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22.05.2013 10:34
Hongjun ancestor heaved a sigh antworten

The 134th chapter kill heaven Hongjun ancestor restraining was Pangu Mami a broken, and now the whole heaven are exposed in the family before,Satchels Coach Outlet, see day in court, in all the twelve ancestral witch behind is the sky long roar: "kill celestial, destroyed the demon clan!" Kill the forehead, destroyed the demon clan, the big witch finally let out of his mind, it is not just their truth, is also the entire Malay desire. It is still chaos emperor, too, Nuwa empress, Fu Xi and Kunpeng some dumbfounded, they really did not think the family work so fast, don't give them time to prepare, now even if they want to return to heaven that also need time, they came back to heaven, but twelve ancestral witch has led the group will to capture the heaven. For an instant, Jun, too, Nuwa empress, Fu Xi and Kunpeng face sweat DC, they don't know now what kind of choice, is to abandon heaven fled but desperate to return to wage a life-and-death struggle with the family, space for a time they were becoming a deathly silence. Don't stand condemned by God himself, Jun, one they all have their own selfish, now already is the heaven is teetering on the brink of destruction, so they are difficult to make a decision. When the emperor, so a they can't quickly made the choice, Hongjun ancestor finally sell, Hong Jun way the Zu don't want to join the Lich group two of the war, but he was able to help Jun, Tachi these people to make a choice, is the sage in respect of Hong Jun way progenitor behavior that can move heaven. Force. Just listen, Hongjun ancestor heaved a sigh, then Jun, too, Fu Xi, Nu Wa empress and ROC is Hongjun ancestor cast back. Hongjun ancestor also afraid of Jun,OP Art Coach Bags, Tachi these people will die away, after all,Crossbodys Coach UK, Jun, Tachi these people can not the family then have the guts, so Hong Jun way the Zu don't give them the opportunity to choose. A blink of an eye went back to heaven, Jun, Tachi these people knew very well what can do only Hongjun ancestor that, by this move their mind that Chang ancestor is on their side, so one heart and one's blood boils with indignation. It never previously disturbed. Although Jun, so they react that way really make people speechless, but Chang ancestor it is what he wanted to see, because the first is the only demon clan can stop candle nine y ī n led the Wu family. At the moment the forehead peace of mind is not only the emperor, so they, the same as the demon clan after seeing Jun, too, Fu Xi, Nu Wa empress and ROC appear, they have also let go of heart, no longer worried that they will be abandoned, one is the courage to prepare for the following battle. Although Di Jun had some shortcomings, but he also knew now what should be done, except now heaven without Hongjun ancestor banned, want to be able to withstand the family crazy impact, the only engine 'Sunday star Dou big'. See, Jun heart read a to move is to fly into the forehead loudly shout: "don't panic, cloth 'Sunday star Dou big'!" With the sound of an emperor, the demon clan finally found the backbone, the three hundred and sixty-five master is >

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