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a pair of eyes looking antworten

> (84) Lee master of the house they finally married preliminary talk things over. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM and I also had the opportunity to live alone Nan. Nan one pair Meimou looked at me, "OK, so if you're angry." She seems quite capable of police Yan concept sè. "No." Replied my faint, barely gave her a smile. In fact, it is actually my heart is filled with endless ideas, you know, at this time Li Nan has been too important to me, I'm not important enough to be able to abandon her, and her mother had just performance, makes me a lot of discontent. Although I know that love a person, we should all love her, including her family! But when I really encountered such a situation when the heart is still some faint little uncomfortable. However, it seems that Nan did not want me to get angry in general, "I know you must be because my mother, you know, my mother is the kind of person, from small to large, she is so, what should be romantic, to be stylish, but also You should also know that women want them, not too much, right? "I looked up and just say, he was stretched out a finger Nan printed in my netbsp;" OK, so I know you want what to say, yes, my mother a bit too much, but your mother is not the same? they love us but nothing, either, why fight for us,Jordan 10 Sale, in fact, I already know, married this thing, not just us both personal matter, as well as parents, they will manage, and the more tubes in fact the more make us feel uncomfortable, but no way, in life, we do not much chance of the protagonist, but this thing is marriage We do protagonist that time, four guests came, because the two of us, you have a thought about this, is it still there? "she was saying good thin mouth net, while a pair of eyes with pity about her, I suddenly heart soft. Her in his arms,Nike Jordan New School, "Well, you know what I said but you, I wonder, you really are one of only two-year-old girl do? ...... You this idea is also too mature." "They it was immature. "She a curl one's lip," where I have matured, ah, I just have some sentiment, which, like you, have gone through so many lives. "" My life experience? "I faint smile," but I now, you and your age does not match oh. "Suddenly I feel good together, it's all because Nan long too cute, casual an action is right I am filled with endless attraction. "How not match it, really can not stand you, first, we just know when you can always ask me age, I ask you, the age on you so important to you?" Her mouth aside much more vigorous, while a pair of eyes more is to me through the endless autumn bo. "Of course, I am now in doubt Oh, you're not human." My mo with his chin thoughtfully said. "Do you dare me!" She show head wide open, waving from the two Fenquan, it is necessary to hit me. I laughed, "I was wondering, you are not a small fox too!" "They just do not fox, fox then sa!" She seems very dissatisfied my analogy. I chuckled, "Who is the fox will certainly seduce people. Had a vixen is the kind without any affectation, you can make a man rush, easily losing the original mind, and my Nannan on this one!" She gently eyebrows, "It seems you are now learned a little romance of it?" "No way, Who I am now writing a book, do not properly learn the words, and who see ah, do not you know, now that the people, ah, one hundred Zuidou yet, before that Guzuoshenchen pedant, will basically miserable death. "" I did not want you to make any money, is to make you realize your own dreams. " "I know." I know she is not want me to have pressure, "but life, if there is no pressure on the poor only money, then life is certainly not exciting, I hope in my dying day, I know, My life is very exciting,Oakley Sunglasses Sport Cheap, very different from my life, rather than only the pleasures of my life, that life has no meaning. "she was slightly surprised. Then laughed, "You ah, I do not want you to get too much bother, otherwise, I can not do it." I laughed, a little hand caught her and placed her hand, "Nannan, I was able to have you, my life has been a blessing to repair, since then, my life is you, my everything just for you, every day will treasure you as my life, every night will see you as the best baby . "" You can say the only thing now tǐng These words must not tell others. "" ah, you do not let me practice every day, romantic, intercede for you if you? I can tell you every night, every night you hear not heavy like. "" It sounds, this can be considered a good man thing. "She nodded. "Rest assured, I will intercede with you, this is the original Oh, then, little fox, now let my brother hug!" I said, facing Nan came a bear flutter. And Nan mouth hanging smile, his eyes narrowed in a crack, "I love reflex nerves Oh, you be careful, fix, but I want to be your personal blow it." I do not drop, holding her in arms, her body temperature with gentle passed through clothes, incense, soft body but as tame sheep. "Well friends, Stop it, as long as you are good to me, I would meet." Nan said in my ear volts. I certainly will not weigh more than eighty kilograms my weight all the pressure on her, I faint smile, "Honey, I love you, this life, I will not let go." "Really?" " ah. "I nodded, looking at her, without hesitation. "OK, so do not look at me, people can not stand it!" She burst out such a sentence, his face red clouds float, leaning one earned, on off my body. I am slightly surprised a moment, what is unbearable? But she had already fled a trace. I faint smile, this little girl is really too easy to stir people's heartstrings. It made me think that, in this afternoon, Li Nan's father finally arrived. Once again see this appearance only 40-year-old man, I was thrown up endless uncomfortable. The last thing to Guilin makes all the memories I have a pain. But he does not seem to care, but casual looked at me, then sat down on the sand inside the house. Start down the pair of eyes inside the house everyone. Inside the house, and a lot of numbers now. "Not the family who do not here." He suddenly said something in his eyes, to look to the Dan. His mother was surprised a moment, looked at Dan, "There is no outsider, you had any brains." "Nanny Not here!" Nan's father's voice down, all eyes look to Dan. And my heart actually has some faint discomfort. Dan slightly stunned after a faint smile, "Well friends, I know." She was holding the child directly went downstairs to open the door. "Well, one of us now are you going to marry my daughter, right?" Nan's father looked at me and asked. "Yes." I nodded. "The last thing to do, though you earn money, but not entirely on your own, but at least you now have some money, and will not suffer after my daughter." I looked into his eyes, and do not want to talk too much. Because in my opinion, at this time no use explaining what to do, I have reason to believe that Nan should have put the situation here told her. "And you remember, this to my good daughter, kid, if you are sorry for my daughter, I tell you, you yourself think about the consequences." "I can understand what are you threatening me?" I faint smile , a pair of eyes looking at him. "You can be so understanding." "Then you should know that I am the person is simply afraid of this." "Boy, then you can try." "Nan future is my people, we are a man, you should know. Nan is my all, I love her! "" Now is not, I can let you never become! "He seems to not like me to challenge his authority. But how can I serve soft, even if he is the father of Li Nan, how? After Li Nan and I live is, but not him. "As a man, you think I would just fear? When I went to Guilin is not afraid of death, and now, I am still afraid!" "A little mean." His faint smile, "so, after you get married to my company's right, I'll help you. "" No! "" Do not think that little money rest on our laurels, you are now even working at all. what you mix mix! "His eyes flowing with contempt. "Who says I did not work? I now have their own careers." "What is the cause?" He asked. "Write a book!" "Writing a book? Writing a book can also be regarded as a career?" "Of course." "You Save it, these days, people who write books already starved to death." "This is my dream, I will chase the same time, I believe that even with royalties earned writing a book, I can feed Nan. "" very ambition Well. then you write it, and when to feed my daughter, then come to me. "" Dad , you said earlier that he could feed me? "Nan timely chipped, and this obviously is someone speaking to me. "Then you did not see how he is talking to me!" Nan Nan's father asked. Nan is a slight smile, "but the man did not lose his temper, what does that mean thing." "It is also down, but I always thought he was kind of weak kid, now it seems, there is little backbone." "His spineless you do not know it, tǐng dead yet. "" Really? that is quite good, good time I see him. "" ah, rest assured, he will not let you down. "chuckled Nan "Well, friends, today is talking about marriage, not a negotiation meeting. Dad, let's go eat, okay? even agreed to it." "You ah, really." Nan's father shook his head, but no words to say <

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