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22.05.2013 10:45
long as the emperor and too antworten

The 168th chapter the monsters and freaks of all descriptions homogeneous appearance for ROC is a what kind of person, a heart that's be crystal clear, in the ROC emerge, red has raised its alert J ng, closely guarded attack in ROC, Kunpeng demon division palace, cloud immediately offering up 'spread soul bottle gourd' against the blow kunpeng. Although the red is quasi - Saint to fix for, but he just cut a corpse of quasi - Saint, compared with the two dead Kunpeng cut quasi - Saint master that's a world of difference, although he has' spread soul bottle gourd 'this innate Lingbao in hand, but can not stop the Kunpeng hands' demon division Palace' this the day after tomorrow treasure. 'boom', the cloud is Kunpeng this blow to beat inverted, a back dozens of steps just to stabilize the body, just the first meeting to see how large the gap between the two sides. Let cloud surprise, Kunpeng didn't while wins after machine, but the strike after they receive the hand, and then sink a voice to say again: "cloud, I'll give you another chance, give a saint,oakley eyeglasses sale, I immediately turned to leave, St in the well, but you are not that there's anything in, I do not want to kill you, just want to get your loss, you can't make me!" Kunpeng this guy out badly, do not want to give any chance to deal with him, do everything perfect, he can under the dominant situation also persuade them red, if cloud do not want, not willing to hand over the holy place, the last even if he kill hand cut Hongyun people also have nothing to say, after all, have a chance of roc. But the cloud itself did not hold, can not blame his killer, who let it cloud ignorance bad Kunpeng opportunity, karma. Even if he was beheaded and his recompense the roc. See Kunpeng act, Jun's face is a layer of Y ī N deposition of s è, deep voice of the one said: "what a roc, is really all that deep was terrible, so be careful, even the excuse is a seamless heavenly robe, it seems that he is not only in the prevention of Zu Chang then, in the same against you I two!" These words of Di Jun but said nothing wrong. Kunpeng do indeed is not only for the Yu Hongjun ancestor, also in preparedness Jun was the demon emperor,Nike Air Jordan, not to give them to capture the holy place excuse, as long as the emperor and too. It will fall excuse, bad in his demon clan of prestige. So a Y ī n calm face said: "brother,Coach Bags Store, Kunpeng this asshole is too y ī n risks, such person in our family but is a demon evil, if there is a chance. Or except him for good, or will one day be turned to our own!" See the ROC such means, is a heart is up kill heart, know as emperor he is not willing to see their was a hand to calculation. If the men have, on their own and then. But are not allowed to exist, and the ROC is made the king. Di Jun's still don't want to kill the roc. But he dare not do so, because the ROC in demon clan in the very high prestige, kill Kunpeng can only let the demon clan division, and he believes the ROC is definitely not a fool, not >

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