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22.05.2013 09:13
the current distribution in the west antworten

Direct development means a large investment in hong. Only in the military above at least to send a full infantry battalion to sun hung kai. Vietnam north is different from the wild in Sanya and can rely on Navy island of Hongkong, is to directly face the northern army troops to occupy a considerable advantage. The army is Portuguese and armed Dutch help up, on the occupation level, firearms skills and combat experience, is a big slice than Guangdong Ming level. They built the port, Sun Hung Kai excavation in coal, will be expelled from the force, not an infantry battalion plus some artillery and naval cannot ensure mine safety. The preparation of a occupy and defend Hongji mining plan: the permanent strength of more than three battalions. The original force strained Navy is simply Arabian nights. The five battalion of the army, the current distribution in the west of Danzhou, east to Wenchang in the northern part of the Hainan Island implementation of large-scale security operations. In addition to a camp in the Ma Niao as army general reserve, all troops have been sent out. And then to mobilize forces, it will seriously affect the production of industry and agriculture. Wu De consider repeatedly, decide the matter or to try to act cautiously. First,Coach Classic, from the expansion of trade began -- for using large armed business station mode, for exploitation and utilization of local forces. It also needs to expand the basic investment, at least for the trading system can not be put here in Leizhou, must by the Senate direct investment and management. Iron and steel factory hoarding raw speed than season silent and Wang Luobin expected to be fast, planning organization's assault, iron ore powder, Sanya Qiongshan coking lignite and Leizhou lignite is everfount transported to the Bo Pu and Ma niao. Navy though because 1/3 of the ships were ashore for repairs, temporarily lost a lot of freight ton, but spare a lot more out of the Navy seaman, with substitutions do not change makes the part of a ship and continuous operation, although this exacerbated the vessel loss, but will get new toys in the Navy, pay. Sacrifice or -- critical steel worth of army and navy are good, but the long term is certainly more to naval advantage: after all, making one hundred thousand rifles consumption of steel over but also an ironclad, a large caliber naval gun steel consumption is worth ten M1857. Under the navy to carry, Lingao Steel Corp reserves of raw materials to meet the basic reserve 7 days, decide this matter should not be delayed. Quaternary silent, began to smelting steel immediately. The second oven takes about 48 hours, before feeding, and can increase the reserve a few days. Steel Corp in the converter workshop in the past already cultivated Lingao's first generation of iron and steel workers, some of them each smelting field from Guangdong or blacksmith, have a certain iron work experience. Shift foreman named, was originally only Lingao town blacksmith -- traditional blacksmith in fact similar manufacturing workers,Oakley Polarized Online, not familiar with metallurgical. So the Lingao absorption blacksmith most are assigned to the mechanical department. But this technology is really not much,Air Jordan 9, even the land Youtian saw all shake their heads. Finally, directly sent to >

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