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22.05.2013 11:25
that Fu Xi is soon to be the 'River' antworten

The 239th chapter on mutation. The handover handover on 239th chapters that mutation in the flesh this supreme Avenue on sermon is that whenever and wherever possible will have a test, but every time is very important, the wrong choice, that he had done all efforts will come to nothing, this avenue is the most difficult, achievement is the highest, which is the road to public performance. Www.89read. candle nine y ī n took a deep breath, and then draw a deep sigh, sigh with the fall, candle nine y ī n face is more firm, to make a long story short, since it has been decided to embark on this road, it can not have the slightest hesitation, is not strong do not damage, death, when the candle nine y ī n make the decision, his mind is made great progress. But since it has been decided, the candle nine y ī n would be a fix for this setback to utilize it, otherwise it would be wasted on the bad, candle nine y ī n since it has been decided to let the family into the Terran, share and the Terran, so he add a force, also take Nuwa empress and hard to calculate a Lao,Nike Jordan 4 Sale, since their own thing sooner or later is known, then the candle nine y ī n also do not need to hide. The things under the Sanqing and Nuwa empress of the asylum,oakley eyeglasses sale, that Fu Xi is soon to be the 'River', 'book' as the Terran developed from the way, when his projections at the Terran prevalent at the time, Fu Xi's popularity reached its peak, the position is the consolidated down. Terran when San Juan, Fu Xi has no problem, then it is natural to choose second people to choose, when he is in Fu Xi's eyes, he kind of grain to solve the food source for humans, so great that it is natural to be rewarded, so he took over the position. Became a well-deserved. The handover ceremony. It is natural to cause the world attention, the Terran also attaches great importance to the candle, Terran, nine y ī n will attend the handover ceremony of a king, the Sanqing and Nuwa empress is no exception. Under the goddess Nuwa empress and saw the people education leader of attestation, Fu Xi and he completed the king of the handover, the moment that transition is complete, the sky is falling down a merit of golden light, in the fall when it is divided into five parts, a maximum return of Fu Xi in addition, four are falling in Lao, Yuen, turbo, and on the head of him on the head, as Nuwa empress, Primus and the all-powerful religious leader is the slightest didn't, though they help Fu Xi successfully reincarnation Terran, but they did not help Fu Xi sermon, and Yuen,Coach Classic USA, turbo and guangchengzi is for Fu Xi went to North Sea from the demon division Kun Peng borrowed to congenital Lingbao 'riverside', 'book'. After virtue into the body, the God of Fu Xi s è is suddenly to change, the Sanqing and Nuwa empress is a smile, Fu Xi finally returned to the memory of previous life, everything as they think so smoothly. At this moment, candle nine y ī n is a big step.

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