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> (71) busy (on) I just enjoy being Nan waited three days of life, then there is no way felt. Www! QUaNBEN! COM This is not because the mother away. Or is Nan go back on, but the reason lies in my body. Because I travel. I have now become a standard sales staff. End of the training, here, is to allow us to run the customer. For this trip, I still do not really understand, but I know, has taken this step, there is no looking back, and I am still very optimistic about the front. But, at the time, respectively, Li Nan, this little girl is like a small Jour, helping me pack up, which are busy, and busy there, buy a fruit, but also bought a lot of instant noodles, just like I want to far out of doors in general. So, I could not help but talk to her. "Nannan ah, I this is a business trip, with so many things doing?" Enough to have five pounds I put a bag of apples from my buns carry out. "That does not work, you have to sit for a long time this train right?" She asked, concerned, two eyes looked at me carefully, as if seen from my face any special content. "Before long, there is now powered vehicles, and also eight hours." I laughed. "Eight hours ah, it also did not take long?'s How you do not eat a little trip? Outside things are expensive, or to tape." She told it is very useful at the same time, it looked around, and filled with neat look at my poor heart turned over several months, if not my mom in the next, I will flutter over to her in my arms. "Never mind, soon got to." I think this picture is good warm, and I also wonder, its residue which is playing out? Could it be that the previous contracts have the effect? This mom beside me she would install a good girl? Heaven ah, if so, I must consider my mom to let long stay ...... "I can not do, if my lovely Feifei Famished how to do? Even hungry, not bad my Feifei, I can not Let me Feifei by a little bitter. would make me a miserable death, you know? I do not you have a little bit of hardship, if not you, I do not know what to do. "She said that, even squeezed out a few tears. To be honest, she is now the contrast too much, I suspect that I was not dreaming, I made this performance as if only the time will come out of the illusion. When it becomes overbearing gentle little girl a small Luo Li. "I'll be fine." I exposed a smile. "Yes ah, Feifei okay, Nannan ah, you can not this first used to him, is a man thing, men have to strive and work hard to fight, to go out for another try is also very good, at least to see the world." Let the words of my mother very depressed, my heart said I was good depends on his stay in Beijing seven people. And then how that can be mixed live in Beijing say anything else though, but at least, my world is there. After all, this place compared to other cities in China is still very good. "But she is worried about his thing! Aunt, you do not know, he has gone away, affects all people's heart." She said it is really in place, at least I think so. Her words of this little dismay of my heart. Originally a normal business, how she get's like dying. "Never mind, I had a few days back." I added. "Then you have to be careful ah!" "Do not worry." I was Nan pair with glistening eyes to the whole body smash hit, tell the truth, I almost do not own now, because my soul has been her hook gone. "You must not let me worry ah ......" She gently sobbing a little, scared me, what she was playing out ah! Seems to be true feelings ah? I really did not think my heart is so important in her yet. "I will ......" ...... finally, put the box packed. But even so, it has exceeded many expected, I think that inside the box, the less there is also three pounds, right? "Aunt, I can send him alone to send you?" Watching my mother going to carry the box, turned around and said Li Nan. Everything was short, but it is very to the force. My heart necessarily excited ...... this can not blame me think, you know, men and women, respectively, before the couple before especially at the time of separation, it is absolutely a kind of feeling when you meet difficult Bie Yinan, while in It broke up when the point of embracing what leakage *, kiss sent,oakley sunglasses sale, feelingly, affectionate emerge ...... "Well ...... that you send him, I do not get the." mother glanced at me, then there would be no insists that just opened the door. "Thank you, aunt, I'll be back, aunt, also want to buy what food? I buy it back together." "Nannan ah, you do not buy, the home has." "Ah, all right, I now send he went. "All in all, the welfare of the company for the sales staff is pretty good ground. At least, at the time of travel can be a taxi. In Beijing the ground, hit a car, but very expensive, so under normal circumstances, there are no circumstances, I will not hit the car. The so-called Nan sent me, but sent me to the house door, and nothing more. One to the door, Li Nan said nothing, suddenly pounced, and directly around my neck. I thought a move, ye? Come? "Nannan, come on!" I started to install a gentleman. Hell, I pretend to be a gentleman, ah, my heart began to blow little devil little angel. "Do not move!" She ordered. Meanwhile, tighter hug hug me, and I do not proportioned a little gasp. "I am almost no gas ......" At this point, my hands still carrying a suitcase it, the box is on hand, and her tightly posted on me, where I have time to push her. Of course, you will say, you can put the box down ah, holding more tired. I was afraid that, ah, how many cases in which men and women embracing, leak * point, the thief will stretch the hands of the evil couple? So, men and women wrapped by love, ah, should always pay attention to their wallet ah! Nan has not let go, but I had to speak. "Nannan, come on, this is the gate." While I hope that this leak * point, but God my witness, I hope that the two of us in a little black house to do this kind of thing, at least,Nike Jordan 1 Sale, do not give everyone Kanma ! Besides, we are not making movies! People movie also charge it, they give me money? Free things I would never do it. "What dry ah! Do not move,Coach Purses Outlet, your mother looking at it!" Tightened her arms around my head, and I now have to head into her arms, and that fragrant, it should be said is this feeling, oh, wrong, should change their name to the chest fragrant hot. "My mother looked at it?" "Of course? Test me now, but when you have to meet me." "Why should I meet?" I asked. "Did not you promise me to say to help me fight my family yet?" "Now began?" "Of course, now is the first phase, you let your mother for me complete trust, and then we go against our family. "" Heaven, you say mysterious enough, I said Nannan, your home in the end is how the case? against your family, how do I feel like facing a gang? "" My family has always been a gang ah! thousands of people do! "she saying that, in my mind on the big laps. Thousands of people? This is the family or the family? Or ...... gang? Heaven, she would not run from the Mafia families out of it? One to think she was a little violent tendencies, I think probably ah. "You're not a gang, right at home?" I asked. "Black what help ah! Do not talk, you look at your own windows above, your mother still alive?" Nan said. I looked, "I can not see." "Halo! Myopia uncle!" She cliché, gave me the nickname before come up with it. "Well I'm nearsighted, but I'm not Uncle!" "Well, it is also loaded pure!" She stuck her tongue out. "Come and help me to turn around." "Ah?" "To, ah!" She hastily stared at me, then the body of a turn! Yes, the body of a turn, I will turn a half-circle her, then her body one down, I immediately grabbed her waist as a result, difficult dance movements appeared at this time, she was stretched out a legs, then looked up. I am speechless, because I never thought, peep others can also be used in this special way ...... "helped me to get going!" She said. "Oh." She stretched a bit body, and I crashed holds her up. "Well, your mother gone. Finally do not like this." She deep breath, "I'm exhausted, and my waistline ah!" She said, touching the place is not the waist, and she a small pot. "Your place is the stomach, not the waist!" She'll be willing, "you too ah! I am willing to touch what he touched what!" "Oh." "Well, to tell you now get down to business!" Her face on suddenly serious. "What down to business?" My Heart Road, which becomes too quickly? "You stay in the guesthouse business is not ah?" "Ah." "Do you know how to do myself?" "I know how to do what?" I blinked, I really do not know, this is definitely not my dress innocent. "Do you remember me, Shoushenruyu!" She said coldly, meanwhile, a hand grabbed my mind. "Ah?" My mouth long boss, if you say that there is a bun, I estimated that at least three fortress. "Ah what ah! Give me remember, hotels do not have a special service? If you dare! See how I deal with you!" She shook hands fist, while the two eyes staring at my eyes, seems to be able to find out I do bad precursors. This way, I understand what she meant, "You worry about that, not Which hotels have the." "Oh? Seems you are experienced ah!" Her eyebrows a challenge, I know, dangerous to come. "Where, How can I have any experience, do not say!" "Really? Then you how so familiar!" Her expression that she does not fully trust. <

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