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22.05.2013 10:16
but still did not make the decision antworten

The seventy-fifth chapter storm again there is' Sunday star Dou big 'card, so that is afraid of repair and Donghua permit less, but Jun and too a brothers heart is up to kill meaning, do not want to give Donghua the development opportunity. Just listen, Tachi said: "brother, we can't let Donghua develop anymore,Coach Bags Online, otherwise sooner or later will become our be a mortal malady, to know that there is a sorcery clan we have enough headaches, if more on Donghua, the situation will be more difficult, in any case we have to pull out the nail!" Di Jun's still don't want to clean up Donghua permit, but he wanted more than one too, but Di Jun gave a deep sigh and said: "brother, I did not want to do so, but do not forget, behind Donghua, but Chang ancestor, we have to take into account the Hong Jun way the Zu view only is!" Hear Jun He, too, not to regard it as right said: "brother, you worry too much, that war Hongjun ancestor and candle nine y ī n has been weakened, and now they were in no mood to Guan Donghua anyway, if we do not seize this opportunity, it will be in vain missed the opportunity!" Di Jun said: "the younger brother, even Hongjun ancestor in no mood to Guan Donghua's life and death, but do not forget that there exist primitive sorcery clan, don't look at a candle nine y ī n two hundred years did not appear, but you have to play against him, know the candle nine y ī n badly, as long as he one day die, then we have to guard, make provision against a rainy day, and I worried that we start the wizard will reap profit at other's expense in Donghua!" Di Jun's account is not without reason, if properly when they make a cause destruction to both sides and Donghua, the family suddenly attack absolutely have the ability to convert their catch all in one draft. Jun is a consideration in many aspects, but too but he wanted to completely different, just listen to one said: "brother, I think you are what you want too much, so do things always careful Yiyi lost his integrity, although there are a powerful enemy hate between us and the candle nine y ī n, but I do admire method candle nine y ī n act, all act recklessly and care for nobody, not afraid of any danger, it is because of his arrogance, so the family party to have today's development,oakley outlet store, I think we should learn from the candle nine y ī n, only a Donghua there is no big deal, we isn't there 'Sunday star Dou big', even lose the first battle, to the strength of the us to retreat is not difficult!" Ethernet and Jun two human minds, they really want to escape, in primitive also really few people can do them, after all they have 'chaotic clock' this innate treasure exists. Hear this word is a, although the emperor as heartbeat, but still did not make the decision for the emperor, such caution, let's have some unbearable, then said: "brother, we really can't find Kunpeng, Fu Xi, Nu Wa empress the three of them, with their help,Air Jordan 8 Sale, we will no need to have so many doubts!" Fu Xi, Nu Wa, Kunpeng this three people fix for although strong, but Jun but not assured, after all these three people and they are not of one mind, then shook his head and said: "Jun

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