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22.05.2013 10:22
all eyes make them shocked antworten

The 103rd chapter Millennium regardless of primitive of Chang ancestor this sermon what kind of view, this time preaching opening was successful, countless people from all eight directions not week mountain to go, we just can zixiaogong auditory progenitor preaching, enhance their practice, a time of the whole. Is very busy. Came to the Purple Palace in Jun, Tachi these people, all eyes make them shocked, although they just argue for a short time, but when they came to the Purple Palace when most people had arrived, it connects with and - two people arrived, looking forward to this sermon so that everyone in the heart. So the scene also lets the Nuwa empress secretly relieved, but he did not and Jun, too too much dispute, or fun really big hair. In Nuwa empress them after a pedestrian sit not breath-counting, previously to Zixiao palace heard people already have come together,Oakley Sunglasses Squared, of course, is not absolute, because there are some people who have fallen in the battle. Although people have arrived, but Chang ancestor is a long time did not appear, so many people's heart is covered with a layer of Y ī n shadow, to Zixiao Gong to Hong Jun way the Zu preaching is not a fool, they naturally understand Chang Zu do reason, it is waiting for the 'Tai Chi map' the guide people to. Perhaps it is because here is the Purple Palace,Crossbodys Coach Online, the pressure is not small, and although a heart is very anxious, look forward to, but who are not present, one by one to sit. Said this time let a lot of people breathed a sigh of relief, because they found no candle nine y ī N and other ancestral witch figure among the people,Oakley Holbrook Outlet, at least they don't have to worry about will be accidents. After a long time, from the Purple Palace constantly start some Jinxian level people entered the Zixiao palace, better luck is picking up has been falling one seat, bad luck can only sit in the back. A second time in the past, soon Zixiao palace is full, then the Purple Palace Gate suddenly without interest to shut, and Chang ancestor is silent and soundless to appear in front of everyone. Hongjun ancestor appears is swept Zixiao palace those waiting to hear all the moment, his face flashed a surprised, Chang in many people Zu unexpectedly found no sorcery clan existence, although Hong Jun way progenitor heart early prepared, but when the real face in his heart still have a bit disappointed. Fortunately, Hongjun ancestor quickly adjust the good mentality, Hongjun ancestor understand who heard the message I'm afraid to wait, so not much say what is the direct start. All such as Sanqing et al to think, this time Chang Zu preaching and start at the beginning, it makes all the people not to disappointed. This time the boring ancestor about is the millennium, the millennium time Chang ancestor will say two times before the road again, this lets to hear people's benefit not shallow, those originally to Hongjun ancestor said disappointed people also put away the previous dissatisfaction, new, although Chang ancestor this time the road still things before, but they are not without harvest, harvest > opposite

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