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22.05.2013 10:29
Before enough money antworten

> Home broke, update out now, while the next day after tomorrow are updated regularly. Www, quanBEn, cOM late, everyone waiting. (8) back to Beijing this evening, Li Nan and I have not done anything. If done, she is once again my arm as her pillow ...... The next day we got up early, set foot on the way home, and that only a few dozen kilometers down the road for us young and old, but it is not easier. Days of the South Province,Sunglasses Coach Online, the city of his situation so that we are injured. But fortunately no one was injured. Nan and I once again returned to the rental house, but this Liangshiyiting inside, this time just me and Nan, plus snow, while others in the room inside, was gone. "How? Very lost?" Nan asked. "No, thinking about it." I smiled. "I thought you were in this room inside to find what memories of it, Well, if the recall is that before." "Uh ......" I was her discern the thoughts, and my heart felt a little embarrassed. Yesterday, one night, I and Li Nan live together, causing dissatisfaction with snow, but she did not say anything, just this morning, I have seen the eyes black snow, it seems a night without sleep. I thought a move, it seems that she really is not easy. The next thing is relatively small, and I once again came to the company to busy work, and the result is that I'm busy dizzy, but one day, Li Nan at me and shook his head. "How?" I asked. "You're doing very fails." Said Li Nan is very positive. "Oh, what does this mean?" I asked. "You do not understand me? Are you now, but there are fifty million of the funds, how could you do this things happen, the way you will be very good." "How bad it?" "You have 50 million does not do this. "she continued shook his head," You can not use the old thinking, but now you have fifty million, you understand me? "She told me that when his hands on his chest than gestures, it seems very anxious. "Do you mean?" "I mean is that there is the money, in fact you make money easily." "Oh?" I patiently listen to her words. "In fact, what you do now Holdings, an investment now." Nan said. "Do you understand?" "I do not know, but every day I hear my father say, ah, investment investment, some of that is owned by investing more, not to mention you have the money, if you can not get more than 5% a year profit, then there is nothing mean. "" Oh? "" buy gold, back and forth a walk, but also more than this number. "She reminded me once again. And I'm not a fool, she said immediately clear what is meant. "I understand what you mean." I nodded. "Well, so that tomorrow you follow me, we went to investment." "Let the battle?" "Of course, that is to be together, and so can be reflected in our husband and wife team thing." She said, laughing. The next day, I'm really depressed, because Nan took me to the jewelry which is located Jishuitan batch mall. "Doing here?" "To buy things, ah, what else do you think?" She asked me. "Do you want to buy anything?" "Investment." "Do you want to buy a lot?" "Of course, now is the best preserved gold." She blinked, eyes have looked up, but this time she did not like before the old honest and real, but something special for those curious. ...... When the two of us from the inside out, I already have a big nod, and had just go in, she is also good, bought a bunch of gold bricks and silver bricks, then eyes staring at a device does not move the earth. "You like?" I pointed to her staring at that piece artifacts, it is a stacked by a diamond necklace, shining light, the really dazzling. "Ah." She did not refuse, eyes have been on a necklace across the top, I am confirmed that she really liked. I looked at the price ...... 1,370,000 ...... "Miss, put this package to me." I did not bargain. "This was expensive, you buy me?" Nan Ceguo Tou to ask me. "Of course, who else can I give?" "You really gave me ah, expensive things." She did not say no, but it seems to confirm. I laughed,Nike Jordan Superfly Sale, "This necklace should be honored, because it can be beautiful you are so beautiful to wear!" "You're talking nonsense." She sweetly slightly out. "I do not talk nonsense, I was telling the truth, anywhere in the world jewelry, then valuable, can not compare my lovely Nannan." I say these words from the heart, and more importantly, my two eyes trace of sincerity. She smiled, "You are not like other women have said so?" "No, I love you more than you love myself, I said how would others, Nannan, come, bring try." She Minzui, smiled, held out his Yu Jing. I helped her to wear up, immediately, her smooth and long tall neck above on a more dazzling. "Wow, your girlfriend so beautiful." Salesgirl timely a marvel. I laughed language, enjoying this praise, you know, these words will not be excessive, I also appreciate the vision looked Nan "Nan Nan, You're beautiful." She did not say anything, but took the next small mirror above the table gestures gesturing to go, it seems very concerned about. However, this situation soon, she shook her head, "This is not for me. Still forget. Feifei, help me, scored Come." I frown, "how, do not like?" I asked Road. "A little." She looked to one side to go. "I feel very good." "Forget it, really is not for me." She said, motioning me the necklace off. I felt she was a little unnatural. "How, Nannan?" I asked. "Come to win." "Miss, this good looking." Salesgirl said she does not believe that this kind of thing every day can sell out. "No need." Nan himself picked off, casual took me to walk out. Once outside, I asked her, "how do not like it?" "No need." She replied. "What is not necessary?" "No need to be so good." She smiled, "This is too expensive." "My Nannan how can be measured by money? 'I said. "Then you knew it and you should know that I am with you, not for the money, do not want you to spend the time and money to me. Did you know that?" She smiled, "If On the subject of money I do not need to tell you, I see that you are, as long as you mind the money, what about the money, which is not what happened. "She smiled, laughed very brilliant. "When is invested to buy that right." I continue to insist, in my heart now, used to be I can not afford, and now the hands of the money, although it was borrowed, but I firmly believe that there is so much money, how not let our poor lived. "This investment goods when not, and you sell it to buy a hand? Buy have to buy the BRIC, which is also good." She smiled, "Besides, as I am so natural beauty, woman Bingqing Yuqing , what to wear bracelets others say is false? "She raised his head. But I had no choice but shook his head. "Well, the first to earn enough money to fifty million now, and then we talk." She is very well-behaved said. I thought a move, and finally understand a thing, Nan province which is in the money. I am very grateful to her smile. "Walk, do not we go to the side to earn money to go." "Where?" I asked. "Oh,Nike Air Jordan 5 UK, is not easy to find a place to do?" She smiled. "Where to look? 'I asked. "Paved with gold!" She smiled, and soon led me to the north, "You do not want to rent a place, and then make money?" "Yes ah." "Before enough money, now? Enough money now right? "she laughed. I thought a move, that is indeed now have fifty million earn more money than just five million. "In fact, you do not like this, even if we put the money on the outside now lending has 7o% a year profit." "7o%? This is where you find ..." "Do not worry about this, and now no money many people, and now we are short of money, so the private sector lending that is quite severe, you may not think this is a good thing, it is a very good thing too. "she said, very formal, I thought a move. "That's something I handled it, Nannan, you stay at home, which take it." "'m Not!" "Why?" "I would not obediently when your kitten!" She pouted, cut his nose, And that small eye teeth have been exposed. "Do you want to ......" I added a heartbeat. "I want to be with you, in fact, because the last time this thing, I do not want to go out performed." "You do not want to model a?" I asked. "There is no such." She smiled, "I'm just not going out, and in Beijing, but then, hum, I just empty, I have been with you." "Do not like it?" "Of course. , people want with you Well. "She pouted continued. "Always together, do not you feel uncomfortable?" "No, ah, oh ......" she half-open mouth was, "You do not feel I get in the way ah!" "No!" "There is no good, then I followed every day you, I see now is not your side unidentified flying objects will appear. "" What are UFOs? "I did not understand what she meant. "And now, you is not the same as before, money, and those little girls have to stick to your body, and I have to live to see you!" "You do not like it? For I do not trust? Besides, you Age is not large and do not let others little girl! "" That is not the same thing! case you are looking for thirteen or fourteen of underage girls how to do! "Her eyes blink very innocent. I looked at the head twice, "Nannan, that is a crime you know?" "Cut the poor that is a crime, but said that the rich Aventure, which is privileged, you know?" She ban the forbidden nose, made a face at me, I realized that she was coming true. <

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