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> (48) apprehension of four tour "Do you really think Nan will accept? You can never look like she had just been tricked. WWw. QUAnBEn. COM child ah, I'm the Man very accurate, She's not a beautiful light appearance, big chest no brains of women. "" Mom, she did not, say, her breasts are not big thing. "I said. "You told me the poor is not? Child ah, if you are with her, ah, maybe she will be very strong, and you will become her slave." "Oh?" This slave words let me once again LI said let me think of the willing slaves for perdition words. "You is very good, and the women are always Lianxiangxiyu, even then cruel, but also soft and more, but this is not Li Nan, I think she has been very strong! Although she exhibited in front of us is very pure, but I Xianyan eat and eat your dad many years, do not understand what's going on? "the mother added. I am a grin, before the two people I am with Nan relationship is indeed the case. "Well, I do not advise you, free Liaoba, we quickly go back, I will go back, now you go back." His mother said, and turned back. I was suddenly a little empty, I've been such a long time not to talk with her mother, this time a talk, my mother more than me understand a woman's mind, it seems that only a woman can understand a woman. Five minutes later, I returned to the table. One to the desktop, but feel his father's face flushed. Meanwhile smelled alcohol. "Dad, you drink?" "Ah, drank a point." He seemed very happy. "How do you and my dad have a drink?" I saw a Li Nan, Li Nan but now it is time to drink yogurt, then the mood was a lot better. "I did not drink it, I drink yogurt, uncle said she wanted to drink ah, how I can not fail to accompany a little more." She smiled, "OK, so let's hurry up now chat friends you and aunt walking can be really long time, so long did not come back, I thought you how to it? Are you okay? "She seems to have no intention of talking, but the final word is not useless, because I have seen, her eyes narrowed at me, as if in between a pair of pro-meaning that you went to do something bad. "Nothing." I talk less, meanwhile, lowered his head. "That's good! Aunt, you want something to drink, let little?" Nan did not ask, continue pressing, the wine. My heart felt a little uncomfortable, because I wonder what she is thinking about it? I really can ignore born with Dan thing between two people? Torture continued until the end of the meal. "Uncle Aunt, you are to go back to live with us, or do go to the hospital?" Merely a word,Cheap Oakley Holbrook, I just Matsushita nerves and tension it. "We still go to the hospital ......" the mother said. "It is also going to fly it?" "Ah ......" Mother has some stupidly. Nan has pursed mouth and said: "Aunt ah, you know, and I fly so long, without his night, I shall not sleep." "Uh ......" Mother embarrassing looked at me like In general to me for help. I could spade, I went back looked at her mother. Nan looked like this, smiled, "Uncle ah, you say how do ah?" "Let fly with you go back, the hospital his mother and I in the past on the line." "Really OK ah?" "Of course." Father After a few drinks, talk it is very emboldened. "That Thank you uncle friends." Nan told me a sly glance, that seems to mean in the display of her victory. "That aunt, can you?" "May ......" Mother father's face is not good split. Be this way, so I have been looking at Dan mother thing useless. "That Thank you!" Nan this time not smiling, but just a touch of that. I felt a pressure in the Nan This is another trick up with? We finally parted at the restaurant entrance, I was pressed Nan went home. The father and mother two people is to go to the hospital. But Nan leave or when added, "uncle aunt, tomorrow at noon I invite you to eat dinner." ...... I returned home with Nan, in the process, she did not say anything, I was a little uncomfortable, total There are some awkward feeling. "Come on, you say how you should treat your mistakes!" She just entered the room and sat down on the sand hall, at this time, the snow is at home in a corner tied into a rice dumplings. "She?" "You give her untie it." Nan said. I shook my head, "What are you doing?" "She will not let me find you, also have to follow me, you feel just the kind of case, if I took her, you, these evils will all by my dad know that you know that this impression is very bad. "" Oh ...... "She's tolerant and considerate makes my heart feel even more guilty of. I will be all snow loosen the shackles of the body. Yuki's face full of fear, "Little Master, are you okay?" "Can I have something, well, now you into the house inside, Now I want to chat with him alone." Nan commanded, his face frost more intense. Snow went in, I was uneasy, do the mothers say it right? I want to be ruined? "You said Well, you made out with such things, do not tell me, you put me where?" "I ...... I'm sorry." "Excuse me?" She faint smile, "Which is the only sorry you can The? I really want to leave you! "her face with a layer of frost, I know, she said is quite right. "Do not tell me that I'm sorry, I will not want you to say I'm sorry, you know, I can not afford to hurt, you understand me?" Nan said that, in the eyes gushed out a non-crystal tears. I was a sour, fear most is to see her tears, "Nannan, I was wrong, I'm really wrong, then I will not anymore." "You would not lie to me? You will not yet? Dan find you this, how do you do? "" I ...... "" She had your children, you are not to keep her together? thought away from me? did you in my side of the day, so you treat me? you think you can afford me with you? "I have nothing to say, Nan said right. "You are too let me down." She shook her head, tears in her delicate face goes flying. "Nannan, I was wrong, not anymore. Really, not anymore." "Feifei, you tell me the truth, I'm pretty?" She asked me rather abruptly, his face still tears exist. "You are the most beautiful I've ever seen girl." I speak not true, I've always thought that way. "Then how could you see eye to other women, do the authors, because I do not enchanting, I have no charm? We do not have them on the pole, you do not cherish me?" Her eyes staring at me, passing me, seemed to stare into my soul. I suddenly do not know how to answer her. I do not know how to sleepwalk with Mona gave birth to the day that leak * point, but let Li Danhuai child. I feel in my heart the end, Dan and Mona are all I can accept love, I can do with them speechless aside, and casual further, they crossed the line of friends. "Nannan,Air Jordan Outlet, I have been, as you are my favorite. How could I not cherish you." "Then you treat them is what it feels better than I?" She asked. "No." "That I can not figure out, a woman who all things, my body has, how you can ignore me and together with them, you say, in the end is for what, I wondered?" She faces expressionless, perhaps, in front of my parents, she was fighting back the heart uncomfortable. "I was wrong." "I do not want you to admit mistakes, you admit it or not, things have been born, and I now want to ask you is, in the end is how is it that you said to me clearly why you would put them in this way, Is it out again after Li Na, Wang Na, **, Zhang Dan, you will passionately do? If you are such a person, well, we now break up, I can no longer go on like this with you, and we had those suffering experienced together on the white. "" Nannan, not really. "I felt a discomfort," Nannan, you listen to me,Coach Crossbodys, I was really confused ...... "" Do not use this word lie to me! "she interrupted me," I asked you, you're really do with them? "" I ...... "I was staring at her eyes, put off naturally. "Tell me, you are not sincere!" She emphasizes again. "Yes!" I said yes. No longer rejected. "Well, you are sincere with them, into the ......" she weird expression while nodding. "Well, I do not blame you!" "Uh?" "If you have no feelings for them a little, just because their bodies together with them, that I will never forgive you, so that you heartless unintentionally, indulgence endless, and now, I forgive you! "she said, took a step closer to me. Her nose away from my nose before only o.o1 centimeters. "Do you really forgive me?" She'd say, I'd have that is not confirmed. "I forgive you, however, does not mean I will also allow you to! From now on, I will not allow any of your feelings derailment, otherwise, I will fulfill my promise, break up, but much more than just break up." She Then, a hand, gesturing behind in my next action of a pair of scissors. A son chill swarmed the heart, I know, she told me now is definitely not a joke. She suddenly rushed into my arms, hugged me, "fly, do not hurt me, you've got to make my first emotional man ah ......" I'm a heartbeat suddenly added a <

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