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22.05.2013 09:26
but the slave will greatly reduce antworten

Two hundred and thirty-five new year reception "your telegram." An office confidential communications room domestication civil cadres will be a lock file clip to Wu De table -- this is the "secret" above the telegraph and circulated among the people's Committee, minister, when on the way, they have a special key. Wu De to open the folder, remove the telegraph. The telegram was the top-secret stamp, where power is Sanya's back. The remaining three senators in Sanya he is the man responsible for civil affairs aspect. He reported the first southeast slave has arrived in the news telegram. A total of 254 people on shore. In good health. All male young adults, not children and the elderly. The British people really take slaves shipped within the stipulated time. Wu De to want to. The use of southeast slave is a set policy of the Senate, that is labor aspects of future strategic layout considerations. Even if the quark poor to do, the Executive Committee has prepared a plan, let the other foreign businessmen to act as the angle in his telegram the browse list column covered her name. The new folder lock Ji ā back cryptographer. He opened a marker on the desk "labor" folder,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK, folder record is a weekly "disposable labor" column statistics, according to age, region, industry don't...... Each category summary. In general, went to 4761 in Sanya region has been delivered, the existing 3850 people of 254 additional labour is not a large number, but the slave will greatly reduce mortality and received basic training of domestication,Nike Jordan Flight 9 Sale, the most dangerous people labor and heavy work will be borne by slaves to bear. Quark is poor in the taste of the sweetness will flow like water to transport slaves. Fully meet the local demand for labor and consumption. Of course, the labor demand is endless. With the retreat and He Rubin, the whole Hainan Island will be under their control. Planning Institute estimates: the Senate under the control of the population will swell to 40 ~ 600000. But to fully mobilize, to do a series of work: bandits, Ji Cun, inventory of household population. The most optimistic estimate is also the beginning of 1632 to make effective use of the Qiongzhou population. By contrast the indentured migrants and buy slaves more convenient. In addition to the slave, the executive committee is also looking to expand the population sources. Guangdong Fujian migrants have been collecting enough. The Executive Committee once again turned to the Great Library -- prepared from the uninterrupted natural calamities and man-made misfortunes to look for new opportunities. Wu De think: the idea is good, but the premise is they have enough capacity, but also do not know where Liu Xiang...... Many of the technical details to be resolved. When he is thinking,Coach Poppy Collection Online, his ī Secretary rain came, sent a red è invitation. "Who got the invitation?" Wu De strange asked. The invitation sent to his desk only veteran my wedding - Yun Su Ji marry Liu Village Zhaizhu Liu Youren grandnephew NV Liu Meilan invitation has been sent yesterday. Wu De was worry a: would you like a red envelope bag? Later decided to buy gifts. Rain said: >

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