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about her everything a woman has antworten

> (57) Pool Cry with big, two people came to the pool Andy, I saw, really quite busy. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm there is a place of nearly 1,000 square meters, the middle of the pool alone accounted for two-thirds of the area, surrounded by a wide variety of chairs. The whole house is transparent, although it is at night, when you are in the pool, that could see the sky sparkling stars. It really is a beautiful landscape, a day of water into the same color as the beauty of the moment I have a trace of the tempted, been a long time not because of the natural beauty and ease of mind. "Hey, look at Mani, is not it to collapse, officials?" Andy came over, hugged me. "What's collapse, officials to? '" Also fitted, so much beauty, God, too cool, I have full taste to go. "Andy wiped the saliva, two eyes have started straight hair, I followed His eyes have seen what he saw. That there is a group of bikini girl, there are three of these girls have to wear a conservative piece swimsuit, there are four corners wearing swimming trunks, wearing a strap above, various colors of light fabric and tired of these girls who matches your skin , where at this time is not beauty. I have a deep breath, there is a sentiment. It seems people are different. Entered here, I see the beauty of the outside, while Andy suddenly attracted by this beauty, and perhaps this is the human right ...... Of course, such a beautiful and girls dressed in the presence also inspired I hormones, involuntary, my eyes began to search for the beautiful scenery. "Really good." I can not help said. "Good, right? Hey, tell the truth, I am now but for big life is full of longing, and this is my future direction, and you do not look at this beauty - female body even less live around ten years I have dry ah, to die, for I speak not logic, I have to calm down, breathe. "Andy said, his breathing began to calm down. "Hey, Andy, you are not into a Liu Shui Mei ah, you should now be next to Liu Shui Mae, and then looked straight ahead." Andy my hand in front of a stroke, prevented him from continuing looked eyes. "Damn, your kid there is no mistake, but also control me, your eyes pipe it, you do not look too enthusiastically. Besides, if beaten, you must be better than I was playing miserable!" Andy at me sneered. "Why?" "Because two people to play with you, and I'm just one." Andy finished, has slipped away as the fish-like. By this time, I think, ah, Li Nan and Mona two people are now where to go. This is what I get down to business ah. I searched for a long time but did not find him. Anxious I started pushing my glasses, so I was able to see clearly. But even if I put the glasses burdens high again, I still see clearly, this all carefully selected models of the body are too good to be not a decline, I see this look is simply not clear which one is which one, only to find all the shining white one, and occasionally above have a variety of colors. For a time, I was a little anxious. But, the more urgent, the more I find. So, I had to start moving my feet. I walked along the side of the pool in a circle, they found it not above the pond. So I looked to the middle of the pool, pool house with a dozen models is to take a swim laps in the swimming. I squint inward sight, was looking at, I suddenly felt a pain behind, but also understand how, to feel the body forward and fly out. I easily entered the water, but with open eyes, look at this clean water bubbles emerge between, I'm still wondering,Poppy Collection Coach Bags, this is where is it? Immediately, I started thinking that I was doing it, how it was flooded it? But I still have a discovery, because in the water, I found that my eyesight seems to be good up, you can see in my head above the shaking of an article **, this is a wonderful scenery, one time I brain turn furiously, but not the body a little letter. Until I heard someone call me, I still staring eyes, looked at me in front of filled bubbles ...... but I soon realized that my current situation of the - I'm in the water. And this seems to be bubbles from pouring out of my mouth. Almost instantaneous, my body had reacted feet Yi Deng began to move upward. Soon, I felt no pressure on his face, straight into the fresh air into my nostrils, I suddenly felt breathing is so beautiful. "Dumbo, Dumbo, are you okay?" Andy was a bitter face, while shaking me tearfully said. "I ...... I'm fine! You doing?" My blankly, slowly up simply said, looking at Andy's face feel good laugh, and laughed, "Dumbo, ah, you still laughing mood , Ah! Nan, you want to kill my brother ah! "Andy suddenly angry, turned around and looked fierce stood a woman. At this point, I do not know which glasses have to go, I looked at the front of blurred, looked at the U.S. film, is a woman's right, but do not know whether it was Nan. However, such a roar heard Andy Li Nan, my heart already know just kick me into the water must be Li Nan, but she was such a roar Andy, my heart is still very uncomfortable. "Andy, do not be such a roar, I'll be fine." I smiled and patted his shoulder. "Said nothing, you will reincarnate almost gone, Ah, you do not want to turn it four? Hades where you can get to doing, do not take me!" Said Andy is the game thing. And I laughed, I suddenly thought of a joke, saying that people who play this game we are not afraid of death. Because every day inside Xianyan Wang, Bai Wuchang to find nothing to drink, have no fear, has gone beyond the realms of the ...... "Do not worry, I will take you." Once again, I patted him, and found that Andy Although very good color, but this man was quite generous of. So I can not help but sigh, adversity ah. However, I immediately thought of a need to do something,Nike Air Jordan 8 Sale, "I said buddy, help me, help me get it back glasses chant!" "Damn, I remember that they owe me one ah!" Andy raised an eyebrow, bared his teeth jumped into the water. A little while, a good swimmer Andy finally floating in the water, he was holding my glasses, it is like a winner. When I put the plug with a good future, I found clear world really beautiful. Soon, I found the side of the Li Nan, Li Nan looked very embarrassed at this time, I did not discover until the anger, she had slightly slowed down the delay. "Brother, I advise you to leave this Nan Well, the way you will be tortured to death." Andy Chong I Pielepiezui. "Where, just a joke." I was embarrassed smile. "Joke? This is also called a joke, if I see that the discovery time, your kid today really met the king of hell! Brothers, this is not a joke, this woman is simply no sense of proportion, I think she was not too for you. "Andy shook his head with a strange discovery I looked at him, he will forefinger on the lips," Brother, I know you ye think, she must have thought I fancy , and let you give up, right? You're wrong! I tell you, this life is short, and then a beautiful woman but also how, over a few years will look incredible. Why do you have to abandon a tree it? You have to know a new tree every year, tomorrow will be more! man, why loyal? "I listened to the words of Andy, heart of a dynamic, have felt a kind of grief, of course I know that Andy was telling the truth, However, I found that Nan has entered my life, she is not a traveler, a stay in my life only a little bit of time, she is a can make me feel that my wife's people. This feeling is very strong, never had before. And I read some books, the book said that the world has a lot of sex come to you, and you have the feeling like there are many, however, so you can not care about her everything a woman has few, perhaps, does not appear a lifetime. And when your life is there such a woman, you should seize, rather than let go! Let go, your life, no love, just for living life! I believe these words, but I do now, in front of me and I have a lot of gaps that a woman is like God gave me a gift as pure, easily my heart will go completely dig. Thus, listening to Andy, I just smiled, "No way, I was single-minded person, a person should look for a lifetime." "Obstinate!" Andy sighed deeply. " You, ah, so it was probably a lifetime. "" Yes, I was so up. "" But I have to look for this Nan, do not let her like this, it will kill people! "" Let me say it ... ... "I gave Andy smile, then go to Nan when, where there Nan figure. My mind is a mess, Nan could go wrong? But unexpectedly, a pair of hand resting on my shoulder, "Feige Ge, you are looking for Nan do? She followed the big one to go." "Follow the big one go?" I frown, turned around and looked, it was Mona. At this time wearing a charming three-Mona, plump figure will undoubtedly expose, especially the soft white chest and has exposed two white balls. Her wet hair with natural volume, face makeup this time has been nothing, but more are tales of a little girl like pure, I did some trance,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars UK, but unexpectedly Mona looked very good enough I look blankly wood. "Feige Ge, are you okay, I'm really worried sick of it?" "I'm fine ......" "I see you have a thing, just do not drink less, right? Come, let me help you suck it out for me?" Dream Na finished, already quivering pink lips by slowly come to me, did not pay attention to the side there are a lot of models through to the eye. I suddenly have the feeling to be electrically, Mona close your eyes to me sexy moves, forcing I actually can not control stiff. This is how I am? My unconscious mind there is such a problem. <

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