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23.05.2013 02:58
From here to the bank's end antworten

Because the original thirty-third day has made major changes,Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses, so read the old 33 section of the book please see section 33, read this section, thank you. (read novels to vertex novel nets) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "this is Xuan bead boat." Jean Yao across the mottled bamboo, take the boat on a ship refers to him. The forest deep river picked up the telescope, slowly adjust the focal length. The sky outside the window has some dark, soft light. It is a fine day. Here is a restaurant, Baie Tan yesterday, biaoju people took a third highest,Jordan 10 Sale, the separate package down, Jean Yao and North Wei made to observe the day of uninterrupted here, to all feel clear. A person to hide where it is still a little doorway: and the word bank is baietan outmost a DI, Xuan bead boat is moored on the outside of the dike. As long as the outward scull, is a broad river. Not only the ship is convenient, easy to avoid the eyes and ears, something to escape easily. Also found in reconnaissance, this group of people in the vicinity also set up two tickets, one with and the word bank a dike herringbone dike moored sell tingzi Yu boat, another on the bank to sell drugs. Take the boat, there should be two men in the guard, a fixed on the back from upstairs, another is often found on board the ship under -- up Wei biaoju caravan guards told Jean Yao, this is the flower boat carrying the fork. The forest deep river a little bit of the focal length of the well, looking for the following calculation of slope, the firing distance. From here to the bank's end, about one hundred meters, Xuan bead boat berth from other flower boat far, a bit lonely. In the end of the bank. This should be a man in order to secure keep out warning distance. Unfortunately, in this way, just for his shooting -- if it is like the other boat a boat to a ship berth, he is very difficult to see the boat. The general is in this flower on the boat? Enjoy the sweet pink in the den, or was TJJ were poisoned? It really can't say that. One by one he "call" himself will take care of the target. Is man and thin black, at this time he had not seen a fat. These pictures of people before starting to participate in operations personnel repeatedly read, basically is known in the chest -- even the procuress and prostitutes have photos. Once they have found abnormal, is a woman to kill. This is the Northern Wei to take care of, also specially for many of the more defensive counter-attack in the Vietnamese female agents example to educate him. What are their enemies with him? Although this is not a good man, but from an emotional perspective, they and the general, a stranger. The forest deep river shook his head, trying not to make blind and disorderly conjectures. As a member of the all hazards through, crossing the interests of the people, can kill. Confirmed by each of the target's azimuth,Oakley Sunglasses Active Cheap, distance. He put down the telescope, drag over the table. Put it in a temporary modified pillow -- prone position accuracy is much higher than kneeling, he could get shot on the table. "Hear the sound of firecrackers downstairs, firing." Jean Yao warned him again, quickly down the stairs. He looked at the next table 5:20. The forest deep river took off his helmet, and took off a coat.

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