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22.05.2013 10:39
I surprised a moment antworten

> (7) before marriage preparation (two) I did not expect is that the so-called Li Nan prepare and just want to practice my flexibility, and the next day when I feel the whole body was limp, she was blind his eyes once again woke me up. Www. QuAnBeN. cOm "Feifei, woke up it." She blinked his eyes, looked full of cute, but my heart was actually jumping, because after such a long time to get along with, of course I know, she just one like this, then , it must be like for me to do something special. "Nannan, something today?" To be honest, came back last night,Oakley Flak Jacket Sale, is now really no snow around, I really wanted one of her throw, however, where I practiced yoga body almost folded into dozens of sections , and where there mood. And she, but it is directed at me smiled, got into my arms, and then take my arm as a pillow, a deep sleep. Look at her that way, simply afraid of what I would have done it. I had felt a burst of silent, I even think all this is not her doing sets, so I was tired to death, the whole body limp, then you can not touch her. After all, even if it wanted to do, but this body is very important. In the case of fatigue, I actually do not have even a little evil. "Of course something friends." She Minzui smile, "Hey, I said my dear, what do you look ah, do not look at me, rest assured, I will not let you go with me to exercise a." "Oh, That is good. "I was finally relieved. "Rest assured, will not be present, people yoga is not at this time, it will be late." Her words made my heart beat suddenly increase, which means that she still want me to go with her, but, people fitness club inside at night, and not now. "Wanted to go ah?" "Of course, we have a very tight time Well friends, Feifei, chanting up to make my breakfast, I was starving ah." "Breakfast?" "Ah, did not you say it? Give me a lifetime to make breakfast, and how you wanted to go back on it now? "" How could it! "I smiled, although the body and knees, but to cook this kind of thing is an easy task. I got up and went to cook, she is on my side, squint eyes looking at me, "There Feifei nice." "How good?" "I just love this warm time, he will have to love every morning I cook, then keep right on my side, always in front of my love to love to go, tell the truth, I'm really touched ah! "she his mouth these words, a pair of eyes on me sweep . I faint smile, to see this kind of thing to cook more light, and my heart feeling of pleasure mention how high up. Until I put a few eggs, and milk in front of her, her face much more vigorous, "Feifei really good, to give you a kiss!" She finished, a hand, a kiss it sent to me. "You do not like to be all right?" "That also how kind? Anyway, after we got married, what are your people." She Meiyanrusi, I really can not imagine before that handed the little girl, this time but as a meek little wife in general. "Yes ah, all mine." I said this, he was very sweet, you know, be able to marry Li Nan such a beautiful girl, and the girl still has such a state of mind, which is how many man would never have dare to think things ah. But suddenly, almost suddenly, I think Mona. Mona is not to say that is about to have a baby do? How a month, that sound is gone? And I, but since this month with Nan's warm, and put it all gave forgotten ...... Mona? Mona ...... My mind flashed inside the infinite kinds of ideas, how Mona did not contact me? Is it because I? Because I did not contact her, she thought Mona ...... that pair almost broke my heart's eyes, my heart is like inside poured into the cruet, indescribable uncomfortable. God looked at me a moment, Li Nan, a slight frown, "Hey, how do you?" "I'm fine, I just think, when we were married, your wedding dress will be pretty much." I smiled at her She was slightly lug eyebrow. "Really? Do not worry, I wear a wedding dress, it must be the world's most beautiful woman." "Of course, my Nannan not pretty, who else beautiful." I faint smile, but his heart was rolling up because I really think Mona, I think of that child, why she did not contact me, and I, how would forget her clean, there is that Dan and her children, do not say that because Li Nan, I'll have forgotten them, are no longer part of my life ...... I suddenly felt a little tangled, my life henceforth will only Nan do? Nan hear my words, his smile flourished, and "good friends, Feifei, we will soon eat, today, we buy some clothes now." "Ah." I nodded, did not say anything. But I did not expect that, Li Nan this time did not allow me to drive, but with me playing taxi. "Nannan, why do not you drive?" I asked. "What kind of car ah, driving strong and do? Do not you know now Beijing ring within the parking fee is ten dollars you, a taxi is not the same? Either have to find half an hour to find a parking space, tired ah." "Oh so you can not right?" I asked. "What is wrong? Do not think open a car, there is a good car do not know who he is, and we do not have a car purpose is to facilitate? Inconvenient if you have, what car? I suggest ah, over- These days, we put the car sold well, there, you do not think of what to buy a house, Beijing house has been high too outrageous. "" We do not buy a house you get married? 'I am so to speak, is the full amount because I can now buy a house, even if the purchase is the case now, because I have more than eight years in Beijing, early enough that a five-year period. "Why do you want to buy it?" She asks rhetorically, "OK, so you do not think always put our limited funds into the real estate inside, just to live in this house forever, we have this money, four five-star living The hotel is good? Even everyday living presidential suite, but also enough of it? I tell you ah, do not think what to buy a big house, I can no effort to clean up. "" We can hire the nanny thing. "To be honest, I Nan did not want a pair of hand to clean anything, so not everyone have a good hand. "Do it, please what nanny ah, the home is what? Family is our most relaxing place, with the nanny, we do not do anything easy, do not always think to let others be Hou, a lot of things still have to go our own to do. "she smiled," Just as you, I'm not just because of money with you, and I hope that in a space inside, only you and I can get down to sleep without being disturbed by others , you understand me? "she said suddenly come out so a bunch of truths, prompting my heart a lot. You know, if we had no money, can not afford a house, car, she can say so, I would think she is considerate,Women's Nike Jordan Shoes, grateful. You know, what a girl do not want the man with a house, car, etc. all the material conditions? But Nan, but it is the facts tell me that these worldly things like the woman in her inner heart, but nothing, not worth a mention. And this moment, I really shocked. So look at me, her faint smile, "OK, so I can say is true, I have always felt that we should not only stay in one place. Etc. We married, Oh, but I want to check you name listing. "" Oh? "I surprised a moment, she did not know why this is understanding. "Look you do, do not know why it must be, I tell you, I not only want to control your economy, but also know that there is no name in real estate, I do not want you to take the two of us one thing breed lover, mistresses. Even Dan is not a! Do you understand! "" I know. "My heart has turned a roll. But I is not worried about Dan, Dan, after all, has its own career, she can feed herself, but Mona does? That poor woman to give birth to a child, but had no protection, I think of her guilt is the greatest. "In fact, this woman Mona is also good." Nan suddenly filed Mona, but one eye then a cold, "Goofy, I know you have feelings for her, but emotionally, I do not want to share you with anyone ! before you know why I give you leave to see Dan do you? "" Oh? "I surprised a moment. She laughed, "I give you leave to thee unto Dan, you just come back to me, and I'm confident that you and Dan two people will owe me one from henceforth, you Dan body, it will never betray me to make things. "She finished these, a pair of eyes looking at me," Do not blame me for your plot and plan, you can never ask this man before I thought it would be too honest. "Her words once again I was stunned. But only a few seconds, she was a faint smile, lovely appearance once again appeared,Coach Madison Bags, "OK, so fly, we do not say this." Once again, my heart felt a kind of feeling of a knife . However, Li Nan is smile, "is not just what I say heavy?" "No, it should be." "Do not worry, I said, I came in charge of the economy, if you want to spend money on it, you can, however, but is to consult me ​​Oh, after all, when I was your wife, I entitled to know your body's whereabouts every penny. "I faint smile, it seems, this large family inside out is not the same woman, she was completely to know that when a man is no money, no power, there will be a single woman casually close it? After all, love this kind of thing, is not always there. <

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