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> (46) woman fighting experience I had this sudden kiss is still a gentle, but was Nan's words to the shock to it. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM because now I understand the meaning of this kiss, this is Nan demonstrations signal to others. "The little girl is not, this mouth really quite damaged, and you are not afraid of your future son did ** ah!" Yang Shu's mouth is not fuel-efficient lights, anti-come, then let Li Nan's face slightly changed. Perhaps this vulgar words she was not heard. "Yang Shu, you are too much, is not it want to fight?" Nan eyebrows finally move on, but his face is not the anger came, but sneer. A look at this expression to her, I realized the danger. "How? Say but I think hands-ah!" Yang Shu actually look very casual, directed at the water next to Liu Mei smile,oakley sunglasses sale, "water Mae ah, you said that this woman really, obviously a bad girl, have fitted out so pure and lovely I really can not do this. Hey, I said fly, you do not look at points, this woman can not you think of a simple, she complicated way to go! "" Yang Shu! "Nan's face at this time has no point smile, its place, waving his fist with the Yang Shu showdown! "Really want to fight ah? Are you into it?" Yang Shu Nan looked contemptuous of, but this time, Li Nan's eyes stare is also established. Two pairs show purposes, as in fact there is nothing, but I feel that implies a dangerous atmosphere inside. At this point between the two is like firewood was piled numerous, only a tiny flame can group all are flame burned. "Then try myself!" Nan outdone. "Well, Nannan, ignore her." I'm afraid Nan suffer, trying to temporarily resolve the contradiction between them under. Besides, if we really fight, I do not know my motionless hand, in my dictionary, I do not want a woman with hands. Even the woman hands win so what, enough shame. "How the fear of it?" Yang Shu a son expression of disdain, "You really like your height, timid too!" When I hear the words of Yang Shu, anger poured directly on my height. Admittedly, I am now in front of them these models, height does not seem high, but, my height is parents, long tall is not my decision, you take my height is cursing my parents, This is where I would miss them? "What did you say!" My eyes make me angry and Yang Shu step to pull into the distance. "Why do you ......" Yang Shu did not think I would do, scared step back. But this time, Li Nan but laugh. "What are you afraid? Feifei me and would not hit you that the quality of a woman, really boring, alas, his Modan no guts, what was Joseph!" Nan finished, hanging on my hand, turned Suddenly a sneer to them, "tell you, today will let you, my boyfriend only to scold me, I'll fight you, no, I tell you otherwise ...... careful desperately!" Nan said that, stretch non-stop swing around the index finger, while such a move in my opinion is not full of provocation. Moment, Yang Shu's ** kicked over. Nan just faster response, a slight step back a withdrawal, Yang Shu kicked empty. "Reaction really slow!" Escaped the leg of Li Nan said this but there are still empty. "Well,Oakley Active Sunglasses, what strength you have to fight, all models, we can not get along?" I finally figured out a way. Although I have seen a woman's fight, but I do not like, I really do not want my girlfriend like fights. In my heart, women are generally next to the station, the man is the main fight. And further, said Li Nan so delicate appearance as if the injured in a fight, broken phase may bad. Woman fights from time than men. I remember someone said that men are moving fist boxing, women are fighting on the finger nails! And women really moving from fury, ruthless tight, that is to each other with respect to the direction of broken torsion ...... So, from small to large, I am a woman fights are fear, fear that these women too hard , give me a broken phase. "Who the hell are you?" Yang Shu mouth foul language, Liu Mei stood, the kind of condescending like feeling makes me very uncomfortable. "I'm your new advisor!" I blurted out, but I also think it seems really big to keep discuss when the consultant, I am now but once used twice for the concept of this consultant. "Consultants?" Sure enough, my words a, Yang Shu is surprised a moment, nor with my playing horizontal attitude. But aside Mae Liu water but it is not fuel-efficient lights, beside coldly: "consultants how, and this is our personal conflicts, there is nothing you!" "No matter how!" I said these words Meanwhile, my mind began to turn on, and the hearts began cursed, this Liu Shui Mae usually do not speak ye, I think has been a Yang Shu Servant of it, but did not think this does not export Hell already, an export homicide the invisible ah! "I said this is Liu Shui Mae right?" I started smile. This is my usual trick, fooling around for so long, but also became a successful manager of the department, after all, not Baihun me, a lot of unexpected things that I can still be resolved, as now, I'm in another industry experience played a role here. I think a good thing you did not want to before, to treat some unknown thing is to laugh. Laugh the other unknown what you're thinking, which you will be successful in half, while you go in laughter looking uniforms its way, this much good? In fact, now I guess she was just what I was thinking, I do not know what I was thinking. Fortunately, like in her doubts affirmed their identity, my occupational reflection, I began my series of words. "We are your consultant you already know, right?" My tone of voice is very slow, so easy my brain faster way to search for work. "Yes, then how?" My eyes from Liu Shui Mae saw her attention had been attracted to me completely. "Well then you should know whether your model, or consultants, or everything else, as long as this company is that the company's resources? Right?" My outburst, Liu Shui Mae's eyes appeared panic, I know I'm right. So I continued: "So, you have a conflict, it would not fit properly, and our company as a whole, you do not fit, do not work properly, our company make sort of money, you do not let us Hexibeifeng ? And I, as a consultant, of course, such an event to be nipped in the bud in, eh? "" Feifei're right! "Nan rejoined the side. I saw a Nan, the heart this girl turned too quickly, I am now but Yuncai possible! "Besides, fight with you, just in case anyone broken phase how to do? You are all the company's employees, we have a responsibility to protect you do not get hurt, you always want to be scratching the broken phase, since it can not see people ? further say that you thought about when it will blow over the beatings that he died, if they died, how to do? do you bear this responsibility? do you want to spend the rest of his life in prison do? "The more I say more excited, Speaking later, I feel my mind is really careful, a little water does not reveal feeling. Liu and other water Mae Obviously not taken into account so much, blurting: "There are so serious?" Yang Shu side also appears to not believe in the expression: "How so scary, kidding it! Punch and killed a person, that person is not too not resist playing? "This time, my face is serious," That you do not know it, according to incomplete statistics, the punch is a high probability of killing people , and now this year, although the level of people's lives improve, but we exercise but pitiful, everyone's physical condition is very poor, and that sub-health have been a threat to the quality of life of people! alone punch kick, just do not move, there is the possibility of sudden death, how do not mention attention, I think you really have not seen dead! "Having said that, my mind suddenly thought, I should say an exaggerated point of the story, although this story simply did not happen. "You know, I've seen real! Do you know one of my junior high school students do?" I asked. "You're a junior high school students, where we saw!" Yang Shu react, his eyes already some wood blankly up. "Do not interrupt me! You have not seen me this is not for you to say it Well, a good listen!" To be honest, at this time, I know I appeared linguistic errors, but I immediately opened by then University President When the General Assembly when mispronounced let the students laugh, like the following, in order to treat anger error! "I am a student and another student because joke, a punch in the chest that the students,Air Jordan Store, they killed!" "Punch? Hit in the chest? Dead?" This time questioning, was asked three people simultaneously . "Of course!" I think I need to play my Fudge magic again, "you too cherish their own, you know martial arts, right? While there are many martial arts martial art, but a lot of martial arts martial art has the most Foreword remark, that is to avoid the hands do not get involved, because as long as hands-on, you have the possibility of being hurt! danger exists at any time! "" ...... "I finished speaking, found that three people at the same silent, both looked at me blankly. "Why do you?" I found that I'm not the one who tried to mediate, but a teacher ...... "So, you mean?" Yang Shu is very gentle, softly. "I mean, you guys are doing the doing to go, what to play stand ah!" "Oh ......" Yang Shu said something muttered, then, look at my eyes have been different, "I did not find that your mouth is so good, no wonder Nan likes How about you, goofy, you see how I like, let us begin a romantic trip how? "Yang Shu's eyes never a joke, but seriously. However, I still did not answer, they feel tight after a neck collar. Li Nan pulled my neck, and firmly said: "Feifei is my am Feifei! Who is also not allowed to grab me Feifei! Otherwise I told her desperately!" <

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