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but I said something antworten

> (87) to accompany me I quickly ran down the stairs, and this gives me a big breath. Www! QUaNBEN! COM "how do you? Ran what a thing!" She blinked his eyes slightly, with a trace of resentment meaning like his right hand, with a white handkerchief for me a wipe sweat. "It's not you come in yet? Me how the heart to let you wait too? Outside this sand is so poor, I do not want my girlfriend deterioration of the skin too." "Will be glib!" She a hanging me arm, "Well, friends, today I received you succeed, then you go to the company myself!" "ah?" I was also with a sweet, but to hear her say, my mind a little short. "What is to the company?" "Go to my company ah!" "Ah?" My brain short-circuited again. "How, do not want to, ah, I'm personally come to pick you up from work yet." She pursed her mouth, "how, can I take the initiative to ask you to send me to the company, you do not go ah!" "No ...... This is where to say. "I then understood why come to pick me Nan, will afford me as bodyguards, when Huhuashizhe ah! "This is good, OK, so you do not lose out, you stay with me such a beautiful woman, you got it cheap!" "Yes, I got cheaper." I piled up a smile. But she seemed satisfied, "You see you, a look that is not, well, in order to enable you cheap, kiss you under the bar!" While her voice down, kissed me on the cheek at the next, but this Kiss of the time is a bit long. But also particularly affected. "This time you happy now?" She left my face, smiling at me. "Yes, I should be satisfied." Me a grin, which aftertaste from my heart just kissed her. "Then we go? Really do, Dumbo!" "Well ......" I like stepping on the foot of cotton flower-like walking up. Guarding Nan go to the company on the road, I really very happy, because although many homosexual side beam through to numerous killings like that attention, but I know that it is jealous ah, they if I, too happy to. Nan did not care where the head arbitrary ride in my head or on his shoulders, that his hands like a small pliers, wrapped tightly in my arms. "Well, now to the place." We have come to Beijing Tianyuan models Ltd. door. "Why do you want to go?" She stopped me want to leave. "I am not sending you to the company Well, I have to go home." "You say, what back home?" "Go home to your cook ah?" "Home cooking, you want to lose get out, you're assured that I placed in a separate company, ah,Air Jordan 9 UK Sale, in the company where I have difficulty how to do, you are not afraid I hurt you? "Nan at me pout. "You do not have more than a month in the company do?" I asked. "But now the problem only appeared ah, now I beg you not wait for me in the company do? Besides, how can just pick me up to go to work, do not pick me the truth." "This ......" she said very softly fine language, and I am also very happy listening. However, in between I hesitated, her face changed faster than the open book. "I have to force savage ah! Told you so obsequious to say such a thing, you do not agree, you want how the ah, so I knelt down to beg you ah!" "Where I have ......" "You wish!" Nan hum is heard, "OK, so here waiting for me." "Okay." I had to be down. "See you this kind of reluctance, it will not let you lose it!" Nan said, a Louguo my neck, on my lips kissed, "This time satisfied now." Then smiled at me , then returned to the house. I bared teeth, the heart will be used this girl is really quite big stick and carrot American policy. Standing downstairs of this company I feel very boring, anyway big one is my brother, I wanted to go up. Meanwhile Mona said last time so many words, but let me think for a long time have not figured. I just went upstairs, are seeing Mona sat. However, Mona's eyes sharp ah, to see me, like a rat met cat wants stroll away. Where I let her go. Grab a few steps in front of her, "Mona, you hide anything." "Where I have to hide ah, my brother." "What do you want to go now?" Mona more to hide, I feel this is more a problem Mona . "I go to the toilet ah!" "On the toilet?" "Yes ah, people have three urgent Well, you wait for me, ah,Nike Air Jordan, I'll be back." "OK, I'll wait here, twenty minutes enough?" I had finished, sat directly next to the reception desk. "Really?" Mona grinned, "I do not know why, I suddenly found that I seem to need the toilet." "You do not need it!" I knew this is the case. "Feige Ge ah, do you come today?" "Oh, look at you, then." Nobody saw four, so I also found Mona's attitude, can not help heart of a turn, would like to ask her how to think. "If it is true ah!" "Of course." My eyes stare at her, "Yes, you've seen I do not like this, now how this happen?" "I saw you how ah!" Mona touches not anxious. Both eyes not dodge. "You're not so bold before, so now how bold it?" "How can I bold, I was thinking, you told me that day to say in the end what does this mean?" "What do you mean it does not you Luanxiang anything, you can now do your thing honestly enough. "" what is my thing. "" you know. "Mona and I say dumb fans like to say. "I really do not know." "Well, Feige Ge, but I said something to be your backup has not changed Oh." Mona laughed. "Come on, you're still a joke." "I am not kidding. Yes, Feige Ge, you are now idle is idle, is not that they should go over there to see Nan training ah!" "I'm not that interested in . "" how did not, ah, there are all beautiful - woman ah! I gotta let you receive about America - woman training oh! "Mona seemed very excited. "What is America - female training ah!" "I find that you are now being given Nan captivated fans, I guess, ah, you are now confused by her appearance, and I tell you, really, you If watching America - female see more, you will not be fooled by the appearance of her afterward ah,Air Jordan 6, it can g America - female invincible. "" You are coming from the theoretical ah? "I asked. "This is my Mind! Not listen or leave it. Do you know how many men want to be able to accept this rationale to wash it, to see much more natural for these longer concerned about, and no longer care about the future, in order to find a woman inner beauty ah! Otherwise, you see a beautiful - woman on the confused, we will have, and how great things! "" I do not understand what you say is. "" Do you understand ...... hey, I tell you, now This time their training should be more suitable for you yo. "" Why? "I asked. "You see, this way you will betray you now, and you definitely want to know why not? Let me tell you, they are now underway swimwear show Oh, how kind, excited, right?" "No ......" I That being said, but my heart is not the case, with many brothers, my views on this very naturally want to have. "You men is duplicity, but men are like that. Oh, well, I'll take you over good." "My own opinions became." I waved. "You see, you gets himself to sell it, has long wanted to have passed it? But you have to want me, or you get in." "Why?" "This is the rule!" Mona smiled and stretched out a hand on my shoulder, "Come on, let's go to swimwear to myself!" My stick your eyes ready to accept beauty prepared. <

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