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responsible for the collection of various antworten

In the training field the overgrown, gathered all through the crowd, convened the first plenary meeting. (read novels to vertex novel nets) though many things in a few months ago has been worked out, but in some of the key issues is still controversial in be in suspense, no conclusion. The committee decided to cross before the start, these problems are all to vote the way written statute,Poppy Collection Coach Sale, as guidelines for future action. "Training field assembly which is later known as the". Intense discussions for several months in crossing the forum program one one out for discussion, after discussion and revision, several schemes have been recognized, in spite of some opposition, but not too many people support. First, Congress made a series of definitions of terms: through public / Runner: all the participants of this time immigrants the spatio-temporal residents. Regardless of gender, age, occupation, nationality. The local people of all time: in seventeenth Century the local people. Regardless of gender, age, occupation, nationality, nationality. Because of the political power organization how to operate without experience, so the whole system with simple and clear as the guiding ideology, not to dwell too much jargon. The meeting decided: through the regime's supreme authority to pass through future plenary (through Congress). Through Congress election, shuffling through the Executive Committee, formulate laws and policies, and decide important affairs. In the normal condition meets once a month, when the urgent matters can be composed of more than three executive committee members of 1/3 or more riders held temporary motion. Except in special circumstances, attended the meeting of the runner must be more than 90%. All the riders who have reached 18 years of age have become members of the general assembly automatically through. To elect and be elected as committee members rights. The number of members through the assembly cannot be deleted or added to, through the seats can be inherited by the children of a person designated by the ratio of 1:1 in retirement. Through the Executive Committee (EC), is a permanent administrative institutions jumper, have the right to adopt administrative measures, enact administrative rules and regulations, issue decisions and orders; proposed the bill through Congress to responsible for all administrative affairs. All the administrative departments and its members by the Executive Committee under the deputy head. 1, industry, communications, energy, Transportation Committee (industry) 2, Agriculture Committee (Department of Agriculture) 3, diplomatic and Commercial Committee (Department of Commerce) 4,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars, Military Commission (military) 5, interior affairs committee (Interior Ministry) 6, Planning Commission (Commission) of each committee,Oakley Polarized Sale, and separately at all professional groups, taking into account the professional staff in the personnel and Material Co., the actual use or to the Committee for unified scheduling. The new plan committee is tasked with managing all kinds of resources of the storage, custody, audit, issue; use appraisal resources; responsible for the collection of various construction policy implementation. In each section, the Executive Committee directly under: General Group: responsible for finishing paperwork and archive collection, coordination committee. IT group: responsible for all computer systems. Information: Management Master runner carrying all of the information materials Policy Advisory Group: through Congress >

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