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22.05.2013 10:04
and some people are always very bitchy antworten

The thirty-fourth chapter compete Kunpeng this asshole but had to Zixiao palace, when he saw the candle nine y ī n appears is smarter than Fu Xi and Nuwa empress, direct to hide, when Chang ancestor to he just appeared out of. See Kunpeng appeared, candle nine y ī n in the eyes of the killing that is more heavy, let it just into the Purple Palace in the ROC not to beat one cold Zhan, he is not stupid, natural know candle nine y ī n up kill heart on their own, then the heart not by ROC upset: "Mom, I knew this asshole so badly they should not offend him, this is the asshole to record on, but is not the small trouble!" Emperor River have been paying attention to the candle nine y ī n,Coach Outlet Sale, see candle nine y ī n reaction time, Jee said: "brother, can not see you just came from a have so many enemies, it seems your body to fix for come also not easy!" In this problem the candle nine y ī n doesn't want to talk about, then coolly says: "eldest brother, some things do not you want to hide to hide from, and some people are always very bitchy!" When the Purple Palace big open, the two boy is said: "teacher, you must not fight!" Candle nine y ī n is not a fool, he knows that it is for yourself, you know inside in the oneself but have three enemies, but ancestor since said candle nine y ī n nature also not aggressive, can only endure this pass, who let him as. When people rushed into the hall, placed in front of them there are six seats, there is the first rushed in nature is a staff, and their heels is Fu Xi and Nuwa empress, because candle nine y ī n, Fu Xi and Nuwa empress is very nervous, so Fu Xi let her up a position, and he was standing in the Nu Wa to prevent the candle behind nine y ī n attack. The fifth position is the good old red to account for, do not know why the dollar son in town with red cloud together to did not account for the sixth position, sitting in the red. Because the dollar son in town did not rob seat, the last sitting is that rushed in the ROC to occupy, as for the other person to the night is not grab a seat, can only stare at the six people sit in front of the. For this seat, flash candle nine y ī n eyes shine a light, people do not know the inside of the mystery, but for him is to be crystal clear, candle nine y ī n wanted to fight a war, but finally gave up, after all he is not God ancestral witch, even if the seat is useless. Of course, this is not the main reason, let the candle nine y ī n finally decided to give up is he worried about being Hongjun ancestor to calculation, after all previous Hongjun ancestor intervene between himself and Fu Xi, Nu Wa fighting made candle nine y ī n heart has its ng J. In everybody rushed in,Nike Jordan 7 Shoes, the two way children ready to close the door when, do not think at this time, two people were rushed in, only two of them so it is tattered, seems to be to eat a lot of suffering in the chaos,Oakley Active Outlet, the two person is connected with and wallpaper. When connecting with the maha-cundi appeared, a grin lit candle nine y ī n's face, he know >

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