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22.05.2013 09:05
without the need for the South China antworten

Messenger is a middle-aged man, although he was wearing Chinese traditional clothes, and took the unique Chinese head hair, yarn cover - wearing an elegant -- this is the Chinese rich people some decoration. However, the governor still feel can smell him water and rotten fish fishy smell. Apparently the Chinese decent clothes in the messenger who let him feel very uncomfortable,Air Jordan 4 Sale, de? Carbone Teal found him from time to time to pull one down clothes, seems to not wearing comfortable. Liu Xiang's envoy in front of him was made a Yi, de? Carbone Teal just nod, as a East India Company's governor, he claimed to represent seventeen board joint provincial authority,oakley sunglasses, without the need for the South China Sea pirates are unique. "Well, what brought you the new proposal?" The governor asked. Messenger is Liu Xiang asked the Dutch support proposal. Specifically, Liu Xiang hope the Dutch from high-ranking officials dispatched warships, support combat, he and Zheng Zhilong - he recently ready to mount a response to Zheng Zhilong's maritime action, if possible, completely destroyed. In addition to the hope that the Dutch are directly involved in the fighting, with the requirement also includes requirements of Dutch artillery, matchlock, gunpowder and the ability to use, repair of European guns craftsman and soldiers. These he can pay. If the Dutch would like to sell or rent, give him several European style "splint ship", of course with the operation of the seaman. "This really is not small." The governor himself. Members only two ships resident ships, one ship or yacht. But he added directly conflict between Liu Xiang and Zheng Zhilong on the attitude of caution always -- after all now to members of Hong Kong businessmen mostly from Fujian, if angered Zheng Zhilong, he is likely to blockade of the trade routes. This is the loss outweighs the gain. The relationship between Dutch and Zheng Zhilong is subtle. The first attempt in 1627, Zheng Zhilong defeated the Dutch attempt to encroach on Fujian ocean trade, forcing in the official port Naz in second and Zheng Zhilong signed a three year trade agreement. Although the trade agreement was not performed, but the Dutch forces of Zheng Zhilong always feel fear. In 1630, East India Company on behalf of the manse to the mainland and Zheng Zhilong carried out a special trade negotiations,Oakley Oil Rig, reached a trade agreement. Since then, both sides had a "friendly" period. The Dutch provides certain help for the Zheng Zhilong kill sea warlords, including allowed his ships enter port commissioners. But the power of Zheng Zhilong expansion makes him to eventually become the Dutch in the middle of Zhangzhou Bay trade: the Dutch shipped to Fujian ocean goods can only be sold to the Zheng Zhilong group, also can only buy Chinese goods from the Zheng Zhilong group. The East India Company to the trade monopoly position very discontent. At the same time, both sides have the same friction in the trade routes. The Dutchman hopes to monopolize the trade, and the Zheng Zhilong group also put on trade as a preserve. A variety of factors, the Dutch have been expected to support from other forces, to fight and weakening of Zheng Zhilong, so that the Guangdong Ocean on Chinese maritime group can not monopolize the coastal trade.

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