadow, Timmia there a trace of playful look face, black eyes suddenly become a dead gray, and then take the pediment of the variation lieutenant stature meal, Beau Jiao He heard, right leg straight legs H on its head, sinking without any unexpected flying head down, and that the body is also weak to climb down and fall away, above all the men looked at her how tough the mouth have not help but suck down a breath, his eyes is full of incredible. Gu Qing write a write Timmia there, mouth immediately throws up a cold arc, bone wing suddenly open, white light quickly attracted the attention of three zombie lieutenant, with the great power of the limbs, the same time towards the Gu Qing stature swoop from. "Court death." Gu Qing Leng Heng, bone wing suddenly swing space appeared violent fluctuations, a white blur around the side of the TV drama three zombies lieutenant flashing by. Above the crowd just felt front of a flower, and then take three zombies lieutenant already have fallen away towards the bottom. Their heads had already disappeared, watching his victories, Gu Qing hearts of heroic spirit, before long, they face these zombies lieutenant Shihai nearly killed, but now they are in their own hands but it is just like ants weak. "Boss, I have come." Babe also eager to join the fray, absorbing the energy that a few undead demons, the babe's strength can be said to be skyrocketing, especially the phagocytic become increasingly terror,UK Nike Air Jordan, and now he is not absorbed twelve energy body can let him absorb the long guy, his belly was truly become a bottomless pit, Gu Qing ask it, it would say do not know how much energy is required to devour it reaches saturation. Another lieutenant did not come a few zombie attack, the air appeared a huge suction pulling force, they do not have any power of resistance was devoured babe, little guy patting his stomach still a face something more to say. Looking at this three figure horror of the above people in addition to shock or shock. <

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