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22.05.2013 11:13
threat threat space force that antworten

In chapter 206th, chapter 206th) threat threat space force that is extremely fast, has not yet come Nuwa empress reaction when the candle, nine y ī n attacks have and body,Kristin Coach Bags, her sage body is being hit candle nine y ī n void cutting force, if not the female wa empress under conditional sh è from the front, I'm afraid would be badly injured, but such an arm Nuwa empress by the cutting force to smash directly void! Dumbfounded, who also did not think the results would look like this, Nuwa empress previously dominated advantage, but in the twinkling of an eye is the candle nine y ī n injury, the Sage Body lost an arm. .Suimeng. access to download TXT novels in the candle nine y ī N was ready to kill directly execute Nuwa empress the Tu San move, a great pressure from the air fall, Hong Jun way the Zu appeared! "Enough! Candle nine y ī n, how dare you!" Chang Tao Zu appeared to candle nine y ī n sent us. Unfortunately, the candle nine y ī n didn't put these words as a thing, he says with a laugh: "what a boring, you are not fit to heaven, ignore the prehistoric thing, how come to stop I do, don't you really think that I the family bullied no even after two, three bad I the family good, today if you don't give me an explanation, then rest to blame me the family of day!" Of the day! This is not a heaven, but directly against heaven, have to say the candle nine y ī n crazy enough, dare to issue such a provocative to Hongjun ancestor, it is no wonder that he can do it, can dare to like him so mad also really not in primitive, he was only two. Of day must first have the strength,Madison Coach, the family must have such strength, because they inherit the Pangu blood, holds most of the prehistoric migration, this is their cost of day. Of the day is easier said than done, if others say such words, Chang ancestor only be a joke, but from the candle nine y ī n, it will have to let the Hong Jun way the Zu attention, candle nine y ī n his anger he has to know, do not have to only the ancestral witch, Vulcan death would have touched the candle nine y ī n line. Hongjun ancestor growled: "candle nine y ī n, what do you want to do, the sage relationship with primitive world balance, is not provoke you, you think of days, can think of the consequences?". Candle nine y ī n says with a laugh: "consequences, is not dead yet. What's the big deal, heaven, since want me to wait for death, that we the family began the first destruction, let it return to the chaos, it is not the first day I'd like to know what heaven is it right? Can also exist, but saint or not will not die!" Let the first heaven and earth return to chaos, the words candle nine y ī n but let all people be shocked,Coach Totes Outlet, madman, candle nine y ī n really not a murderous madman, you want to die that oneself to death is, we don't have to get involved, we also don't want to die! Unfortunately, the candle nine y ī n never ignore other people's ideas, in his mind the concept note only the Malay, as for other people how >

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