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> (Apologies to everyone that this timing set to TEN up ...... just discovered. WWw.QUanBEN.CoM) (61) trouble enough with Mona Moving on, I immediately put my mom to pull out a separate chat the. "Mom, do not you let Mona go? Here she is inconvenient, Nan these days do not know when it will come back." "She came back?" "Ah." "Strike to come back, wea, good. "Mother was unmoved, the people's faces are now very bland expression. "Mom, Nan is my girlfriend ah! Mona now you see like this, I can not let her in, I'm afraid both of them a fight." "Play hit chanting?" "Mom! Nan You're not particularly proud of it? When hurt her how to do? "I want to be his mother defeated. "Mona I also like ah! Not worry, I will not let them fight, hurt each other too." "You seem not worried, I'm your son is in Taohua Jie in it!" I reminded her mother. "Oh? You know Taohua Jie ah? Ever since the first moment I saw Mona, I know, you two relations are not normal." "Mom ......" I'm grinning, some do not know what to say the. Indeed, if I had nothing to do, and Mona, it is absolutely not to be accepted, you know, Mona these days to see my eyes can never be pure between brother and sister, is definitely a woman ogle the eyes, that ogle room, if not a fool can see that. The mother is by no means a fool, as his mother said, she ate more salt than I eat more than rice. "Nothing, man Well, are normal!" Mother is very flat, said. I was staring, and this is my mother say you? "Mom ...... If my dad so much, how do you do?" I do not know why say so, anyway, I think a little too protect my mother now, as if the world of the young beautiful woman like me go yet. "He dare!" "Then I'd be?" "Of course, my son is so popular ah explanation, why should I get angry, I am pleased also thrilled. Besides, look at this Nan and Mona, I found you vision is good, do not look already, looking to find a beautiful and this one better than Dan beautiful, I can upset you? "Mothers face filled with a sincere smile, and I smile start to sweat. "Mom ...... I do not want them hurt." "I do not want them to hurt ah, but the child ah, how do you not understand it, if you have only one woman, and you still can not find another girlfriend, you have no choice, but you have two, three, you will receive the attention of others, you do not understand a woman, a woman ah particularly like comparisons with others! especially to see some woman's boyfriend Well, not yet married, some women will take their contrast with this woman, if a woman better than this, it will go to seduce this man, then you can accept yourself, and you can put him abandon, this is the talk of the future ah! Years later, talking about how how certain men with their forward, and then abandoned by their own, and if this man fame, and this is quite a panache you know why women are thirty-eight do? is to exaggerate these things, a woman's But comparisons strong heart, you understand me? "Mother a pay eloquently said. I'm here every blanket into big mouth split, to be honest, my mother said, I really did not hear these words, at the same time, I also realized that this decades Xianyan eat is not the same. "Mom,Oakley Radar Online, you are a woman ah." "I am a woman ah! But you've got my son, I know it is unfair to those women, however, the son ah, you are my son, and I will not hello, to whom good? Do we let these women unfair to you? I do not want to marry you after bullied by a woman! "" But you seem to have been bullied my dad? 'I said. "That can be the same? That's my husband!" Said the mother came out this time, I felt a headache. "Mom, you're ye catch my dad ah ......" "Well, I do not know, right? Although I was less than one meter six, but I'm able to let your dad Volt fit perfectly stickers! ...... Hey, you this child, ask Shane! "Mother shut up, stared at me," Son, remember that many women like to be not wrong! do not you understand? "" But, this seems to be Taohua Jie Oh? "" I know ah! "Mother smiled," robbing and running and he was only line between, alas, this child, your father does not teach you to do these? see you this emotional intelligence, have a look at the way the emotional fall flat on your face the! "" Mom, I need it to do damage? Mom, I love very specific. Did the experience is very rich mother? '"says Shane! your mom I'm just your dad one, but in order to learn This, I suggest that you should look Qiong Yao's novels, ah, and now the romantic novels also good, but that is a bit too far ...... feelings between man and woman is not the case. "mother thoughtfully. "Mom, before I did not find how you know so much?" "Do you think it is too small! Over twenty years old, just graduated from college, you know Gesha! Can not do it now, how old you are, this thirty friends You have thirty, and also so wood to stay, how to chase girls ah! I tell you, Nan came back in the day, you remember to buy two bouquet of flowers! "" Why? "I asked. "Bena!" I am a white mother, "I gave birth to you so how wooden child! Damn, do not blame me, blame your father must be, nor teach you, when he's not a big kind of love you ? "" Mom, I tried to ask for advice. "" inherently should ask for advice, I ask you, women like what? "" Do not know ...... "I still can not tell a sudden, a woman like what? I think women like many things? What eat, drink, it seems like? "Women love romantic ah! You ah, really unhappy people, it seems I have to give you nothing about the good training." "Mom ......" "Wait, you remember, ah, remember to look for when buying flowers florid, see Naju see fit and then to each other, do not give the wrong. "" You spend a lot of money, right? "" You will not romantic ah! woman born made of water! you do not want to spend a romantic, fun na, buy flowers, then the whole remember, be sure to give them a very formal, remember, given together, so that only the contrast. "Now I only have the copies grin, as his mother back to say, I have some faint. Mother said these words when it is lowered his voice, and the house across the Mona was in the ear listening. "Mom, I know, I will do so." "I remember ah, do not do it, this is very important." Mother gave me completely orchestrated a classic examples of a girl, but also put a lot of details fell on my ears said above. I felt a full pressure. "Mom,Oakley Radar Outlet, have you teach it?" "Why did not? Godfather of the child is not over! Your father does not teach you, I can not let you be effeminate it, like your father like! Remember, a woman, or like the conquest The man, only kept conquer all men, and always will be placed in the arms of her beloved woman can make her dead set to follow you, let go of her heart. "" You mean, let me She has control freak! "" Yes! Do not be a beautiful woman shaken by the appearance of this world, but also has the connotation of a beautiful woman is not much. been looking at this woman, do not be afraid, do not think they are unattainable, In fact, you think about it, ten years later they are old, you will not be afraid of her, right? their beauty, but in order to find a good home for her stepping stone, so you have them, you can be is that they trees, think about what you want to protect them, they think you are the first, you will how? remember, men become successful, in fact, depends on a beautiful woman's control. unmoved, that is success! " mother said a lot, but I think it's the way she is now, she can keep saying it, then let me follow disoriented. "Mom ...... I know." "I hope you keep in mind, ah, child, ah, you are not to be overawed by the appearance of Nan? Do not be loved her like she was right, but too pet her, would spoil bad her. appropriate stimulation on her, she'll love you even more. "" ...... "" Children, struggle go, there is no economic basis for man, after some years, it will be abandoned. "" I know ...... "One time, I found that I did not get it up. "That's right Well, well, now, are you afraid of Nan return it?" "Not afraid." "Well,Air Jordan 12 UK Sale, come here, we play checkers!" Mother took me into the hut. ...... That night, I think a lot, originally, because Nan's imminent return, I was afraid to let her meet with Mona, while I listened to his mother, I think there really is such a need. When Nan realized that she was not my only, she happen to respond to it? I think that this is a messy relationship, before I had any contact with, for me is a great challenge. The next morning, I rush to go the company. Arrived in the company, give me a report. Company sales department has approved me to go to work, I also found that small ZHANG Shun became the assistant manager of the planning department, although deputy, but since my departure, he is already a substantial charge. I saw a familiar working environment, and my heart there is a trace of sadness. Finally, I realized that all this has nothing to do with me, I will embark on the road to a new job, this is a way I had not experienced before, on the three-year-old this node, I not only at work, And above all from the emotional crossroads after the above, not to the left nor to the right, only to go around, to pursue my dream! Looking back I had to chase never give up the dream. <

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