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22.05.2013 10:23
brain inside Mona's mother antworten

> (16) This brother like the father, "okay, brother, you will have done such a good thing. WwW! QUANbeN! CoM" Nan body a perfect curve that appeared immediately, even if she is wearing now and lowlights clothes, but beautiful people, look good in anything, it would have been in my heart is a fallacy, but now has become the truth. "My brother in your heart so bad you?" "Of course!" "Sister, brother when you do not you? Protected at all times How about you." Li Wu said, and behind him ten meters so, there are five young man wearing sunglasses is watching here. "This is true." Nan blinked, "But you is not good." "I do not how good, alas, worth mentioning, I found out that you have not before a trip to the little girl, but, sister, ah, you can not change a job, or did not come out to work, let him earn more money, you honestly stay at home more than good? "" I do not stay at home, I'm not a family fù ; women! "Nan's eyes appeared angry. "What's wrong with female family fù? Our Mother Is not it? Tǐng also not too okay? Life, food and drink, what to what?" Said Li Wu concerns. Nan did not buy it, "Brother, what to what? Mother to love, and now have it? Nothing, only a few broken money, what's the use? Your mother has not and, when you see my mother every day now all in tears, then you would not say such things! let you guys know what we women when female family fù do nothing waiting you! I did not do it! I have my own life, I want to make your own money, I can! "" Nannan, you do so without any outside world so beautiful as you think! "Li Wu somewhat anxious, but also look to my eyes. In fact, I was soon to learn, maybe this Li Wu is a lobbyist, was instilled her thoughts. But this time,Oakley Oil Rig Outlet, Li Nan laughed, "you said it right, the outside world is not so beautiful!" Heard Nan say, Li Wu very happy, continued: "Yes ah, you think so, right, outside bad people, one will deceive you so pretty girl, you know, this year, such a pretty girl like you, how much are people give ...... "He paused Speaking of which, it seems to find a word. "Is ruined, right?" Nan said the word out, "Do not worry, I will not, I'm good effort well! Who lay a finger on me, he dead!" "Nan, you have to listen, you thought you'd be a few weapons you can do? I teach you, do not I do not know you that martial arts are a few two kilograms do? You're busted, but also in the outside world, the more women will be martial arts, martial arts as possible, There are some perverted violent man is like a woman, you know? "" Do not worry, I will protect their own. "Nan laughed. This time, Li Wu's face sè suddenly changed, but endure for a few seconds, exhaled a sigh of relief, "Nannan, that way you do as a model, and you change one another, this model it is too in the wind blows. "" I wanted what the wind? I pretty long, I just want to become a model, how, no ah! "" Our Lee's daughter, when what model, you do feel when a clothes shelf be nice? Besides, this is only temporary, you can not for life, right? "" What can not do a lifetime? Let mother how old now, that figure is not very good, you from her face point out is that the age of the woman do? mothers can keep the girl's face, I can! "" Sister ah! you really unhappy people! "Li Wu felt the head seems like a few times, I can not help but heart jump at the side It seems not only for Li Nan overbearing I am a man, it seems that as long as the relationship with her, then she would be devastated. "I worry about people, how to, do not want to see me ah, do not want to see me, they gone, see you tired, goofy, Do not just stand up, come, let's go home lah!" She said, then Northeast taste half and half with a southern flavor, hear my eyes are straight. In the whole process, snow Wada Ling two people do not speak. "Nannan!" Li Wu cried, but Nan has ignored him, took me straight away, while the snow came Wada Ling also followed. When several of us on the board to Tian Ling, Li Nan was relieved, "I'm not a child, always take me as a child, goofy, where you say I like kids up!" She said, own **, then, fine eyes and look to me, ask for my advice. I was her bō Tao raging Akira dizzy, "Nannan, you are now a superb woman, where a child!" "That, I am a woman, I was not a child too! That I rely on the outside also mixed for so long, I do not know how to protect themselves? really think I do not know ah! Though the world has a lot of danger, however, only the peace of the world what is the point, with no challenge, where life came a little bit of fun, you know? goofy, then no money, hungry, want to rob it, the feeling is very real,Nike Jordan After Game Sale, then the money to later, when a special care for the money! Unlike Previously, a spend hundreds of thousands of flowers, simply do not consider, but then, since I'm with you, and you did not find my money already saved you? thousands, hundreds, tens, I have bought up! "tease her grumpy look bad to me. "Nannan, well, your brother is also a kindness to you, why you so serious it, but then, for me to protect you okay?", "How are you afraid of me as a woman, stabbed your self-esteem ah! "Nan rather abruptly came a half squinting, but generally you want to open, his face wearing a smile," I tell you, I'm coming back, do not let your corpuscles, put your five hundred Extremely give me half,Poppy Collection Coach Cheap, we do business together! "" ah? "" how, you do not want to take this money would run away, right? "Nan squinting, staring at me. "Who said that, I know that two years of the period, this is a convention, I really want to come inside your home to marry." "Hey, this good thing, I am not mistaken!" "?" "See what see , I now give you half do business pretty good, do not you forget our agreement signed yet? said above your money to me to have custody. "" I know. "" That's OK, I now give you half money, you just do trading, and I see you in the end how can you like, I'll see you in the end how can you like, do not sell all of a sudden we gave up. "" Nannan! "I was her smile lù ; the teeth look amused. "You do not think I'll laugh all the money to you, I'm afraid you can lose, lose me how to do, does not work, then there is some money, but also enough of my own flowers!" She smiled, appears to be very proud of. "Nannan, then you do not give me the time to spend ah!" Tian Ling finally said, she was driving at this time, the opening line to my new home. "Here you are, you can not give you money? You, but my best friend!" Nan Tian Ling said with a smile in front. "I know you will not forget me." Tian Ling laughing very happy. However, the smile on her to my house, I completely stopped. Because when the door opened, I saw the house and the other inside the Mona familiar shadow - Liu Meiying. Nan has not angry, Tian Ling did not "fly, let them go!" My heart doubled and would like to perform this procedure, however, immediately showing a brain inside Mona's mother entrusted to me, Although I have made up my mind not with her, but now the Mona nothing, I can not no matter her. After all, she was my sister ...... but at this time, the scene made me think of the scene appeared, Nan's face once again filled with a faint smile, "Tian Ling, this is his sister!" "She is not ! "Tian Ling, the outsiders full of discontent. "She is!" Nan fine eyes look to me, suddenly raised his own body gently drifting random hair, "light blocking is no sense, take a Mona, there are other dreams Na will come, I believe that would be good Feifei treatment. "she said, very pale, and then, lù a cute little eye teeth laughs. "Nannan ......" I was shocked by her generosity to, and my heart once again intense guilt, she did not tell me and shout, but as a lady-like sensible ...... "OK, so we are all friends, we came back this time is not easy, Feifei, do you want me to make a fool? "She faint smile, his eyes a hint of shyness. "?" I did not understand what she meant, but a frown. "Caused so much guests, you do not make a meal? Feifei my home to do the cooking, but it is very, very tasty, I have greedy dishes you do it?" "Well, I'll do it. "" That you guys waiting at home, I went to the market to buy food and Feifei go. "she said, a rolled up my arm to walk out. Disregard of anyone. However, just one out, my arm is a pain, but it is just a pain, they found snow followed behind us. "Do not follow us!" Nan appears to be very unhappy. "No, I have to follow you." "You're tired of not bothersome!" Nan's eyes full of anger. "This ...... your father say, I always want to look at you, let you have had jī behavior." Snow looked very helpless look. "Am I done jī behavior you do not have to manage?" Nan Liu Mei reciprocal uncomfortable look no doubt filling. "You do not make me embarrassed to do?" Snow with a bitter face, she also knows that it is not easy. "I'll let you embarrassed, how was it!" Nan said, a Pengguo my face, his chún heavy printed on my [..] <

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