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> (4) Nannan Biao "I quit Well, a little living space they are not, gave me out!" I just got home, opened the door, I heard the voice of lion roar like that of Li Nan, I was shocked, she did not understand how this is so. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM quickly ran into the house, are seeing Linan Guang the feet, holding his fists, inside the house Nuhan. "Nannan, how do you?" I asked. "The house so many people, I quit you, give me out a few, I'm not here to shelters, finally get such a good room, come in so many people know that it is not gregarious, quit, I'll never quit. "she continued growled, while the side of the snow does not speak to me for help cast the eyes. "Nannan, this is not a normal situation? 'I said. "It is not it, the house so many people every day wear so many clothes, sleeping uncomfortable, what are being watched, so what is the meaning of life, I quit it, anyway, I quit, this the people inside can not, there is this, snow, you gave me out, I will not want you to watch me, you told my dad, if he does it,Nike Air Jordan 5, I'll die for him! "" Miss, you do not let me embarrassed ...... "" Do not embarrass not embarrassed, afraid of what fear, anyway, I said, if you go on like this, I jump, I do not believe me, I can not have their own private space. "" But Master say, you can not ...... "snow vision seems to me, did not continue. Nan did not seem to pay attention to my presence. "Who cares? I've lived with him for so long it did not go wrong! Did I make too much afraid of the things you? No, absolutely not! Anyway, you are out of the house there is only me and him, we can live in different sub-house, however, can only be the two of us individuals in the world, other people will not! "Nan said, intentionally or unintentionally, down the eyes of the Mona. The Mona somber face time, does not speak, eyes but also to my opinion. I suddenly felt a wave of unprecedented pressure, indeed, she said this thing is the fact that since this time from Guilin back, the two of us though expansion of the capacity of the hut, but not the kind of feeling before, it seems has been completely gone his own private space, doing everything to the monitoring by others, I do not like this kind of life, in my opinion, to have a free and unfettered space, only in the home, while Now, in the home would be others to monitor, it is no wonder Nan quit. "Then I contact with the owner about it." Said the snow is very embarrassing. "The problem is not to discuss!" Nan shook his head, "Goofy, two of us and then moved back to the previous hut, not here, never up!" "Ah?" "I want to go back, I want to go back to that We met the house. "she said, barefoot, a few steps rushed to me, into my arms. Suddenly, I saw her face floating in tears, and it did not see her before I was so sad, I'm an arm around her. "Well, Nannan, I'll go rent an apartment, we now live together." I can not help being moved, I am now all in all, but in order to Nan, before, I feel that life is no goal, and now I promised her father, in the two years to earn fifty million, which is to her. And if she was not happy, I am all the efforts do not have any significance. So,jordan online cheap, I just want her to be happy, when the money, but also to pay attention to her feelings. "That's it!" Nan impunity around my little face on my cheek repeated friction, which drops of tears on both to my face. "Snow, you see, do not worry, I will not do too much on things Li Nan, Nan Nan is my everything, my marriage, will neatly." My voice down, one side of Mona Meng turned around, because it is the corner of the reasons I did not see her face, but I felt her turn, then some uncontrolled trembling body. "Well, I'll contact." Snow should be a sound, on the phone went. Then Tian Ling walked over and whispered: "OK, so here without my things, I will go back, you well persuade Li Nan, I think you two really not very easy, has experienced so much thing, do not do regret things. gone. "she opened the door to leave. Andy did not say a word, but also turned away. And inside the house, now only Mona, snow and Liu Meiying it. Liu Meiying had not spoken, but has been wood blankly looked like two of us. "Nannan, you wait for the next, I'll rent the last child had already leased to others, and that rent is a full one thousand long, I told the results helpless Nan. Nan cry even more sad. "I go to find you a house, okay? "" Oh! "She continued crying." We'll rent one of our two people to do? "I said." Fail, not! "She shook her head," the two of us in that room is a personal witness of love ah, that there are too many memories, I just that room, as long as the house ...... "she cried even more sad, I looked at his heart would broken, however, when one side has been without a word of Liu Meiying, but smiled, "But the most important fact you are in front of this man, you are now with him, and also care about the house doing, as long as Goofy's heart in you , you still care about doing with his memories? But he was your man Oh, one day hanging in your heart, man. "This time I was shocked, because I simply can not imagine has been without a word, and before me as Liu Meiying would say such a thing. Liu Meiying saw my reaction, and suddenly laughed," You do not look at me, this but also a sense of Xiemeng Na, Mona told me that these days a lot of things between you, I think you really happy, so I now bless you, you are together is not easy. "" Thank you. "I murmured, watching it seems Daigo special enlightenment Liu Meiying." I'm leaving tomorrow, and not here, how do you want to live, it is how to live, I have no control, and hey ah, tired ah! "She a lazy stretch waist, walked back to our Mona side," Mona, we should first go to sleep, tomorrow I left. "Then, Mona has been pulled into the house. And then, just me and Nan in the house up. Nan deep breath, then looked at me, and a mouth, on my neck above came one. "Why? "" Bite you! "She rubbed his mouth," Well now, we can continue the previous regulations. "" What previous regulations? "" What do you think? "She put a piece hey presto took out, I then remember, it is a my signature pieces." You want how to fulfill this agreement? "I laughed." You know, give me every morning to make breakfast and told me to get up early, exercise! Want to let you drag, dishes to wash you, anyway, you, ah, let me feel your love every day, feel your concern for me. "" Oh, this easy to handle. "I laughed." What are you laughing, do I say wrong? I'm telling you understand, this is my very serious. "" Of course, every word you say is sacred to me here. "I nodded and smiled." Is that right? "She looked at me and do not believe." Of course, or else you say? "" But I see you later simply do not listen. "She blinked, a live hands around me lift your feet up, they rely on up." I am very obedient. "Really? "She sly smile." Yes. "I nodded, but unexpectedly, she was a half-amused eyes, stretched out a finger, pointed to me, and pointed to the ground." What do you mean? "I asked, puzzled." Can mean ah, you quickly obedient ah! "" Uh? "" Learning little dog friends! "Her little tongue sticking out,Coach Bags Outlet, playing lovely." Your mood today seems good. "I laughed." Of course, the vent, the mood is like a natural. "She laughed very happy, this is she from Guilin back to Beijing after the first so happy." That's good. "I have not broken smile, her fine eyes to look to me." Goofy, then, our only two of us inside the house personally. Not allowed to come back casually with other people, you know? "" I know. "" You Swear it! "She pointed at me, his eyes dissatisfied with a son." Well, I swear, this has become it? "I was so she said, but my mind was warm, this woman think she is really too have myself." Hippie smile, no sincerity! "She shook her head." Nannan, I swear, I will hello's. Lifetime for hello's. "Ah. "She nodded." Well, now you told me to report to work, how do you like day today? "" Oh, but also to re-find items. "" Oh, encounter any problems yet? "She asked, concerned." Encountered a big customer, I was promising to give bought. "" Oh ...... okay it, this is normal. "She looks like a pair of harmless," you do not have too much pressure, do not control my father, even years later, you do not have so much money, I will follow you. He bugger's. "" No way. "I am categorically refused her kindness." Why? "She looked at me puzzled, I can only laugh to explain, perhaps, at Nan's heart, she did not know, my heart, always has a son momentum, absolutely can not rely on a woman to win the day win!" Rest assured, I will do it results to see your dad. Let her know that your vision is not wrong! "<

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