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you boast in our family antworten

> (91) Huang Yiyi "Yes ah, I'm dead broke, and if my family Nannan to earn more money, just to feed themselves, would be great. WWw. QUAnBEn. COM" I smiled big said. Big laughed, "That's how much she is able to feed it? You do not want to say she takes a few million years." "Will not it?" "Sure As." Big one immediately said seriously. "I said Feifei, your home Nannan in the end is what the background ah, now I think she is too mysterious." "Why?" "You know what? Performances this month,OP Art Coach Outlet, we made a lot of money, so everyone is a direct throw out thirty thousand dollars. few heads because of their brand the most difficult, so I give them a few one eighty thousand, but you are not home Nan Lian Zheng Yanqiao Qiaoguo, this is not like is generally small girl Oh. "" What do you mean? "I asked. My heart can not help a move. For the money this thing, although many people can say it as dirt, but when a few Luo one hundred yuan thrown in front of you, it is still very dazzling. For people who generally do not have knowledge that the money can make people's eyes have changed. "I mean your home can be a lot of insight Li Nan, I guess I can not tolerate her here." "Oh?" My heart can not help but moved, it seems that employers are not big white when he seemed to look out what it is. "I am telling the truth, this girl's temperament different, I do not know her natural, or what other reasons, anyway, in our circle, there are several models do not like money, but she seems to be an alternative, it seems as long as enough money to become, but she's spending is really quite big, brother, I'm afraid you can not handle her,Jordan 7 Shoes, you can really keep from her? "big face serious. "I am not trying to do?" "Then you hope for the best, you know? Married a beautiful wife is not easy to go again." "Oh?" I raised an eyebrow. "You're saying is how to say, if you're feeling normal." "Of course, I've been there, my family Yiyi also pretty quite. Then when my seduce soul are gone." "And now?" I laugh, always heard his family is a beautiful model, but has not been common. Seemed suddenly to her big hiding, simply do not give others the chance to see. It appears that he is really for the protection of his wife spent a lot of the above thoughts. "Of course I love it!" "That Lynn months do?" I laughed. "Hush!" Big one I mentioned the name, immediately grabbed me. "Damn, brother, Hush, my wife too!" "Yellow Yiyi in?" "Of course, my daughter, my wife can not do?" "How do you so henpecked, you are in the company and that Lynn month not very good at it? "I asked. "Cut, this is not fear, this is the hobby does not?" Big one here around me, shakes his head in there looking for something. "You and others, is not also say that?" I laughed. "Japan, the rest are flowers really? Only his wife, is the home of the treasure!" Big one much higher than I am tall, he was such a hug me, and I felt somewhat out of breath. "It's saying, and strong!" My break free from his arms,oakley for cheap, which almost did not Ah strangled me. "You boy so love his wife?" "Of course, my wife and I gave birth to such a beautiful daughter, of course I gotta love her." "Just because of this?" "How? Ah, I'm very like my child. "I thought a move, saying that big really half-truths, do the big one with another woman together, will think of his wife? I could not help but want to see this yellow Yiyi it. Because a lot of rumors saying that Huang Yiyi pretty long, but also born in the model, can come up with the ass, this woman must be a woman in Need. Otherwise, like a big mix inside the reactor so that the woman so long man is trashed. And I saw her it was due to another reason. I was wondering if I was big, how would I do? As big said, this big yellow Yiyi has six or seven years, the children are so big. While there are N number of big body derailment, but the heart has been in love with her. Li Nan, I do not know how I can do that too. When a few years later, her body no longer young, his face wrinkles, when I was not so calm in the face can also be her, she can accommodate everything. As big as to her, and never stop love. At this moment, my heart kind of sense of unease. Nan and I look like after a few years? I would like now love her? And that one other woman's shadow flashed in my mind, my heart once again entangled. For a mature man has a body I can graced Need one woman is a physical instinct. And a lot of the family line is what I aspire to. This should be every man of hope. However, I'm really into reality, experiencing a time of temptation in that, while not made again. I did anyone think it is because of my amazing, but now I know that that are clouds, the real reason is because whenever I see these women rushed to time, I will appear in front of a pair of eyes that Li Nan, I finally understood that my heart is sad because of fear of Nan. "Big one, go to see your wife now." I laughed. "Damn, you look to see, Li Nan than your home more beautiful!" "If it is true?" I faint smile. "That there are false, my wife is the most beautiful I've ever seen! That I will never need to guard presence!" He suddenly raised his voice, let the whole house seemed to have heard of people just give up. But immediately, I knew why. Because a beautiful and slim figure holding a girl walking toward us. Needless to say, this girl is just a girl called Zhang CEASE Crisis Centre is a big one daughter, that this holding her hand, should the yellow willows. I looked her up and down start. First of all, I saw not her specific certain point, but first think this is a very with temperament. Her every step forward, is not the kind of simple walking, but withstood countless training. She smiled, and indeed do not lose momentum with Nan. Of course, there is one thing on her, but it is Nan does not have. This is called mature! Mature this thing is not innate, because a lot of things go through before it can have. So, this little girl is too young Li Nan, nature has nothing to do with this. "You fly, right? Our home kun kun often mention you." Huang Yiyi smiled at me, but she only wore low heeled shoes standing on the side of the body and the big high, and she has this smile is looking down at me. I realized that she was even higher than the height of Nan. "Oh, is that right? I'm goofy, nice to meet you!" I smiled. "Nannan your home is also good." Huang Yiyi laughed. "Really?" "Of course, your home Nannan very beautiful, do not know when to get married ah?" "She age is still small, we have to wait a year now." My face a little stiff, For tall like her beauty, or be stressful. Naturally, I'll look a lowered, saw Zhang CEASE. "Your family's children really beautiful!" "Oh, is that right? How beautiful?" Huang Yiyi said. "Is a very beautiful." I will not boast, but found the side of the big one in there laughing. Begs the question, "What are you laughing?" "I'm laughing about? I'm laughing at you ah!" "Hey, you boast in our family, it was accidentally hit." "Ah!" I just heard that, shoulder to was playing a bit. Turned around and looked, it was Nan. Li Nan suddenly flew my body, "Hey, talk about what?" "Oh, I'm saying that you Zhang's children look good too." "That is that this Zhiruo very nice. Hey, come to aunt here. "Nan held out his two hands. The little girl obedient now over. It seems they are both a very well. The result is holding Zhang Nan CEASE, very, very favorite. Huang Yiyi see this, can not help but laugh, "Nannan sister, I see you are so fond of children, hurry married, also born more than one good." "Yiyi sister, or forget." Nan Lost Souls looks like. "Why?" Huang Yiyi continue laughed. "They want nor ah, goofy nor with ah!" This is a very lethal words. I suddenly kind of petrochemicals. My heart said already that if you intend to, you just say ah! I definitely do not mind, I still like this for you, I would have rushed in to help the ...... "goofy, this is your right. How this happen." Big resentment in the side road. I was rolling a few times, but before I could retort, but for my family Nan said. "Our family of goofy say, we should keep it a wedding that night, to respect me, love me, I was very impressed." Her words are strong, strong enough to me, not only can not refute, And pretty soon, gas smiled. "Yo, that sister, your home can be really good goofy, and now this year, so respect their girlfriend can be running out. Oh, you have to cherish it." I suddenly found that Huang Yiyi different look at my eyes . Of course, this is a serious, it seems to be appreciated. "Yes ah, so you do not look at our family of high flying Gaobu Gao, Zhang's not how, but for me Well, I think I was the happiest in the world. Huh." She added, and this Once, I do not want to say what words. "Yes ah, men do not just look long handsome, the most important of all, the heart ah! Huahuachangzai this man can not be. Otherwise you will regret it." Huang Yiyi said. "Ah, I was thinking!" Nan at us revealing an angelic smile, then Touyi Wai, resting on my shoulder. <

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