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> (4) visit the kennel "I'm asking you if it, there is not a place you ah!" Nan started up at me with a baby voice, his eyes staring at me,Crossbodys Coach Cheap, so I did not escape the room. Www! QUaNBEN! COM "There does have." My heart angels and demons are fighting, so I'm very embarrassed. "There is, yes, no is no, yes or no, is sawed!" Nan pressed very tight. "Small place to live a bedroom." I tell the truth. Speaking, Beijing's housing prices quite expensive for someone like me just starting out not long after man has in this metropolis on a world of their own, have been very satisfied. And I like the quiet man, I just graduated a year, the salary of just one rose, I fled the day of sharing with others, sharing a single room more than a few hundred dollars to hire such a one bedroom, although more expensive , it is always like a home. Today, Li Nan asks, I'm really afraid of her disturb my quiet life, although I have been very eager to have a woman by my side, but it was ready to give my girlfriend ready, but now the girlfriend has been no candidates. "A good room! Place enough, I went to live good?" "Oh!" My heart jumped two jumps, knowing that is a bedroom, but also to live in my house, does she not afraid this is Yangruhukou do? "How? Girlfriend at home?" She raised an eyebrow, then her eyes is not red, and replaced by a fine eyes reveals Mei meaning. "No." I have brought this cheap mouth easily betrayed my true situation. "That's all right, afraid of what! Implying you Jinwucangjiao ah!" "Men and women accept not pro." I did not answer her question. "Cut, you will not be relics, right?" She cocked his head to retreat a step, with the kind of eyes look at my watch. "The outside of the house where there are many rental. Besides I'm alone, men and women in the same room can be bad. Things happen especially." My good reminder for with a woman, especially a beautiful woman in a room will not something happens, I can control for my lack of confidence, after all, before there is no such opportunity, and has not been tested men and sex can not be considered an absolute control over the very strong man. "But I have no money. Had a will." Nan spread out his hands, this time, she has been very sober, but also some alcohol Bale. "Are not you model? Model how will money?" I exclaimed. In my memory, Models That was a paid job, how could money, does kidding me? "It seems that you are not only short-sighted pig, or a rigid thinking pig!" She quickly gave me a nickname Ann, I have not refute, academics she continued: "mannequin how the matter, who said the model will some money? I am poor die yet. "She touches it will fight back, I was asked a hold back, do not know how to answer, but in fact she was right, what industry are presented pyramid structure, money is always a tower tip a few people. "Well, a man points at which your home, and now we go!" "You're a little girl to a strange man's house, you're assured, are you scared?" I asked. "I'm afraid what I black belt in karate, tae kwon do black belt too! If you dare on my hands and feet, hum! I Erlongxizhu! Monkeys dig peach! These are not vegetarian!" She folded with a smile the folded hands, joints collision of voices, but also accompanied by a scientific name I do not know martial arts came a live demonstration, which was directed at the key parts of my body gestures, I can not help but feel a burst of cold, freezing directly affect my blood circulation. I suddenly felt that I was a big deal today to cover this excess,Air Jordan 5 UK, this casually put myself around to go around it. And just the thing already has started, but do not know what the next development will be a story. To be honest, when I picked up the package helped her moment, the thought of going to a room with a beautiful woman, my heart began to accelerate. Especially looked behind her plump charming exquisite curves, the heart of the devil's idea to stop stimulate me, so I fell her. "You wait here." Came to my house, I suddenly thought of one thing and immediately dropped her luggage, went to the door. "Why?" Nan big eyes blinked. "You're not allowed to go back ah!" "I did not go back, I have to deal with it." To their own door, I made such a request. "What deal?" Overlooking her beautiful eyes down, to give full pressure on me. Meanwhile, she would only lubricate delicate arm stopped me. "Tidy up the room." "Do not pick up friends, you are the man's home kennel, I had been psychologically prepared. Put my luggage hold!" She finished, around me, directly into the house. I suddenly think of one thing and immediately picked up her luggage again followed into the house, ran directly to my bed. But I still half a step too late. "You seem more than my mental capacity." She's a hand my socks, one hand clutching his nose, change the shape of the eye can really make me somewhat speechless. "This is the general standard of the man." My strong speech many reasons. In fact, I feel down for three days unwashed socks single man here is not what I remember in college, a man can only once a month socks. The taste is really powerful. "Humph!" She snorted heavy, not speaking to me, I began to throw out all the items. "Hey, what are you doing?" I shouted, how is this like bandit raids? "I did not see that I'm cleaning up your belongings?" She continued without looking hands. "You clean up my things doing?" "I want to sleep here." Her answer is very simple. "That's where I sleep?" "Hall, kitchen, toilet, your own choice." "Hey, if I do not promise you that I am here to live it?" I looked very unhappy, this came to my Nan's house seems to have I really do not think of myself as outside Pathwalker. "That's why you brought me over?" "I just accept you, you have not thought about where to live, and this is my room, and I have the power to arrange for you to live." "Well, you arrange it! But I feel like you are so superior man, should be very gentlemanly. "she thought, brow of a challenge, a towering shoulders, looked great degree. At the same time I feel very good, I feel there is a huge gnaw hat pressed down it to me? "You can live in the hall." I suggested. "You do not want to secretly watch my ** right?" Nan Mei pair of lug along with Italian eyebrows eyes expressed to me a signal that she regarded me as a voyeur. "That I live in the hall, you do not have to see me?" For this reason I have a bit too much, but now gender equality, I think this is normal. "Rest assured, I am not interested in you can." She Pieliaopiezui. "But I slept like naked how to do? I do not want to be peeping." In fact, this is my greatest worry, this really is my habit, I feel at home, they should be naked, without any restraint Otherwise, the family can call home? "Do not worry, I'm not after 9:00 pm the room." "Then you do not do on the toilet?" My searching for any possible details. "I'm generally not on the toilet at night." "That's in case if you do go to the bathroom?" I asked. "To say when!" She answered quickly, but faster she smiled at me, "I very much understand you, because I also like naked." She looked like a nasty with evil eyes ,Air Jordan UK, I was like a weird bottle roll several times, she looks like naked look like it? A variety of erotic images started pouring like my mind. I really are unintentional, are her seduce ah. "Do not worry, I'm out of time will wear clothes plus knock on the door." "Oh." My heart suddenly have a loss. "However, I'm actually quite a good impression on you and you had better keep it Oh! Do not make inappropriate things, carefully injured." Nan finished, smiled at me, went into my room, shut the door. This is the first time I saw that smile she told me, and she said it is to let my mind began active. I began to speculate that she is intentionally? I reluctantly stay in his own room, turned on the TV, watching from my favorite sport units. And coming out of my house actually different voices. An hour later, I still hear the house without corpuscles trend. Can not help but curiosity was aroused again. "Hey, what are you doing? 'I opened the door. "I'm in the pack." "What to pack?" "Clean up traces you leave behind." "Hey, do not move too much, that room was mine." "But it is now mine." "You do not live long . "" Who said that? "she asked. "Are you ready to live long?" My thoughts began to roll up my heart. "May be three, five days ......" Hear this, I started thinking complicated, but soon ...... "it may be three to five decades!" She leaned against the door, a towel around his head, I do not know where to get the hands of a rag, his face sweat little, very moving. "You are not looking Westward Journey see more!" I played seven Westward Journey game, but the film also saw no less than fifty times, of course, heard of this girl in school that thirty Niang. "Of course, I was lying fans!" She seemed very excited. "That's how old are you?" I remember like the movie in general are about my age, and I am up to now, she did not know how much, but she likes to hear this, speaking, she should and I are peers, just do not know how much she was younger than me. "Ask any girl's age is very impolite." She took a long tone, as if I ask this question is really a mistake. "I just casually ask." I do not want to appear to be very active, so it seems I am a little too concerned with her. After all, she and I only know how long? Is not very familiar. "That's good. Do not fantasize about big sister is a legend!" She smiled and the door was closed, the words coming out of the house so I am very hurt. "Do not worry!" I directed at the closed door and pseudo-heart talk. "Hey, ah, finally put away the doghouse now, that such a person living thing!" Her voice seemed to say my precious people live in the house than before, then what am I? I do not want to bicker with her, after all good men and women fighting thing, but in order to be with her more exchanges, I still want to say something to. "Hey, that's my house, do not want to you can go." Heard her say to pack finished, I finally got up and pushed her door. The door opened, and this time I can see is a beautiful picture, a pair of delicate pale little feet Zhu cross on the wall, while she lay in bed, his hands are spread out, where the cool air. And I look at her first glance, it looked from her feet, has been down, and that soft white slender straight legs ...... flat belly, and then slightly Longqi hilly land, until I saw a pair of With anger in the face, I realized that I see more than enough. <

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