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22.05.2013 08:58
the servant brought Zhang Yingchen antworten

This is the best person to business background, when a man or a shopkeeper, long-term living in Hangzhou, it started selling it to feel just like a fish in water. Zhao Yingong think,Coach Poppy Collection USA, but similar adventure will not appear the two time, I'm afraid there will be another second children get malaria retired the shopkeeper gave him. Just turn over in one's mind, with the ever before: the springs to the. "Give him half to come here!" Zhao Yingong a listen to the spirits. After a few minutes, the servant brought Zhang Yingchen back. Zhang Yingchen looks a bit haggard, but the body of the robe is very clean, although is a look at the old clothes, look carefully and patch. Zhao Yingong strange new robe that not long of their own design. But he did a few days and they act together, to a point not to be fatigued with the journey. There is clearly a foothold. Seems to be that Zhao Yingong suspected Hu ò: "now, I settled on a trail Yongjin men's view." He said,Coach Handbags Sale, "this robe was presided over Ma Taoist sent me to. Ma Daochang is a man of great good, was still a man of striking appearance......"......" , "you really well, to Hangzhou will give you a stirring base?" , "where words." Zhang Yingchen sun, "I these two days in Hangzhou have been wandering the streets, to see if there is no suitable place everything. Go to Qingyun view, presided over there is sick. You know I am a traditional Chinese medicine,Jordan New School Sale, medicine had had emergency, an agent down immediately. This is everything." "You really have to." Zhao bow laughed, "your survival skills are not bad. Single wear will survive." , "I have confidence." Zhang Yingchen said, "don't do not say, Senate, a few people are willing to alone into Lebanon area? In fact, to nothing, Li area not Longtan tiger Xu é. Of course I'm sick several times, but the modern medicine Zhuo busy, also t its ng." , "don't blow one's own horn. We talk about this in Hangzhou started." Zhao Yingong himself considered one one told him. "I want to ask for your opinion. Now I dare not and Guo as in "business flow, start in the scholar who is as much as dogs, Jinshi everywhere go places, give yourself make a businessman's identity, is very detrimental to the future into a circle." Although the developed industry and commerce developed, "all money", "reactionary thought" merchant status thus greatly enhance, the gentry scholars also more or less into the management of industry and commerce, but there is still a gap between the general scholars and businessmen. The position is still not put on a par with the. , "but to make scholars, I'm afraid to your current identity conversation is no match." Zhang Yingchen made no secret of point out the main contradictions. You 're right. Zhao Yingong nodded, "I'm just a fake scholar Confucius back is not all the people, want to pass" Wencai, moved to the local gentry obviously is not expected either my plagiarism Nalan x ì ng de words? Or simply king Bayi, hurriedly read Mao "main" banquet poetry?" He smiled wryly. , "you're full of all the minor details. Well, by way of a few poems to make the name that is dreaming." Zhang Yingchen not to regard it as right, "this is not a disguised" bastard. "

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