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the smell of odor in the antworten

> Gu Qing reveal a bitter face, nodded his head, the old A Beau around in a timely manner, the two-phase, as one, followed by hors de combat by old A Timmia away here. Www! QUaNBEN! COM "how do how to do!" Gu Qing mind constantly shouting, he did not put their hopes in these zombie body, not all of the human sea tactics can take effect, at least not the case front. At this time, the tree looked strange road weak body's eyes revealed a deep interest in what apparently has found. It has been surrounded by live zombie tantamount furnishings that six undead zombie demon reaper easily the long accepted this life behind all of this is unknown so strange, but the old A heart is very anxious, busy command who we quickly get out of here. Looked swarm, then quickly dropping out of the shadows outward, Gu Qing looked dejected, zombie team finally provoked a great loss that three zombie battle ensign, they have shrieking cry, fly towards that six figure swept away, Gu Qing altogether closed his eyes, he already knows the outcome of those three zombies. "Bang bang bang" three ring, just like fighting a powerful momentum scary zombie ensign have been dropped in front of five meters Gu Qing, dilapidated that they are on the body has no head. Since more and more shriveled skin, I am afraid that the energy has been taking a strange tree. "Haha, man, now you have resorted to what capability Come on, I think the whole body full of energy." Hoarse voice full of excitement, a voice in this channel, time seems to unite not move, everyone looked blankly middle of that huge body. Number more than a few hundred zombies did not even offer to give everyone enough time to escape, looking at the back of which a lasing away toward the old A vine branch, Gu Qing roar heard, who instantly jumped imposing stature on the vine branch soon wound on the body when they arrived. Rapidly swept tail behind, with winds hit heavy on the vine branch pumping surface. Huge impact force under vine branch change forward. Spotted time, Gu Qing deadly towards that recovery did not come across lightning vine branch, a foot thick thighs Vitex plunge. "The old A, took us along." Gu Qing roared toward the old A, then went up to the head of that huge body. His eyes filled with tears old A, suddenly reversed too far toward a daze everyone shouted, "There are combat cover your elderly and children, we have a strong break out." To see the old A's face and watching flying out Gu Qing , everyone's heart knows what happened, but what they can do. "I just did not kill you and I regret it, this is not how good you can be luck." Strange tree called out, and that six immortal demon instantly put Gu Qing surrounded in the middle. Watching around the six figure, Gu Qing slowly lift the body depleted of energy, momentum surge makes him just aggravating injuries, and now already a spent force. "Disciples are on, I can not help this teacher on it!" Familiar voice reached the ears of Gu Qing, his body suddenly shocked, looking at the somewhat elderly is vibrant and full of cheek, grateful heart All feelings written on the face. "Master." Gu Qing shouted from the heart. Wu Xiang out of the man was, but now he is no past old elf image, his face solemn. At a distance of five meters undead demons and the distance between the toes gently point, the band from an ethereal and elegant figure came sideways Qing Gu side. "Master." Gu Qing shouting loudly again, he knew the old man appeared, probably holding Bisizhixin come, because of the immediate scene has become a dead end, the two men surrounded the guy is not a master of martial arts able to compete. "Well, brats, but fortunately did not live up to the expectations I have for you, now into the fifth floor and it pretty well, you will be more than day for the division." Wu Xiang put a hand attached to the back of the Qing Gu , a surge of strong underlying strength immediately entered into the body of Gu Qing, adding that his internal forces verge dried up and repair the TV drama broken meridians. Blink of an eye, Wu Xiang suddenly close hand,Crossbodys Coach Sale, and his face is dark a lot, Gu Qing know that he is force over-consumption performance, feeling the physical condition, Gu Qing smile soon, "Master, what are you Why bother!" The old man did not concerned about its said the words, serious road, "your injury more serious than I imagined and more, I can only keep your body will not let you temporarily controlled injury at the deterioration of the energy supplement gives you only support one Yes, if by then we still lost, then we can only die so the. "From his words heard in the care of young joy, between life and death can have such a state of mind, I am afraid this is the care of the gap between youth and his bar. "You humans really are extremely stupid, is not what you do have masochism, ah,oakley sunglasses outlet, like to come one after another with the die." Tree strange aversion road. "Well, Laoshen went to see your so-called immortal demon how powerful." Then, Wu Xiang Gu Qing ignore surprised eyes, the first figure toward the front three attacked, turn on the water seems to be intentionally or waiting to be spectacular , followed by three undead demons and not moving Gu Qing attack. Wu Xiang face of this sudden violent attack, and that three undead demons have immediate action, a total of eighteen needle arm instantly enveloped with a breath of death on Wu Xiang, anxious to maintain the momentum of the elderly Chong Leng Heng, double curved one leg, with the momentum from the ground to upload, stature suddenly rising volley doubled in the air, dodging through which the two figure after the attack, feet overturned stare, rubbing his arm six needles fly passing go. Tree strange sound scared Hey, eyes revealed a strong interest, but will it really be able to understand the essence of martial arts you human? The answer is clearly no. Completely clear disdain demons attack, Wu Xiang air living like fish in the water body like, exotic twist, with momentum amazing breeze, fists towards his nearest undead demons attack away. Feeling the breeze from the back hit the oppression, that immortal demon eyes full of disdain does not close without flash, and impossible to bear arms Xiang fists taste. Feeling coming from the fist above fanzhen force, the elderly eyebrows gradually screwed together, toes consecutive points, the body suddenly go up, then your feet with unmatched power kicks in again heavy undead demons waist. Tree strange look weird, undead demons always been part of his body, the elderly last kick of the violent energy make him one eye by the tremor, one color on the eye swarmed. Wu Xiang again Annealing, the mouth is overflowed with blood, even under quanliyiji undead demons that can only cause a little hurt, feeling the power because Fanzhen visceral injury, the elderly constantly shaking his head smile, mouth whisper, "It's old,Air Jordan Flight 9 Sale, and I am really old!" Gu Qing quickly stood old man, looking very conspicuous mouth that spilled blood, Gu Qing eyelids suddenly jump, quickly emergency channel, "Master, are you okay." Wen words, the old man waved his hand, but it is no more than say a word. Trees covered with strange body that bloody red eyes like a beacon like to open up a bright Gu Qing road, despite what I wanted to hit Gu Qing heart attack made him fear, but to want to lose fighting undead demons, then the only weakness is In that glasses on top. Close attack impossible, because Gu Qing's mental state at this time can no longer endure one more hit, you can only select a remote attack, but the weapons alone can really harm your eyes do? Obviously not. At the time he was thinking, that I have been twice to attack Wu Xiang disdain like demons like mad rushing toward the elderly. Blink of an eye they came in front of Gu Qing hearts idea Sharp, Wu Xiang, but it is once again greeted. Immortal demon body moving body flick, the smell of the black one glowing gas out through the body, the smell of odor in the air, Gu Qing actually felt a soft body, Anjiao soon as well, rushed breathless, out loud cautioned, "black toxic gases." on the face of the old brow Wei Zhou, Gu Qing reminder or a step late, he has been sucked into a small part of the gas, a huge sense of weakness engulfed his body, at the foot of a slower pace a lot, Wu Xiang, under this state seems to have the absolute disadvantage. Looked over toward the old chest piercing needle arm, Gu Qing Xinrudaoge, regardless of the internal forces of the body just calm down, suddenly a force toward the old man want lasing away. "Shaoanwuzao." Air elderly voice timely action to stop him, his eyes looked puzzled figure that road, I saw that the arm is about to penetrate the elderly in the chest sudden surge of forces from the old yellow surface suddenly spread out, and the oppression of one and the other offensive momentum is also rapidly extroverted. Oppression on the potential enveloped undead demons that attack, kill the original action strangely slow step, Wu Xiang experienced how will miss this good opportunity, the pace of a mistake, avoid penetration over the arm after right knee completely into a bow, and then filled with yellow gas with a violent imposing heavy knee hit the undead demons abdomen. With the "boom" is heard, knees and abdomen burst out of reach of bright yellow, that immortal demon's body as broken kite-like crashing landing. Gu Qing stunned watching everything, master's strength once again shocked him, that's entirely by virtue of force Ares ah, you know, Gu Qing has long been the victory, are relying on force, miracles have his body evolutionary way, Total combined together to make a total Gu Qing beat every time. Lightweight falling back to its old side, but it is Puchi spit a mouthful of blood. Startled Gu Qing quickly hold under the old man, feeling the old body intermittent forces, eyes once again full of deep anxiety. "Old, really old!" Old sounds revealed a deep frustration meaning. Gu Qing shook his head, admire Road, "Master, you are really strong, really taught the disciples today." <

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