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and finally write to the antworten

> Base patrol officers Gu Qing is useless, and visiting the house and out the back garden so effortless, easy back inside the house, the old A very shameless guy merged into one of the two beds, the United States Dubbed the injured, Gu Qing, if not do not intend to sleep, he long ago this guy kick down. Www, quanBEn, cOM Huba boxing's inner Gong practitioners must persevere, or how good physical condition, even though he ultimately can not Dacheng, sat cross-legged, feeling the body up and running a steady stream of internal forces, Gu Qing gradually immersed in this wonderful The state, on the bed of the old A was originally just going with this guy a joke, I did not expect Gu Qing give him this out, I feel disappointed and also secretly admire Gu Qing's efforts, a person no matter how the strength of the strong, while their efforts are always inseparable, like the kind of fast train people only exist to enhance the strength of character in the novel. Nine in the morning, Gu Qing slowly opened his eyes, a sharp direct light from afar, as if like a real star-like scar across the sky, a night of joy practicing actually get results, after all, is firmly consolidate the internal organs Heart In the fourth layer, breaking the fifth floor just around the corner, and now the continuity of Gu Qing physically completely warlords, was seriously injured in combat unless led forces are not following, or physical strength will continue to be constantly replenished, reached the fifth layer , with Huba boxing powerful enough to play the kind of zombie singled out two lieutenant. If the added abilities, and two bone weapons, is even more powerful. Tyrannosaurus event happened last night on the base car to Gu Qing had concerns around security, he may imagine that the little girl did not have a sense of control Tyrannosaurus strength, so he and his two old A course of action must be accelerated, so dark and dreary. Took out a set of black clothes Night after Gu Qing alone off to find drug manufacturing sites, while the old A is considered by him to stay in the house, as long as so often appeared at the window edge, and then pretend and human talking to a few, should be hidden from the outside of the two monitors. With the speed of Gu Qing, pulls out the window after the stature Jishan, toes gently point on the wall after moving in another direction lasing away, leaving only in the air, the only hint of a shadow. His chosen direction away from the base of the buildings of the place, although here the legalization of drug production,Nike Air Jordan, but does not indicate that the production took place before exposure to the general population, the spirit of those things but bare temptation for those drug addicts and Even a strictly guarded words also make them generate ideas misconduct. Around the back of the house quickly, the house has become increasingly scarce, Gu Qing has now arrived at the place at least not in the center of the base, the distance a faint light to attract his attention, foot gently point an abandoned car on the ground, followed immediately physique hidden in a bamboo grove, now climbing on bamboo Gu Qing issue can finally see the light of distant places. From here a number of abandoned vehicles parked here view, should be a waste disposal ground, an entirely woven bamboo small shed outside foot six people sitting outside, everyone hands are holding a cigarette in there the clouds , unexpected emergence of several people suddenly Gu Qing raised the suspicion of the heart, there is not a gathering place for residents, there is also no correlation processing equipment scrap vehicles, remote areas can cause the slightest traces of someone else's fantasy, Gu Qing is no exception, He now had a closer look on the idea of ​​something inside the shed. Just then, a man came out from inside the shed, outside of a few people saw that the man was respectful side after Leighton time, in the hands of the smoke also promptly stamped out. "You guys gave me the spirit of twelve playing, do not let outsiders such as appear in this place, this is not always sit here and make people doubt you?" The man snapped out loud clear voice of a few people spread Gu Qing ears. Immediately after being reprimanded several people spread out and began walking toward the shed up around inspections, see here Gu Qing struck by an urge to laugh, so that the child is not give him a chance? Had intended to get rid of a few people,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK Sale, but now they will not be necessary. "Rub, the ancient East that guy too hard, right, his warm day hiding inside the shed, but it is let out in the temperature patrols do not want us freeze to death?" One hand and a flashlight guy mouth constantly complained. Another guy is full of grievances, teeth and said, "It is full of a villain, saying that he had gas, Who is this horrible weather here, ah, man, two quickly find a place to warm." "Well, well, too TM cold ah! "the man constantly rubbing his hands, covered with jitter warble. They totally unaware of a person to stay on top of the head, Gu Qing looked at the two came to write the mouth, and if he wants to just two shots back now estimated to become the two bodies, alertness too low bar. If this is the case here, drug manufacturing dens guards too failed. Gu Qing legs suddenly force, jumped immediately cling to another one under the bamboo, determine no one around, immediately move out scaffolding to touch. Shed sitting inside a person, it is that the man just out of rebuke, bamboo is very small, insufficient light, but Gu Qing still easily found the back with a silver bamboo wall, suddenly my heart a happy and appears to be looking right place. By gently into the scaffolding, through bamboo found a gap in the Qing Gu is simply a door silver walls, corners, respectively, above the door mounted camera, Gu Qing now it is a bit difficult, it seems to enter into it without being noticed difficulty very large, he can not sure the camera is not to catch them. His thinking is that would be, even the guy inside came out, when you see him unravel pants do action, Gu Qing mind could not help raising a bold idea. The man a cigarette dangling from his mouth, his mouth while cursed Bad weather while issuing comfortable sound, totally did not find the back of the shadows. Gu Qing severely hit right in this guy's neck, this guy hated the sound immediately after the soft to down, get down Gu Qing very neatly set up this guy's clothes in his own body, but fortunately there is also this guy wearing a sweater, or should not have to freeze to death. Straightened his clothes, Gu Qing head down into the scaffolding inside, an unexpected voice sounded,Oakley Squared Sunglasses, it was from a small speaker on the door outgoing. "Ancient East, come look, expert manpower is needed." Hear the voice of this road, Gu Qing could not help secretly lamented that her luck was too Guards of the bar. With the sound down, inside the door sounded the voice of gears, now Gu Qing was surprised to find out that door there is not even any open place, turned off completely manipulated by the people inside, heart Anjiao luck, or even if it came found into the method "Card" is heard, the silver doors open automatically, Gu Qing is not nonsense, head down towards the inside of the door and automatically closed, Gu Qing looked at from the inside to help, could not help secretly shocked by the strength of the base, just put this place built out it is not a simple thing, right in front when a long corridor lined with metal wall, the wall almost every fifty meters have two cameras, Gu Qing kept his head down walking, he just quickly through this channel. Fortunately, the sound coming from the speaker wall just to remind the ancient East route only, no command Gu Qing raised his head, or really is exposed slumped. In accordance with its instructions, Gu Qing soon saw everyone busy scene, which is almost the same silver uniforms, their hands moving boxes marked with a skull and crossbones logo items, do not want to know it is what it is. "You, come here, where manpower is needed to help." Just watching around the corner Gu Qing, when a voice to Gu Qing pulled back slowly brow furrowed, and he could not help worry about them, if raised his head, probably true The trap will be exposed, but now there are any big move, undoubtedly tell others that he is an intruder. "Do you hear, come quickly ah." Gu Qing head down stunned to see where that road again voice shouted. Gu Qing desperation can only bite the bullet and went to the front, and finally write to the corner of my eye toward their cries of people, dressed in white overalls, baggy overalls can not hide its impressive figure, though not raised his head Gu Qing , but it was moving curve or let him blood on the Bay, especially the chest area towering up things, let his saliva secretion rate increased rapidly. "These things help me to get the office you go, hurry up, what made stunned ah." In his voice that road rage road. Gu Qing straining to swallow a few mouthfuls of saliva, nodded his head, but never dared to lift the head, and now his heart had secretly prayed that people do not know themselves. Two boxes of stuff foot great size, Gu Qing easily stand in front of the rear lift, so you can put your own face obscured, the woman looked at his face exposed a little surprised, originally she was going to let him take apart , in that case, but has a hundred pounds of weight, the two boxes is two pounds ah. Since this time the box Gu Qing has been blocked face, the woman can not see the person behind the final choice of the channel, "Come with me, pay attention to look at the road, do not take my stuff broke." Gu Qing should be a sound, keep up with the woman's footsteps, because look at Lu Qing Gu slightly biased to the head, in front of the woman he has seen more clearly, and this time woman back to Gu Qing, did not perceive the back of an eye. If Gu Qing are some gentlemen, it has been estimated that saliva flow over the ground, even if he's in his heart that Zuohuaibuluan also students from a hint throb. Here are a tight-fitting white overalls jeans, but from the color point of view have been wearing for a long time, but with the current era, this is not a surprising thing, stepping on one pair of high heels issued a "ding" sound, eyes slowly move up, the two pairs of white skin jade real estate broker, a beautiful black hair woman draped in the back, surrounded by light irradiation revealed faint light. Even the back side is enough to make a man adrenaline increased. <

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