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23.05.2013 02:51
this dish frown slightly anger not fade antworten

Wen Desi in this time to sell gold, because the texture is not pure, selling about two hundred and seventy thousand yuan. And found a small smelter, the silver from the new smelting once, 925 industrial silver into standard, also sold two hundred thousand yuan. As for the big basket of porcelain, placed in the hotel room is not the answer, but all of a sudden. It can't explain the room how many so many things, but to live more than a few days every three turns with the travel box for transport. China counted, two hundred pieces in all, most of every kind of dishes, there are also many bowls and vases. Although they know this is Clark porcelain,oakley sunglasses store, but for cultural relics that are all layman. Wen Desi thought in the past at the dinner table met a professor Ma, had taught in the Department of history of a famous local university, also playing an antiques and the like, is famous in collection circles. After the crazy over a card book, found the professor Ma telephone, dinner at about noon, about something. "Yes, this is Clark porcelain,Kristin Coach Outlet," Professor Ma studied hand disk, "a typical export porcelain. The porcelain is wide, with blue and white porcelain is much, in the plate,oakley sunglasses sale, bowl mouth along the boundaries and circular Medallion landscape flower fruit characters such as ornamentation." Wen Desi made an open-minded attitude. "Clark Kangxi and the porcelain Wanli's. This is in you, ye Lifan is the outline of circle patterns, are two pieced together, is a feature of the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty porcelain." Wen de Si think this is clearly revealed years. "The porcelain value is not small?" "Don't speak of cultural thought of money." Professor Ma showing contempt expression, "cultural relic value is mainly for its historical and cultural connotation." He looked a little too toss about, like, again suddenly: "this dish frown slightly anger not fade, not high imitation? Where the hell did you get?" Wen de Si think I cannot say is from another time and space to get the goods out of the kiln soon. "When to go to the countryside to work to see a fellow stall, the pattern is very special, it took several pieces." "Have you noticed this very carefully." Professor Ma appreciated nodded, "Clark porcelain is actually a sample processing products, decorative pattern is aesthetic needs to cater to the Europeans, some directly is according to European design patterns of flowers." "It is true?" Wen Desi made a pair of anxious to know the truth. Should. Professor Ma hesitated, "but this porcelain in the domestic stock market is not much, most of the goods are taken from the sea. But this was not a water-soaked plate." "If it is really, how the market now?" "Well, ceramics market is more complex, and recent overall slants cold. But Clark porcelain is popular goods, the turnover rate is the highest in ceramics, but a single value is not large, such a dish, it can sell three thousand or four thousand." That's good, too. Wen Desi made a pair of pick cheap goods of satisfied strength. "This is the true and false is somewhat vague," Professor Ma comfortable body leaned back in his chair, behind the glasses with a subtle smile, "you this up, to see how it is with anger. Ordinarily g >

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