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22.05.2013 09:19
he's a flea like goods s è antworten

"I need some local personnel." Xue Ziliang said, "there are some safe house. I have to transfer out of the Ji ā o route." "I'll arrange." Lin Qiaoguang said, "do you want to take Gao Shunqin back to the pro?" "Yes. But it said, if not convenient to take, in the Pearl River near the mouth of the direct revenge. The Senate did not intend to please him as a member of the cppcc." Xue Ziliang said, "just let him on the way out, let's feel he run away." Lin Baiguang heart not to regard it as right: "with all due respect, this is it right? Select the case too much trouble? You carry a large living, the target is too big. But to the Pearl River Estuary. Don't forget to Hongkong island is in our hands, will doubt our head. And a little than to go to the north, to Nanxiong area let him l ù L ù surface." Nanxiong is between Guangdong and Jiangxi Ji ā o routes. Road access to Guangdong, here is the only way. What do you say. Xue Ziliang performed this task with great discretion of the foreign intelligence service to his instruction to high shun-chin "disappear." As for how to disappear from his grasp. Of course, absolutely no use is a look at the murder means. "It is best to disappear." Lin Baiguang has been in Guangzhou for several months, the temporal social mores, bureaucratic style pretty much understand. Although ancient investigation level is weak, administrative ability is poor, but there was a wall. Once found important official censor such missing, immediately "closed city m é n, the cable". To ensure the high title to, must be in the first time will he go. Xue Ziliang not to say yes or no. Lin Baiguang also talked about some of his thought of Ge is not a safe place. At the same time also said: he will instruct the Guangzhou security department to cooperate fully with his action. Xue Ziliang said with a smile: "you Guangzhou security department put the evil slave directly executed, means to face hard." "This thing and we do nothing." Lin Baiguang immediately clear he didn't want to have this kind of misunderstanding, "he's a flea like goods s è, it doesn't matter of life and death. I had checked is exalted person doing." They also talked awhile, Lin Qiaoguang took him to court to rest, to arrange their own specific action. Xue Ziliang had a bath, lying about the next step in Chu á ng action plan. I Jiancun Chen Yu staring at the dark sky,Jordan 9 Sale, heavy cloud stacking, Xingyue anonymous. The whole house a reading and open flow,Oakley Scalpel Online, no human voices. Hall lit only by a single lamp Paris stacked eaves shadow resting on the top of the head, a gas confined. Sites within the family, regardless of high or low, already by sweeping out all m é n. The slaves were held in the South China Sea, it is easy to two counties and the Guangzhou government m é n. Several masters house not much with soft luggage moved near Temple High inspector office did not take several families. The whole house has a house two county yamen runner common people all under control. Yu Baocun sat in the hall,oakley eyeglasses sale, the heart full of enthusiasm. High title not clear had been missing for seven or eight days. During the closing City m é n, cable, even high title half hair also not found. I recommend myself to a prefect of Guangzhou, find high patrol >

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