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> Bad news, "I'm just Xiongmeizhiqing you really do? Without any other you?" Mona's eyes like a lost soul. Www. QuAnBeN. cOm "No, if there is no Li Nan, I will marry you." I faint smile on his face now, this is my truth, speaking, such a woman like Mona, although there is no background, the background and nothing more than hard, however, but unlike most of the beautiful woman is not suitable to live together, she is actually a very good companion. "Really? Are you comforted me?" Her with a wry smile, his eyes looked up in my body. "No, I was telling the truth." She finally smiled, this is the first time I saw her smile so. However, this scenario is also only a moment, her smile will completely dissipated. Two of us carrying a convenient boxes to go back, only to find that a lot of people around in front. Moreover, the most terrible, someone passing by, he said it was dead. I frown, died in a hospital is not a normal person do? But soon, I saw Mona reason ...... Immediately, Mona convenient hands boxes sag, one side of me, but also by injuries like not think my eyes. I saw a window mouth stuck backing of view, hearts feel uncomfortable under go straight forward, but just to the ground, with a familiar body. It was Mona's mother, an old lady ...... I just know Mona rushed up, and then crying shouting. I was Dai Li's whole person, I have seen many deaths. Film and television work but there is too much screen of death, but when death came true at my side, I felt the whole people are in extreme grief. I look at that old lady down in a pool of blood, tumbling from within the heart myriad emotions, this time I just remembered why this old lady with a face like that to talk to me, it is not generally speak, but will own all of the pouring out all their energy. ...... The next three days, I have been accompanied Mona's side. Mona just knelt there, eat or drink, blissful silence, I looked on sad, but do not know what words to comfort her. More her eyes red from crying, and let me sad is that she seems to have no soul. Her mother jump when that seven-story, leaving a suicide note, suicide note said: "My child, do not waste money mother, mother do not want to burden you left, the man is good, to take with him live! "I do not know what I should say, I just know that I was moved, and the heart, the place that was the softest touch it. But then, just promise late lady of the things I did not finish. Three days later, looking at the old lady's funeral cooking is finished, I'll Mona back home. This is no way of things, she did not have a place to live, and I also afraid of her accident. And it seems very convenient that Nan was not at home. A return to my home, Mona still did not eat, but directly into the Nan's house, shut the door and went to sleep. I did not bother her, I know, the past few days, she was too tired, I am also very tired, my body just gets on the couch, I'll eyelids heavy, sleep. This slept well, woke up to find that inner door was not opened. I then remembered that Mona will not do anything silly, busy up, pushed open the door. But one opened the door, I relieved, heart was down, she was fine, her eyes closed, slept very heavy. I went to her, sat down, then looked at her, her eyes side but has tears, I know, she was really tired. At this point, she looked very haggard, did before with no sense of her son is gorgeous, but still can be seen, in fact, she still has a smooth skin, pale skin. She shoved opened his eyes with a pair can take pity look at me, she looked at me like lying. "Are you awake?" I gave her a sweet smile. "Ah." She should be a sound, "Can you go about it?" She said. "Uh?" "Can I do a little taste of it? I want to take a break." She said. "Well." I nodded, for her this one small request I could not refuse,oakley sunglasses store, but I think she did something this evening, it seems, is not going to do something stupid it. For to do the dishes, I thought and thought, think cooking is now eating is not appropriate, even vegetables, then, there are the oil, and we do not how to eat these days, not to mention her three days to simply not eaten, so I chose to give her a stew - Pork plus cabbage plus tofu,Air Jordan 2 UK Sale, there are both nutritious soup and water, are suitable for the present body. I am here just to cook, she went out the door and into the bathroom. Soon, the sound of running water coming out of the room. I laughed, and it appears that she is now finally starting to reply to your life. When I Cook a good stew, she has not come out, I asked: "Mona, I am here to do, and you come out, then you can eat." "I'm in the toilet it, you tell me how to eat thing, you feel very much? "She answered with words, word was turned with joy. My heart suddenly stretch, it seems, she finally became a former Mona. Finally turn time for dinner, with her hair casual leather bouquet, came out. Sit in front of me, a faint smile at me, no longer speak, eat directly picked up the bowl. See her voracious kind,Nike Air Jordan 6 UK Sale, my hunger has come up ...... she finally finished, and then, threw me a smile, casual, without saying a word, went back to the house. I sighed, she seems tired and need a rest, and I, but also eat very full, even sleep is not down. Had honestly lay their couch. I stumbled feel some movement, open your eyes, I found Mona wearing a translucent thin pajamas sat down beside me, I think I got scared, but she hold me, "Do not moving. "Immediately, her two stroking my face gently, cool, slippery, like stroking a statue, but I was not the statue, my nostrils easily sniffed out her who comes out of the can make me mad flavor, this is not a little cosmetics brings the aroma, it is a natural infection in women who come fragrance. My eyes open and found her in with blurred eyes, long eyelashes trembling slightly, his eyes sad but with a happy between, she gently stroked, touched on my face, then, a only light hand on my mind at a pick, a few buttons on my completely loosened. Then, that slender fingers in my chest brisk across, that kind of pleasure after the child tickle easily to occupy my heart. "Mona, what are you doing?" I asked. "Do not move, let me serve you!" She whispered to be said, then, one of my hands to rub shoulders at the same time, I rely on the body, I immediately felt the full on her own chest. I have a deep breath, for this brought to the gentle, very enjoy, now in this time, the man's physiological responses above all, my heart starts to go for their own enlighten, this is only his skin, and essence of the moment did not do that, just do not do that in real terms the moment, everything is no problem. And Mona reaction now, but because she had just lost her mother, so will be the case. I rarely have such a little clear, a little bit of sense, but then, it was her plump Tieshanglai the body buried. That I can not control the emotions, and I have no experience in this area, where I know that when ** open the floodgates, once again blocking may already close to zero. She climbed up my body, has sat down my waist, then two hands on my chest still sweep up and down, but I suddenly wake up and feel so feel so familiar, as if before Where encountered? This is definitely not a dream, is not! Finally, I can not remember it, it was in a villa, right, yes a villa, in my stumbled, my body also has a Jiaoqu above, it is a naked Jiaoqu. The face, turned out to be Dan! How will appear in her name, how will? Why? Dan? This is a name comes out, I suddenly shocked, how could one make me scared ...... idea appeared in my eyes, that Dan, got strange diseases that woman? All reactions are pregnant. She was denied that, saying that no one gave her the seed, but now, now? Day, give her seed who is me, I ...... I'm really shocked, but then, this feeling of happiness once again welling up in me. Mona pair of stockings are not even wearing tight smooth legs suddenly suddenly loose slip in my waist, and that the existence of two points on both sides, so that my eyes have been fascinated by endless. Especially those wearing pajamas that a translucent, while in her movements, which bump changing incessantly. She half squint, suddenly revealing a trace of moaning from between his teeth, but this one has me trembling, would also restrain the body, where withstand the primitive instincts, ** manifest in my body, everything in my The body revealed beyond doubt. "Hold me!" She rushed up from the bottom, flutter in my body. I could not restrain, backhand grab her, holding her in his arms, that delicate elastic body completely into my arms. Wild lip tightly close to my lips, a tongue Huanen endless pleasure with my tongue in between the wandering ...... this moment, nothing important, just me and you ...... my body a turn , her bottom pressure in the body, then, temporary storm hit! Unceasing. Book. Your message even if only one will become the driving force of the creator, please strive for authors Come on! For your convenience, please remember that the "net" site :/ <

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