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22.05.2013 08:56
but now I do not understand one antworten

> (32) kids this thing, "You mean you have kids yet?" Mother reconfirmed Road, while the eyes have to see to Nan's belly, and I felt at the side of the whole person must explode. Www. quANBEn. Com "no ......" I just want to refute my thigh pinched a bit. "I did not do much." Nan add words to set the moment to put my situation is not ye, and I've thought, I have this character, ah, in the hearts of the parents has declined rapidly, estimated to have unbearable into glance. "Not much is how much?" Is risking the mother's eyes shine. "I do not know, I just feel the recent Nan said that, out of a sudden a hand over her mouth, turned to go to the toilet. Watching Nan figure disappeared, his mother's eyes and eye on me," When thing? "Instantaneous short-circuit my brain, I do not know how to answer,Poppy Collection Coach Sale, and his mother looked at me, my father is watching me, and that Liu Meiying eyes riveted on my feeling that what is thought, I would not rather cicadas. Anyway ...... anyway, I have now hand over her forehead. "I said, how do you say that earlier ah! It was time to see people lose their parents, you know, now sick, pregnant a few months on the obvious, no, while good was said said these things go. "Mother's serious, but I was scared to death at the side." I do not know, I was the first time I heard. "I took the moment to throw out words, and I said really facts." The first time? Child ah, how do you like this, although I think your mother and grandmother came, but the child ah, you know, this shotgun marriage thing good swearing, people do not know that we are too lax tutor. "My father often the center of gravity of said language, and I could hear the side is called a vomiting blood, my heart that I am doing what I am? I did not do anything, your son is still a virgin, where the lonely little brother had a gentle experience ? now that it can no longer injustice injustice, but Liu Meiying in the next, I can not say too much, I know Nan just saying this is to air Liu Meiying, but she has no right to get a point, but Now get out of this situation, and in this case, but it is very difficult to do I, but I can not say so, I can only go round, and I also want to use this thing way out Liu Meiying read like, after all, Liu Meiying way this pursuit is too scary and I really no Fu Xiaoshou. "Why do not your child talking to? "Mother asked, worried." You let me spade, etc. Nan back, you ask her for it, I really do not know. "I spread out his hands, eyebrows furrowed." This bad boy, you're too much! British ah, sorry ah, you see this thing I have learned that this food to eat, really. "Mothers complain meaning repeatedly." Okay ah,Oakley Fast Jacket, the child is not very good I do for you? Now that we should particularly like jealous, you have to give something sour is getting ready. "Liu Meiying poised expression that let me see a moment, Li Nan things like pregnancy has nothing to do with her, she continued with the jokes." Yes ah, yes should be good to eat something. "Mother nodded," so I have time to find you afterwards. "Mother stared at me, got up to see Nan, but Liu Meiying also immediately from the body," godmother, I eat, I also disturb long enough, I will go back. "Mother immediately turned his head," My child, ah, you eat yet? Is not just influenced you? "" No, Mom. "Liu Meiying unfolded a very thoughtful smile." British ah, you sit while chanting. "" No, Mom, I do not sit, you first busy, I have to go home. Anyway, I was at home, away from our house is also very close to the very many opportunities, is not it? Today, I'll go first. "Liu Meiying, then increasingly in place, so I was at sixes and sevens in place, has been unable to control their feelings." Then I do not get you, alas, this child, really. Goofy ah, you first do not eat, hurry to send to send British. "Mother's words in the call for Liu Meiying make my heart jump, although only a nickname, but this time very sensitive nerve I had a lot of support heart health knot." Well, I'll send. "I should be the sound, but my mind was considerable resistance." Let fly to send you, I would not have passed ah. "Mother said." Thank godmother! "Liu Meiying with a victory smile began suddenly coat while my heart, but it has been like to be devastated general. God God sent me to follow Liu Meiying stairs. Liu Meiying go very slow, but I just followed Her next move. "Honey, what are you doing? "Liu Meiying turned his head, his eyes half-amused look at me." Why can send you! "I replied casually." To send me? You do get called? Called trailing called really! "She got hold of my hand, while the two eyes narrowed a crack," Honey, I ask you, do you like me to call you dear? "" No kidding. "I was so angered Liu Meiying uncomfortable." Joke? Who is kidding, fifteen years ago, I would like to call you. "She smiled at me, kind of smile although there is no hint of sneer ingredients, but I did not feel a trace of how gentle. Kind of a very uncomfortable feeling that I instantly feel kind of whole body stiff. Saw my silence allowed, Liu Meiying laughed again. "Your friend has quite interesting. "" How? "Nan heard her say, I can not help but ask." She said she was pregnant, huh, huh. "" Then what does that mean? "I do not quite understand what she said these words mean." She is not very hostile to me, ah, so use these words to stimulate me. "Her smile Oh, it is very casual., But these words to my heart is not the kind of mean," No, really. "At this time I have been particularly want to leave her." Is that right? That you really are fun too. "She laughed," she thought as long as I am pregnant with a baby boy retreat will be on you know it, but she was wrong. "Liu Meiying said these words when it is with tremendous self-confidence, making me a little temper did not, I suspect, she had to discern my heart." You're wrong. "My eyes did not dare to deal with her." I am not wrong, you do not think me this is a little girl. "She looked at me smiling, blinking eyelashes fretting, see my heart have thrown the slightest ripple." Tell you the truth, even if you have children, it does not matter ah, anyway, I'll wait for scheduled you. "" Why do you have to Kukuxiangbi it? I really do not like you. "I emphasize again that road. Actually have had fifteen years ago, this emphasis. Said several times I was not, and her response was then laugh at me, on me:" My dear, you'll like me, I believe that time will make our true love, I'll wait for you, wait until you get old! "I really did not think that she really wanted to come, but also made out, and the other is fifteen years, fifteen years, ah, a woman's best fifteen years, but this kind of waiting for my stress is already too huge, huge so I can not open solution. "It does not matter, you can not love me, but you can not refuse my love for you, I miss you, I was born is your Gao, dies Gao is your spirit, I am not going to get married, and they will not get married. "She said very formally, and I have heard it is head dizzy and I grin smile, and she suddenly eyebrows stretch, Coushang to me and smiled," You seem afraid of me Oh. "" I'm afraid you do. "My body is tilted backwards, to be honest, I really was afraid of her, but Liu Meiying is a smile," You ah, do not be afraid of me. In fact, to a woman of my age already quite scary. "She has been watching with a smile mouths of me," how? Do not believe ah? "I did not give any answer." Have you ever heard a woman thirty such as wolves, aged like a tiger do? "" What do you mean? "Of course I've heard this phrase, but now I do not understand one thing, she say such a thing at this time what it means." Could mean, do not you know that the more a woman on the age, the more looking one to rely on it? "" I know, but I'm not your rely on. "My heartbeat accelerated again, and this time I have a misconception that if I have been so down, then I'm going to have a heart attack may ourselves to give up." I did not rely on? You want to escape, you can all share my palm do? I now only have your heart a man, I have not let go of other people. You honestly inherit my love for you now. "She said this time I feel very scary." I had a few days left, so far we are from, is not the outcome. "" No? Not necessarily right, you big dutiful son Do not listen to your mother do? Oh, just get your mother, what is the event? "She is very self-confident smile, my heart ah, but also chaotic." You in the end want to do? "I asked." Do not want to do ah, that is good love you, put your hands Pengdao. "" Over the years, do you still have not changed it? "I can not criticize Liu Meiying is not playing, this is a woman ah, although a man playing a woman reading a lot of events, but in my heart, a man playing a woman that is how things without chemicals?" My love for you never changed,Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket, you let me change anything? My heart can only accommodate you within a person, you let me how, I have always loved you, you do not give me a chance? Could it be that a small chance to not give me? Why, you tell me why? "Liu Meiying smile suddenly disappeared, replaced by a face flushed, do not know the cold weather, or excited, her eyes firmly fixed on me," how do you want me to love me, to enter my arms , you do not give me even a little bit of love you? I paid so much for you, you do not feel it? "<

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