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> Chapter 21 Nan final interview is wearing such clothes to the interview. WWw! QUANBen! COM way over, I have been carefully watching her, the more I see of like look. Hsin Tao Nan gnaw our household so beautiful too! That tiny Xiao Man demon,Oakley Juliet Sale, full of peaks, there is that both said and dynamic leg, let my heart want to have to go on. But, although now Nan is my girlfriend, but Nan and I have never had real contact with the skin. And I could not have been fully confirmed, Li Nan said before, when my girlfriend, in the end is true or false. The past few days to get along, I always feel like a lot of things she is saying one thing and doing another. This girl is too elusive idea of ​​it. And I'm really not allowed to draw. Now I find that more and more will be attracted to her. Although she is very headstrong, chaotic playing cute, but, in my eyes, but she is so appealing to me, so I can not control myself. Coupled with her appearance my heart, I even sometimes wonder, such a beautiful woman like her, if we can have, even if it is less live longer are into, exhausted and death can also be ah. But, years of experience let me know, I'm not looking for a lover, not a mistress, just beautiful is to succeed. What I need is a wife, and I can spend a whole living person. I am very concerned about this, has also been very traditional, I like beautiful women, but is afraid I could not keep beauty. In my mind, a beautiful woman, you need a lot of money in order to have the right, they are a luxury, scarce. But, now I have this opportunity. I hesitated, but there is at heart a voice told me not to give up, to be completely owned. This way, I think a lot, if this time is too slow, I want to force myself to put all want to know, can not be the end. I can do is left unchecked, and how long she can spend on the good fate, rather than regret later. Figured out this, I relieved, and the people seem very relaxed. The three of us Akira Akira went to a two-day morning called on the 18th floor of the building downstairs. All in all, I have this old school really dare to spend money. To know this day, but in the whole morning downtown Beijing are well known, where the high-end of the house price is said to have more than 100,000 it. And here, not to mention the rent monthly rent of thousands, it is quite normal, as is the case, my old school here rented more than three hundred square feet. Although not local, but the effect is very good. Here is the day because someone else a morning, will immediately think of here is the quality of the region, meanwhile, will be a very good impression of the company, that is the high-end enterprise. As big himself said: "The successful person is the thing that dare to spend money, dare gambling, gambled big deal all over again, won the bet, but it is possible to enjoy a carefree life with those who dare to spend money people to more than, dare to spend money to make money, not spend money, people who want to save money, life is not that rich! "His point of view I do not completely agree, but he now mix than I do. To be able to let go because of the well dressed Nan crowded bus and make casual dress, I hit the car and Nan go. All in all, I was very uncomfortable, a beauty, was driving a sports car should take, rather than a taxi. On the third floor with Li Nan, to see Beijing Tianyuan Television Limited models just one door, front door stood up, I suddenly had a kind of pressure. Big one too much, too hurt my self-esteem. I can not help on the big one very unhappy. Because this one stood up front,Air Jordan Superfly UK, I have to speak micro head high. Even a front Dounong all why so high. "Sir, Hello, here is the Beijing Film Co., Ltd. Tianyuan models, what you are looking for which one?" This front a talk, I will turn the inner heart open, I did not think this guy's company able to open such a way, a reception are so polite, if I had known that his company has so good, I would have lunged, and which also waited until now. "Oh, I am looking Zhangguo Kun." "You're looking for Zhang ah? There is no appointment ah?" This reception sister really nice voices. "I have no reservations." My word one say it, it's on the front sister rinse face change, become very serious. "There is no reservation can not see him?" I had a crooked head, her sister's favor on this front plummeting. "Yes, he can not see him without an appointment!" Foreground sister said very sincerely given, and does not appear to be impatient. I took out to give the big phone call! "Hey, I say big, I'm in front of the company you do." "Then you come in?" Big one seemed very casual. "But I do not have an appointment ah!" I deliberately said very loudly. In fact, I have been working with big said, but did not settle down a specific time. "Pre-what about, come on." "You will not let me into the front of the lady ah!" My voice has been very uncomfortable. Of course, under normal circumstances I do not like this, this is not right next to a Li Nan, in front of him, and I wanted to put on an involuntary. "Oh, yes Mona ah? Boats, you do not ignores her, this woman's body a good addition to a long point, face spots, this work is not ye." Listening to big to say, I do not get angry, they no longer , but I was thinking, this is called Mona, just to see me is not very good gas Well, how so quickly changed. Logically speaking, the quality will not like ah. I put the phone gave the woman called Mona. Mona received a telephone call, a few words, she put on a smiling face makes me uncomfortable glance ye, ye little cheap too? I no longer bother her, with Nan went into the door. Soon hopes of finding a big office. Big office is not luxurious, but definitely spacious enough, thirty square meters of the house, just sit him a man. I push the door, he was sitting in a chair to sit upright boss, but my body is laterally. "Coming!" Him without looking at me. "Ah." I saw him this expression, suddenly realized what we were talking unlike private individual words, but as human workplace in general. "You're looking for models coming." Big one without looking, I was funny, it's really quite Ah will be installed, the boss is not all so like installed in front of subordinates how profound. Of course, I will not expose him. I promised a sound. "You first sit down, I still have some to deal with." Big finish, put me cool in the side. I just sat down, but found Nan did not sit, looked up, and are seeing Nan pair had to kill my eyes. I was a mess, do the Nan also made rob? My guess is a reason, I did not want to finish the next process, Li Nan has started his own actions. She was wearing white high heels that ** rushed up, the ruthless force, I fear Nan put this wooden floor to knock out a few pits. Big one and the same as my reaction, this time, he also did not react, to see the Nan rushed over, busy integrity, panic and said: "Why do you ......" "You are always right sheets?" Nan condescending, Zhu hands either side of the table above, the momentum is very scary. "Yes I am, why are you ......" At this point big mouth cigarette stick on the lips, had almost dropped to the ground. The people were scared wood blankly. "Oh, it would be easier." Nan finally face their hands off the table to win, hands a fork, leaning his chin, Duanxiang up. "What you looking at?" Big one though has been mixed for a long time, but was not seen so bold interviewer to know another interview, an interviewer to see, boss level, already neatly, Let him how on how to. Where it would be like this now,Kristin Coach Bags, come up with their own call number like. Big tone angered little changed, tell the truth, I was the first time I saw a big burly big manifested such expression. "I ask you a few questions." Nan'd become masters, looked up on the wearer's big, if it seems too big thinking keep up. "What is the problem?" Big eyes some drift. "I ask you, how many people in this company? '" One hundred come. "" Registered capital is how much? "" One million ...... "" How much profit a year?' "Thirty million." Big Unlike now has a boss, but a person to interview. "Oh, that into, I have no problem, you have a problem not?" "Uh? Tell me you up is this?" Big one finally react, he is the boss, ah, he is the should interview her ah . "Ah, you think what to say? I tell you, you just kind of attitude is very right. Qin Fei and I have come, and you also deliberately indifferent expression showing a pay a little too much, do not you know our time is your time? do not you know that time is precious? Do you wasting our time do not you feel ashamed? And do not you think the interview I am a very easy thing to do? You do not even see the eye I am one, how do you know my good? you me, good, we will cooperate not do it, then forget it, I have to go to make money, no time to wait for you here, you know? "My first times by Nan little mouth shocked. Originally, I thought Nan was able to fight with me, but bicker, discuss get a bit cheaper, but unexpectedly this Nan Speaking truths is clearly and logically, hear I could not nod. But immediately I felt a glimmer wrong, Nan finally understand this long so beautiful, but why now so badly mixed up. That is, tell the truth, but to be honest, it can be said of her experience in the workplace is completely zero, but also the possibility of a negative number. You know, in the workplace, some words can be said that some words can not say. As just said, if it is a violent temper boss, Li Nan finished after these words, basically equal to the end of the interview, but also the truth, she will soon be transferred in this circle of no one dared to use. Apparently by Nan big pile of words to provoke enough to choke, but this time the big one was the real start Nan looked up to. First, I soon saw big eyes appeared strange look, this gloss I've ever seen, when the brothers crowded together in front of the computer watching some kind of video ** existed. But after it faded look much, but, a lot of brothers or understand a reason. That is ten thousand flowers seen, but also loves flowers. Some people may not understand the meaning of these words, and said plainly, and martial arts is a reason, first see that punch after punch of view is not, in the end found, or punch, seemingly profound, said plainly, is bearish after the Red already controls. And now the big one, is definitely present in the eye to see super beautiful like expressions. I suddenly kind of bad feeling, in considering the Nan pull over interview is not an error. <

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