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22.05.2013 10:10
chaos a chaotic clock' to throw antworten

The fifty-third chapter is very sad, saw did not think of really candle nine y ī n would be so ruthless, you will treasure 'innate chaos a chaotic clock' to throw it out, under no defence of his fate is one can imagine how sad. Candle nine y ī n this recruit enough, although he isn't a congenital treasure 'chaotic clock' master, but he has inherited Pangu God's blood, nine y ī n candle to throw this innate treasure 'chaotic clock', with its own blood inspired some of the power of this treasure of congenital. Although only a small fraction of the power, but in the candle nine y ī n under the power of the supreme can easily break open space, too in this case is' chaotic clock 'to hit. Just listen to the Lao uttered a scream, one of his legs was congenital treasure 'chaotic clock' to hit, direct hit into pieces. But to know that this is a congenital treasure, and in this way the candle blow nine y ī n used the destruction law of force, the sum of the two contrast is hurt Lao origin, R ì after he is very difficult to recover. Ruthless! This is a hard man, have been no shots, a shot by the blow that amazing, Lao but lost big hair, benefits have not been a little, his first lost a leg. Candle nine y ī n this strong counterattack let Fu Xi, Nu Wa empress and Sanqing and the dollar son in town on the side of the match with red cloud chilling,Coach Hotsale USA, this is too cruel. They all saw only under nine y ī n candle blow hurt too, but did not see the blood that candle nine y ī n is silent and soundless is congenital treasure 'chaotic clock' absorbed. Now that the killer, candle nine y ī n natural without any consideration, he cried: "want from Indiana,Air Jordan Flight The Power UK, I go to die!" Candle nine y ī n said not to bother too, also did not understand Jun, if the two person has come to the brink of collapse, candle nine y ī n directly to find the old gentleman, like a meteor strike after strike down to the Lao's head,Coach Classic USA, the blow under if hit, that definitely will let Lao fall here. / what is hard, it is true! Candle nine y ī n really willing to let too and Jun two enemy? No, he didn't want to, but he had no choice, after all, he would deter people, it would have to pick one, today the Sanqing and Fu Xi, Nu Wa empress to jointly deal with their own, if you don't give them a lesson, while the R ì after millions of people find themselves, then the nine candle y ī n but subject to countless people. There will be time for meditation, so he had to deal with the lao. Primus and all-powerful religious leader in see Lao was nine y ī n attack on the candle seriously, and cornered, they are no mood to ignore the candle nine y ī n threw out the innate treasure 'chaotic clock', they must first save Lao, otherwise will be absolutely candle nine y ī n to crush one by one. Of course, Yuanshi Tianzun also not forget Fu Xi and Nuwa empress, if not the two of them talked himself out to pay Zhujiu y ī n, it is not such a thing. Just listen, Yuanshi Tianzun Nu voice says: "Fu Xi, >

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