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sucked The air in the presence antworten

> (30) Beauty counterparts for Miyun West Water Lake, I'm not familiar with, so, in order to get a more exact location, I had to play this Mona my male color. wWW, QUANben, cOM but Mona did not buy my account, pouted and said: "Allen, this place is really inconvenient for me to tell you, you do not shock me, I have to go to work. Besides, no sheets The total order, I could not say for. "listening Mona say this, I suddenly a new light on the Mona. Because I found this woman just called Mona has tall figure, tender and delicate appearance, but also my wisdom. She said that the subtext of these words is to tell me, 'I can go with you, but to have total command sheets! 'I'm always on the outside where it would not know this. I glanced inside and found the office empty, and no one ah. It seems that my guess was right. "Hey, Mona, the house is not a person on your own, right?" I asked. "Yes ah!" "They do not show you how it?" Although I already knew her mind, but I must take this ball and give her points less than when the big one to have to find me any trouble yet. "I am at home housekeeping ah!" Mona answer at the same time, voice seeped out of one hundred thousand reluctance. "Then you tell me, do you want to go?" I think I'm certainly very charming eyes, because I learned a famous movie star Sean? Connery. "Of course I want it!" Mona words be exported out. All I want is your words! It would be my reason. "Well, you wait!" I said come to the phone. "Hey, Zhang ah! I soar!" In front of Mona, with the big call but also with such formal language very uncomfortable. "Oh, Feifei ah! Losers ah?" Big answer a little lazy. "Hey, I heard you went to the West Lake in Miyun zipper go?" "Yo, your kid information very fast ah!" Big voice revealing a side of extreme kinky - swing. "I am now in front of your company too! I say brother, you Shashi Hou back ah!" I asked. "We have one week too!" "So long?" I scared Road. "How do you have something?" Big room full of ambiguous words. "This ......" "Yes Nannan imagine it? Way you ask for leave directly over the chanting, I'll give you a standard room." "This ......" I'm not ready to leave the company so long to prepare. "So what, ah, want to come Well, not to forget! Brothers I also save money too." Big one seems very impatient. "Then I come now to not?" Turn my mind a little, it made up my mind, anyway, I pretty much leave it, this time just to rest. "Into the ah, you're over it!" Big promised very straightforward, he finished, hang up the phone there is a trend. "You wait, there is a thing to say to you!" "What ah?" "I'm on the other side unfamiliar, can bring your beautiful lovely reception Mona Johnson who go ah!" I deliberately added a lot of qualifiers, which is next to Mona's face lighted up emerged. I suddenly discovered that this Mona is also quite beautiful, and perhaps before, just because of my attitude familiar with it? It seems good is not necessarily bad touching beauty, just know, it seems not so unapproachable thing. Think of it,Nike Air Jordan 9, my courage is even greater, self-confidence is constantly expanding. "Into the ah, then let her take you over it! But how do you come ah, where relatively biased ah!" Big one is fairly careful, but I never thought coming out one: "This is not you tube, Relax We can not lose. "" That's a, I do not care, and you come quickly, and now three in the afternoon, two hours drive over just in time for us to eat. days, and your kid will know the change to let me treat. over the first since the penalty three cups! "" Well, I go now! "I do not like big ink, hung up the phone, directed Mona smile," has become, you Zhang agreed. "" Really wow! "Mona very happy," Xie Xiefei brother lah! "I am very dizzy, it will actually Mona baby voice, it seems that this doll is not between Nan patent. Of course, among some fake doll Mona,Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, unlike Li Nan, seems to be heartfelt tenderness ...... Halo, I'm still thinking about how it ...... a thought Nan Nan, my thoughts on the uncontrollable, and this girl now doing it? What they can do with a big training it? What kind of training are. The thought of this, I feel the people are reeling. Mona urged to close down the stairs. "You're something urgent thing!" Mona squeamish at me sweetly, "Can you Lianxiangxiyu some ah, I can wear high heels too." "Oh, I was wrong, I'm sorry ......" I am a gentleman directed Mona apology of. Mona is smile, "it does not matter anyway, thank you Oh, you're the best I've ever seen a man a gentleman." "Joking ......" When I looked up, are seeing the Mona pair of exquisite dressed up eyes, long eyelashes reveals a pair of eyes jump out of a stage gas bones, and I feel very far away, but also made me feel I was not into the theater, more like a dream-like. "Where is joking, I'm serious." Mona blinked at me eye pro meaning. "Well, we leave quickly." I urged. "So anxious ah!" Mona laughs follow me down the stairs. But just down the stairs, I found an important issue. Day morning where we are building the North Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, and where we're going is located in the suburbs of Beijing Miyun West Water Lake. And I have not been to Miyun, just know that a friend said, you know how far you Miyun? North has been opened to speed on the highway open on the hour and a half, also arrived. Of course, this is your time to drive yourself. But if it is the other mode of transportation? I said before, although I have a little spare cash, but I basically work on the subway, bus, few go to the suburbs, so although the car is now cheaper to death, tens of thousands of dollars can buy a, but I think useless not buy. Thus, when today I took Mona came out, I found that I was wrong, I really should really buy a car, but this time, my heart was also ruthless stimulated. I suddenly found that the bus is a beauty with a very happy thing. And I asked her, she said that if the long-distance bus ride, then there will be a long time. So, I thought of a taxi, but Mona has prevented me. "Allen, well, we save some money now, take a bus better." Mona smiled at me, I was excited, and before we can rarely get beautiful smile ah! I have a feeling that Mona is also very good, and the next is to get her thoughts with my Nan compare it. I can not help feeling that waiting peach flowers do not come with a peach then, how romantic encounters came one after it? "This ......" But I am still a little daring, always felt as if he had made what was wrong. "Hey, ah, what bus, Well, I used to sit, just to chat with Allen ah!" Mona said, a hand has been resting on my shoulders, collected into the Road: "Unless Feige Ge despise me, do not want to have more contact with my friends. "Her voice was soft, but I also felt a soft presence near my shoulder, and that there is a daisy perfume is simply blowing, so I sucked The air in the presence of a large number of costimulatory molecules, and I felt a surge of heat Teng gathered in my next triangle. "Where, then, I'm not afraid of you are not accustomed to this beauty do? Okay, then we take a bus go!" Since people gave me such a big step, and I took it no longer justified. Mona and I quickly find a word beginning with a 9 long-distance buses. The car is empty, Mona and I picked up a double seat. "This man is really small." I found a topic. "Long-distance trains Well, as long as not working time, of course, few people." Mona to me again revealing a smile. "This is how long it takes to?" I asked. "At least one hour." Mona replied. "So long ah?" "Of course, long-distance thing, which is equivalent to our bus, but the bus home buses of it, very far." "Really?" I laughed, but soon I knew this long-distance causes. Because the conductor came in front of me selling tickets. I drew a very chic ten dollars throwing in the past. But the conductor's eyes are full of heterochromatic. "Two tickets! Into the Miyun West Water Lake!" I found the conductor in the eyes does not immediately adds. But she's a Goddess of the conductor are despised, "13 dollars a ticket, two 26 yuan!" Because there is Mona in the next, I feel that the whole face in a fever, can not wait to go drill a stitched, the heart which That is Mona it, if Nan at my side, maybe a long Zuiyi Pie. I obediently sent money, turned around and was about to explain, but to see the smiling faces of Mona. "Allen ah, I ask you something chanting." "You said." I think this is Mona nice, considerate ah, do not mention the embarrassment of others things. "Allen, I want to ask you, the day you bring a girl named Li Nan is your girlfriend?" Heard Mona asked, my head is one-sided, with eyes on Mona's eyes up on the visual , an inter-yellow lightning in our drive. My mind can be turned away. Or does it say there? It really is a problem ah! On God, do not torment me,Air Jordan Superfly UK Sale, once you get out of two women ye give me? We discuss to discuss chanting, one by one, to give into it? <

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