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22.05.2013 09:51
in the number of luggage on the much antworten

Zheng Shangjie from the colonial and trade department for check change meeting, the first invited Pei Lixiu to attend the party she is now in addition to the NV class and Lu process for servants, besides, almost every day in the Zheng Shangjie office busy years things. She was very happy to hear you "I must go to party!" She gave Zheng Shangjie a charming smile, suddenly show eyebrow tiny Cu, "Oh, really nerve-racking, no suitable clothes, nor wear clothes from Guangzhou" "" I see you with clothes and a lot of it." Zheng Shangjie thought if the clothes and shoes and cosmetics,Jordan 13 Sale, across the whole group about no more people than Pei Lixiu said nylon stockings this NV big kill device necessary,Coach Online Store, there is still sufficient reserves only Pei Lixiu in lingao. Party should wear a formal Xi ǎ o dress? No, I didn't. Pei Lixiu had been sighed, "only the cheongsam can scratch together also have to bask in the sun,"..." Zheng Shangjie hurriedly said: "Okay, dressed simply. We are informal, casual like that." Invited to Pei Lixiu, Zheng Shangjie to tread on the car because they have their own boats,Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, in the number of luggage on the much looser than the general, in addition to arms supplies, all kinds of daily luggage had to act as ballast with bottom. There are several self-propelled mou. Zheng Shangjie rode a Chinese manufacturing mountain bike, with variable speed, solid tire, with complete repair tools and consumables. Zheng Shangjie in Lingao have been using it means. Although she didn't what specific duties and was called for a period of time, but good at Ji. O, Ji ā O friends widely, contacts in the Senate is very wide, a lot of people know this bike. The way and knew she greets a way to shop Bo rush. In order to do this, n. She has a lot of things to do. Count Abebe is not one of her tomorrow to leave work is very good all the staff of the Ministry of health is almost no rest day. M é n he has a lot of time can help, but m é n Mendoza language, a lot of things do not, can only do preparation work at home. Zheng Shangjie rode back to the Lingao corner Feiyun, marina, this area as the future of the waterfront leisure zone has a large tracts of land and beach with barbed wire and ditch enclosure. The establishment of the warning area code-named "area 63" foreign name "Lingao park". The recent expansion into the high guard battalion second even after the surrounding guard for summer awakening campaign began army inadequate Lingao garrison is empty. After the Executive Committee and the Senate approval, the original company headquarters is located in the east of M é n city police even upgraded to Lingao guard battalion, Li Yayang was promoted to the battalion commander. Guard battalion three. Second is responsible for security, Lingao shop Bo port area. This will, Lingao Park outer guard towers and trench mortar in construction area, the landscape construction, road and greening is under the command of Li Xiaolv in a tense in accordance with the requirements of engineering, all 63 areas must be completed before the year February on the edge. Zheng Shangjie to guard the garrison soldiers into the green zone.

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